Philanthropist, Researcher, and entrepreneur- Jason Hope

He was born in Temple, Arizona. After his High school graduation, Mr. Hope went to further his education at Arizona State University where he pursued Finance and he graduated with a Bachelors’ Degree in Finance. His still wanted to gain more knowledge and experience that is why after his graduation from Arizona State University he earned his Master of Business Administration from W.P Carey School. Since he was a young boy Jason Hope was hard working and a go-getter, after his graduation from the University, he ventured his skills into the business and he was successful. Hope converted his business skills to topics which were widely used by veteran entrepreneurs as well as business students.

In today’s world people are looking for information on the Internet, and because of the technology, the Internet is packed with information about aging and how the young and the old can prevent aging. Jason Hope is one of the individuals who is living his passion for assisting the world with information about aging. Mr. Hope supports SENS Foundation. The organization was established in 2009, with a primary purpose of dealing with age-related illness. Jason has been using his resources to help the world through his non-profit organization; sens Foundation. Jason’s Hope philanthropic activity is seen through SENS Foundation. According to him, charitable activities are a big part of his life, and he continues to say that the organization he has chosen to stand behind has come along way. Jason further says that SENS is not all about wanting to live forever but providing a long and quality life to the world.

Jason has been fully supporting SENS and in 2010 the entrepreneur donated $500000 to aid in the construction of Cambridge SENS laboratory which was built also to utilize research.Mr. Jason said that he has been supporting scientific researchers as well as organizations which have been carrying out the research such as SENS Research Foundation because such organizations have a different approach to dealing with anti-aging. SENS Foundation has the mandate of fighting diseases which affects the boy’s function such as heart conditions as well as Alzheimer. Jason does not help SENS in funding their projects but he is also involved in helping them market their products as well as research. Currently, Jason Hope lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. Most of his time is spent researching important issues as he supervises his businesses and other undertakings. Mr. Hope knows it is important to invest in medicine as well as the technology.

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Riding The Lime Crime Wave All Summer Long

What is it about the warmer months that motivates us to look our best? Is it simply the cold and dreariness of winter contrasted against the warm and delightfully bright days of spring? Fragrant and vivid flowers in bloom? Perhaps, June brides-to-be joyfully preparing for their upcoming nuptials. Whatever your motivation and personal style; here are three fashion trends inspired by the avant-garde beauty products of Lime Crime to ensure you are “on fleek” this season!

Be You!

Health and beauty aides are no longer shackled to the conformist ideology of yesteryear. In the past beauty was confined and ill defined by a set standard. The same boring and muted products were sold to the masses. Trends were made to ensure a similar and mundane look. Individual expression was a “fashion don’t”. Fortunately due to trail blazing companies like Lime Crime, this is no longer the case. The biggest “fashion do” of the season is to be yourself and apply beauty products that accentuate your personality in all its glory. Because your own brand of originality is beautiful.

Embrace The Rainbow!

A rainbow is light refracted and reflected through a prism allowing the eye to see the colors that make up our spectrum of visible light. We then categorize this phenomenon into seven distinct colors. While this might prove efficient in the world of science, Lime Crime dares to pull back the curtain and reveal every shade, tint, and hue in between. From their fun and fanciful unicorn hair collection to their Venus palettes. An eye opening eye shadow collection with bold colors such as rebirth (described as the color of an over ripened nectarine), divine (a dusty stone matte), and heavenly (a rich iridescent rose gold). There is simply no stopping this love affair with color, and if we’re honest, who would want to? So embrace the bold and be seen in living color this season!

Don’t Conceal…Reveal!

Choose beauty products that don’t cover up your face and features, but instead accentuate the beauty you already possess. A perfect example; Lime Crime’s Matte Velvetines. Their one of a kind liquid lipstick line. Velvetines don’t cake or crumble but give your lips a beautiful, kissable, and colorful finish while accentuating their natural shape and texture.

One last piece of fashionable advice. A summary, if you will, of the above trends…Be bold! Be daring! To borrow from Lime Crime’s mission statement; be uniquely and unapologetically you!

Ricardo Tosto and The Indelible Work He Does To Ensure Transparency in the Legal Profession

The morally calibrated lawyers today have the bearing and personality of someone who abides by a set of unbreakable and often uncodified set of laws. These lawyers follow this set of rules the same way that religious people follow their bibles. The lawyers in Brazil, in particular, are incessant in making sure that there are some rules that cannot be broken by themselves. One of the few Brazilian lawyers right now who are vocal in expressing their passionate but also dispassionate support for ethical rules for lawyers’ tax obligations is Ricardo Tosto.

The Mundo Do Marketing

We don’t need to go beyond the proximity of the database in Mundo Do Marketing to learn everything we need to know about Ricardo Tosto’s exuberance in letting the lawyers everywhere adhere to a certain set of rules. It is in the article that we learn that while lawyers are exemplary in delivering their clients’ justice, they often tempted to not disclose their full tax obligations. Rodrigo challenges the system by initiating a mechanism where the tax obligations of lawyers overseas should be declared and their hidden assets reported, so the taxes that they have to pay to Brazi are delivered. Only through this that a more just and harmonious legal system can flourish in the country. Otherwise, the government can’t get the finance it needs to build a functionally healthy government.

The Support

With the help of Law 13,254 dated last January 13, 2013, other lawyers and stakeholders such as Vicente Gama, a partner at Nelson William Advogados and Associates, Ricardo Tosto can weed out the frivolous lawyers in the industry that don’t reveal their tax obligations. There will now be healthier technical partnerships among lawyers because of this new law that ensures transparency in the legal sector.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer known for his advocacy in transparency, but we should also not ignore the fact that he’s a Partner at Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados and the work that he does for Brazil is one of the most commendable and exemplary work since memory. He is also the innovator behind many non-profit projects and the strategies that bring justice to the clients he serves through the company.

Richard Dwayne Blair, Financial Teacher

Richard Dwayne Blair is an entrepreneur and a financial advisor that seeks to make a positive impact on the world today concerning the welfare and the financial stability of the masses that come to him in search of financial advice that could very well benefit their life. This is exactly what he intends to do and he does this simply by creating a firm called wealth solutions which is based in Texas and is the same area he went to school at as well. He believes and harbors a passion for the education of those who may want to keep their wealth or allocate it over the long term to therefore make them more competent and confident investors. His Grandma, Mother, and Wife were all teachers and he soon realized the potential of excellence that could be nourished when education becomes a factor inside of a persons life. He holds three standards which concern the areas that connect with financial literacy and financial freedom. The first step is the actual path that the client would like to go on depending on his or her financial style and end results that they would want to achieve. This is the step where Richard Dwayne Blair can really get inside of the hearts and the minds of those who seek such opportunities to succeed in life and as a result live a fruitful and happy retirement. The second point in making a prospect’s vison become a reality is to actually develop the strategy which fits and matches the needs of the clientele. This is the most crucial step as it can make the difference between attaining their financial freedom goals or making a mistake to begin with in entering the financial industry to begin with. This strategy however will almost probably mitigate any such undesired factors from the customers portfolio and leave both of the participating parties happy. Richard Dwayne Blair in his last step in alchemizing the most lucrative strategy that fits their goals then sits and monitors the results that take place when the application of the plan has already been enacted.


Get All the News on NewsWatch TV

For many television viewers, Monday mornings at 7 AM are reserved for NewsWatch TV, a weekly news series. The show is highly rated, and its fans give it great reviews. The long time hosts of the show are Susan Bridges with her co-host Andrew Tropeano, and Michelle Ison. NewsWatch has been on the air since 1990. The commentators cover a wide variety of national and world news briefa, and so much more than that. The viewers of NewsWatch rate the segments on various consumer product reviews very highly, especially the segments on new apps and new tech products.

The technology format of the show takes a look at new product developments and mobile apps. They will then rate and review them on the air. The team will also report on breaking news stories. NewsWatch TV maintains offices in Washington, DC, New York, Virginia, and Colorado. The show has an entertainment segment, which frequently takes them on assignment to other remote locations. Hundreds of celebrities have appeared on the show, and it has continued to be a popular segment over the years. The entertainment segments are fun to watch, and they get highly rated reviews from the viewers. The show has aired well over 1,000 episodes, and more than 10,000 individual news stories since it first aired in March of 1990. The commentators also regularly cover stories on medical breakthroughs, scientific breakthroughs, political news, business reports, paid segments, and editorial reports.

NewsWatch TV is aired nationwide on the ION Network and on AMC. It is an award winning TV news show. The show recently won an award for Videography in 2017, and the Silver Telly Award in 2016. It has received numerous other coveted awards as well.


Creating a Better World at Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University (AAU) is one of the largest privately owned schools in the United States. AAU was founded by Richard S. Stephens, who was Sunset Magazine’s creative director, in San Francisco in 1929. In San Francisco, AAU is also one of the largest owned properties.

The school offers many different classes that have been offered since the school first opened, and those classes range from designs, fine arts, liberal arts, and entertainment. Other departments AAU offers that are relevant to this time period are designing applications for smartphones, video games, web design and new media, and more.

The School of Game Development (GAM) at AAU has recently connected to other departments to create interactive technology. The Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) from the San Francisco Mayor’s Office was demonstrated work, which was augmented reality (AR) by, the GAM students. With AR a person can view their live real-world surroundings which are amplified by a computer-generated image. The students worked on creating a new application for smartphones called Tenderfeels, so the CIO toured the GAM department to learn more about it. If the application is accepted, then it can help residents in the Tenderloin district feel much safer.

The Tenderloin district has the highest rate of crime and poverty, and has been known to be described as ‘unsafe’ and ‘disgusting’. But with the students at AAU, they can help to revamp the neighborhood with their artistic skills.

Four AAU students are the creators of Tenderfeels. The way the application works is that it uses AR to collect real-time data as the residents share how their current surroundings make them feel. The users can also see the real time results and the reason why a resident marked an area with a certain emotion. Schools and other government organizations can collect this data to work on solving those issues.

The current president at AAU is Dr. Elisa Stephens, who is making sure that AAU keeps up with new technologies and business trends. So far, AAU has taken in over 18,000 students, making it the largest accredited privately owned school of art and design.


Malcolm CasSelle igniting the world through his company

When it comes to the sale of the virtual assets OPSKin will be the leader globally, that is lead by Malcolm CasSelle as the CIO. When it comes to bitcoin all over the world, the company will be one leading as the bitcoin merchant. All over the world, some people are will follow OPSKin and make the micropayments by use of the cross-border. There is something that is coming up called blockchain platform that is being created by Malcolm by the use of OPSKin. The one thing that the platform will be used for is guiding the World Asset exchange. The primary thing is educating the people that WAX when in the marketplace it’s P2P that can be a platform where the users can trade of the assets. That’s the reason why they are coming up with blockchain so that the users will have a place that they can buy and sell their virtual assets.

Currently, Malcolm CasSelle is the president of World Asset eXchange. Before that, he was the president of Tronc and the CTO. While in Tronc he oversaw so many things that lead to the growth of the company, one of them being that while in the company he was the one that leads to the rapid growth of digital assets. While he was trading virtual assets with his friends and he got the needed experience that resulted in the idea of coming up with WAX. Malcolm was not disappointed because with two years the company had done so well and the community had welcomed it. So far the help that has been seen with blockchain is the fundaments issues are being solved.

In the previous career life of Malcolm CasSelle, he helped in offering his services to MediaPass, a company in the media world that was providing the digital subscription solutions that could not afford to do it on their own. He has been of help to many startup firms in making them be the established companies that they are right now. He got his university education at Stanford University and the MIT University where he completed and got the computer science degree.


Two Notable Companies Southridge Capital Has In Their Portfolio

Southridge Capital is similar to a venture capital firm, but instead of simply offering seed funding to the companies they support, they offer more of a private equity firm and comprehensive leveraging approach that gives those businesses more structure to work with. The kind of businesses they finance are usually highly innovative and future-minded organizations ranging from the healthcare to the financial services industries. One of the first big companies they invested in was Imaging Diagnostic Systems, Inc., a cancer treatment research company that developed and currently uses a Computed Tomography Laser Mammography system. The latest company they added to their portfolio is Elite Data Services, Inc., a data gathering and analytics organization focused on advertising in various segments. The equity in Imaging Diagnostic Systems was acquired for $15 million while the equity in Elite Data Services was $5 million.

According to linkedin, Southridge Capital has poured a total of $1.8 billion into more than 250 companies since its establishment. Stephen Hicks, the founder and CEO of Southridge Capital began the firm in 1996 and has built it into a reputable private equity operation that has taken a diverse approach to structuring business financing. The methods they use for structured finance include securitization which finances a company against the assets it holds, credit enhancing, and other financing such as Equity Purchase Agreements, convertible debentures, common stock loans and a variety of other leveraged mechanisms.

Aside from the usual corporate financing services and taking companies public, Southridge Capital also provides advisory for administrative and legal decisions companies may be faced with. They are known for writing up balance sheets for managing debt and accumulating debt and analyzing the costs that various deals could bring. They also work with different merger and acquisition strategies and can guide them through bankruptcy filings and making legal settlements. You can visit for more info.

Southridge is also a partner of several non-profit groups in the Connecticut and New York areas. Hicks personally started the Daystar Foundation to support local community preservation efforts as well as helping healthcare and performing arts organizations. Other organizations supported by Southridge Capital include Walnut Community Hill Church, the Bridgeport Rescue Mission and the Ridgefield Sunrise Cottage.


Talos Energy Has Extended Its Family!

The oil and gas company has once again made its family bigger! At the fourth quarter of 2017, Talos Energy, LLC bought Stone Energy Corporation, making everything official April 2, 2018. Their combined shareholders will keep their ownership making a value to be approximately 2.5 billion dollars. Unlike some companies that merge, Talos created a board members from their company as well as Stone’s to make sure there’s an even balance where decisions are made.

Stone Energy was founded in 1993 in Lafayette, Louisiana as an independent oil and gas company. Unfortunately they took a risk on its finances and assets by filing bankruptcy in 2016. Even though they were acquired by Talos Energy, they have not allowed it to slow them down at all. They have announced drilling in the Derbio exploration well reached its final depth April 24, 2018. A few days later, they entered an asset purchase agreement with ExxonMobil, Shell and Anadarko. This marked an 100% working interest in the Ram Powell Unit. This huge field gives them more space to drill and provided the best barrels of oil they can find. Because of the merge with Talos, they had to sign off on it and they did with no problems.

Talos makes it their responsibility to stay committed to impacting the community where their employees live and work. They give their time and resources to blood centers, food banks, and other local organizations. In 2017, $105,000 was given to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund and over $500,000 has been raised for charities for several years. They want the world to know that they are here to make a difference by improving the needs of those who have less than others.

Talos Energy has acquired other companies in the past, making it one of the leading oil and gas industries in this millennium. It will continue to strive with this growth potential in making sure this country has the highest quality of service rendered. With operations in the Gulf of Mexico, it made a common goal for the CEO of Talos Energy, Timothy Duncan, to accelerate development while exploring various opportunities. Its headquarters is now based in Houston with additional offices in New Orleans and Lafayette Louisiana. Although they have competed with several companies for offshore businesses in Mexico, it has continued to stand firm and make sure they don’t go anywhere, anytime soon.

Drew Madden Wonders If CVS Or Amazon Will Reign Supreme

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could know ahead of time which companies would end up as the absolute leaders of their industries? That would be a dream to anyone who has ever wanted to be able to predict the movements of the stock market for example. While we cannot know with absolute certainty what will happen with any company in the future, we can keep an eye on the developments that take place in a range of industries that might be of interest.

Drew Madden is a former healthcare information technology employee and current entrepreneur in that industry. He spends a great deal of his time trying to work out what will happen next in the industry. He wants to do this so as to be able to try to predict trends in healthcare IT before they ever take place. If he can make accurate predictions, then he can put himself in a position to take advantage of those trends.

The biggest piece of news that Drew Madden has been watching in the last little bit has been a brewing battle between CVS and Amazon. On the surface of things it may not even appear that these two would have much in common at all. They seem to be from entirely different industries. However, the two have locked horns to do battle with one after Amazon decided that it would try to apply for licenses to sell phamaceuticals across state lines on the Internet.

That move set off alarm bells at CVS who responded by offering guaranteed next-day delivery on products ordered through their MinuteClinic. It might have been just a small gesture, but it was something that could help CVS secure some of the customers that they might otherwise have lost to Amazon. Add on to that the fact that CVS has also purchased Aetna to help consolidate its business and you can see how the battle between these two is about to boil over.

It is going to be a matter of time before we see who comes out the other side all the better for this plan. Right now we just tend to believe that both will benefit in some way from the advances that they are making.

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