End Citizens United Reports Rick Scott to FEC

Why is End Citizens United targeting Rick Scott? The political action committee just called the congressional hopeful on the carpet for illegal correlation of funds, citing that Scott was using a super PAC to fund his election. Scott is a politician with no qualms about getting support for corporate PACs, and End Citizens United needs candidates like him out of the way. Although Scott alleges that he has done no wrongdoing, End Citizens United has produced documentation and filed a formal complaint with the Federal Elections Commission.

This is only one recent move by ECU in the road to mid-term elections. The PAC has also released a list of endorsements for the candidates who advocate for its cause. These candidates are all about election reform, and are the type of legislators ECU need to achieve its goal. Whether or not they will get elected remains to be seen. Founded in 2015, End Citizens United is the PAC that wants to end Citizens United. The controversial Supreme Court ruling that many believe has destroyed politics. The ruling gave freedom of speech rights to corporations, allowing them unbridled freedom in supporting political candidates.

ECU seeks to stop that by amending the first amendment to only include the individual. But it is a long road of tedious legislation and to even begin the structure of congress needs to change. Lofty goal, but one ECU strives to accomplish.ECU targets people like Rick Scott for the illegality of their actions as well as their political opposition. In order for their legislation to pass an almost unified agreement has to be made, a majority that can only exist if a majority of congressmen advocate for it. Many seats will be available this election, so who knows what kind of outcome the med-terms will bring. ECU will certainly be there to see.

Upwork Encourages Productivity with These Simple To-Do Hacks

The popular freelance platform Upwork recently published a blog titled “10 Powerful Tips for Sailing Through Your to Do List” which details the top tips designed to help you stop stressing over the long to-do list and actually start crossing things off the list.

It can often be daunting to see how much everyone needs to accomplish in a day. To-do lists have simply grown and grown. People have been looking for a magic formula to help them be more productive. Upwork suggests you try the following tips to reduce stress and accomplish more.

One of the best ways to get more done throughout the day is to start the night before. Upwork suggests that a to-do list shouldn’t be made on the same day you are trying to get things done. Instead, it should be written out the night before. They suggest this is because people often waste their mornings by reading emails and trying to figure out their priorities. However, by writing them out the night before, you can decide how to begin your day. Then by the time the morning comes around, you already know what you need to do first.

Upwork also suggests that many people have a tendency to put their to-do lists and tasks in a variety of different locations. From sticky-notes to software, project management software to paper notes, it can often get chaotic. When you place your to-dos in a variety of locations, you end up wasting a lot of time simply trying to find the task. It can also be incredibly easy to let tasks fall through the cracks if you aren’t organized. Checking a variety of sources can cause you to waste time and it can become difficult to understand the bigger picture when you can’t see how many tasks you need to accomplish in a day. Instead, use a single tool. By using an app on your phone, you can capture all the tasks you need to do in one place.

Upwork formed after the merger of Elance and oDesk. Upwork is a freelance platform that allows companies to post jobs for freelancers and agencies while allowing reducing the time for freelancers to find jobs.


Peter Briger the Principal and Co-Chairman at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger the Principal and Co-Chairman at Fortress Investment Group

Fortress investment group is one of the most trusted investments management companies located in New York. This firm was established as a private entity in 1998. After its launch in 2007, it emerged as the first significant privately owned entity to be traded in the public. By 2006, this firm was managing approximately $ 70.2 billion assets in the private equity, credit fund as well as liquid hedge funds. By February 2007, this firm debuted its public market to IPO. This move made it official that Peter Briger was a billionaire. His ability to demonstrate excellence in financial leadership is attributed to his endeavors to attain success and well-being for all as well. Additionally, he understands that achieving success is dependent on headwork, something evident through his operations. For instances, since he joined Fortress Investment Group, he has been able to make various proposals, which has seen this firm shoot to its current state.

Where did he go to school?

Peter Briger went to Princeton University where he earned a degree in business administration. Additionally, he also has a master in business administration from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton school of business. Before collaborating with fortress initiative in 2002, he was a member of the Sachs & co from 1993, where he served for fifteen years. In most instances, his efficiency in operation is closely tied to a wealth of diverse knowledge obtained from the institutions he attended and a better part of it originating from his vast field of services with various renowned firms.

His Philanthropist Activities

Besides his remarkable contribution to the world of finance, Peter Briger is also known as one of the most willing philanthropists of all time. He frequently donates to various charitable organizations based in United States of America and elsewhere across the globe. Importantly, he also backs multiple organizations, which offer help to the homeless children all over the world. He provides that children access the essential wants like education, as he understands that their future contribution cannot be overlooked. He is also a respected member of various initiatives, which try to establish better lives for the coming generations.

Neurocore Is Changing People’s Lives With Brain Wave Treatments

Neurocore is changing the industry with their unique approach to solving all kinds of different mental health illnesses. Neurocore is known for their science based and drug free techniques and procedures that help the brain properly process information and naturally heal itself. Brain performance is no easy feat, and not just anybody can go out of their way to make this a reality. Neurocore uses the right tactics to ensure that those who go to them get the help they need. Visit manta.com to know more about Neurocore.

This company can help with depression, ADHD, anxiety, and almost any other mental health illness that you may possibly be suffering. It can help reduce stress, improve sleep, and even properly stop migraines and other headaches that you may be dealing with. Neurocore utilizes three different steps: Initial Assessment, Customized Programs, and a Final Assessment. The Initial assessment is meant to help find out through brainwave analysis and their qEEG Technology where your mental health is currently at. Their other programs can help you figure out how to improve your mind. Once this has been done, you will have your own brain map done. Using only a positive approach, they utilize different programs to help train your brain as effectively as possible. Their final goal is to make sure that you are improving with their training, and so they continue to watch out for progress and signs to ensure that every client is lead in the right direction.

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/NeurocoreLivonia/

Here’s a few things they recommend through their blog to help you alleviate stress today:

Deep breaths are great to do to help give your body the oxygen it needs to relax. It is through deep breathing you are brought back in to the present. Making it a goal to laugh is another good thing to do. When you laugh, you trigger parts of the brain that cause the body and mind to relax. It helps release endorphins and also lowers down cortisol levels.

Neurocore is the best way to go if you want to change your life and get the right help that doesn’t require drugs, dangerous medication, and any injections or pills. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Dr.Saad Saad Stands Out in a very Controversial Industry

Hardly a day passes without reports of medical negligence or misdiagnosis within the healthcare system. It is not difficult to find adverse stories about specific doctors trending in the social media or a news daily dedicating a column to highlight controversies in this industry. There is a significant number of medical doctors who have been recorded in various incidences to have ripped off their patients while others perform low-quality services to their patients owing to discriminative tendencies that may arise from economic and social class, religion, or color differences. Nevertheless, some physicians have been known to offer top-shelf services while at the same time adhering to the expected ethical standards and principles of a medical practitioner.

Dr. Saad has been in the forefront of offering quality medical services in an attempt to save the lives of people in danger. Providing help to his clients is not his only goal, but he is also geared towards upholding the ethical values and standards expected of a medical practitioner. His prowess in pediatric surgeon has not gone unnoticed within the field of medicine where he has conducted critical surgeries ending up saving the lives of people. It is worth noting that he is one of the physicians who has played a vital role in improving people’s condition in an outstanding and practical standard.

Conducting surgeries in the past was one of the most life-threatening procedures in medical platforms. Many surgery procedures had gone rogue leading to the death of patients, who initially were not under any threat concerning their lives. This made surgical operations very controversial where many patients booked for theatre operations failed to show up. However, Dr. Saad Saad brought out technical skills that he used to conduct surgery safely. Due to his increased success and successful procedures, many operations started adopting his discoveries which had made surgery a more efficient process. This explains why there has been little or no failures that have been recorded in the surgical operations in recent times.

Lastly, his dedication to discovering alternative solutions that are better solutions as compared to the present ones have paid off at greater lengths as compared to other practitioners who have remained fixated on old age surgical procedures. One of the main achievements of Dr. Saad has been his ability to patent his surgical procedures ensuring that they are his personal intellectual properties that cannot be abused. The Medical Daily Times records that Dr. Saad is generous enough to offer knowledge and skills to other physicians on how to conduct surgical operations in a safe and efficient method. He represents a model physician who should be available in any part of the world to solve the global surgical challenges. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12

Heal N Soothe Your Pain Away


We all have aches and pains in our bodies as we age and even when we are active in various activities. Some of these pains seem to be stubborn and we find no relief. Our physicians can prescribe medication of which some work and some don’t.


More and more consumers are leaning to herbal and alternative relief when either the conventional medications aren’t helping, or they’ve decided to go all organic. Herbal products have helped millions of people for all types of ailments. Read more on How Heal-n-Soothe Has Changed the Supplement Industry


From birth, our bodies produce proteolytic enzymes to reduce inflammation from an injury or aches and pains. But as we age, our bodies slow down and stop producing these necessary enzymes.


One herbal product that’s having great success providing the proteolytic enzymes for joint pain relief is Heal N Soothe. Developed by Living Well Nutraceuticals, this oral herbal product contains these much-needed enzymes and herbal extracts that reduce inflammation in the body.


Heal N Soothe has successfully eliminated the pain from arthritis, sports injuries, colitis, back pain and sciatica. And even with natural aging aches and pains, Heal N Soothe can provide the natural pain relief with its joint support ingredients.


The special blend of these enzymes and ingredients can provide what the body needs when aches and pains, injuries or everyday stress can wreak havoc in our bodies. The ingredients in Heal N Soothe are Vitamin E, L-glutathione, Serrazimes, Bromelain, Papain, Citrus bioflavonoid complex, Rutin, Boswellia, Serrata, Ginger extract, Turmeric extract, and Devil’s claw.


As with any medication, it is recommended that you talk with your physician about Heal N Soothe. Many of its ingredients can interfere with other medications. And since these ingredients are all natural, they can have negative side effects.


All ingredients have been scientifically tested, and many of the ingredients have been proven to successfully treat an injury more so than conventional methods. Read This Article for more information.


Heal N Soothe isn’t a product that should be taken for immediate pain relief. The recommendation is that it be taken continuously even after the pain has subsided.


Many patients suffering from various injuries or aches and pains from aging have discovered relief from Heal N Soothe. Some were able to feel relief overnight; some felt relief within a week and others within several months.



View Source: http://www.progressivehealth.com/heal-n-soothe.htm


Paul Herdsman

About Paul Herdsman

According to Paul Herdsman, you need to have the following to lead a successful business: hard work, dedication, and know-how. Paul Herdsman currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer and the co-founder of NICE Global. He is a successful business leader who publishes the article regarding success and the journey to establishing Nice Global.


Paul Herdsman has an experience of a decade in offering consumer software and customer acquisition. Herdsman has vast experiences and skills in the fields of marketing, sales and problem-solving. He believes that the ability in solving problems have led to the tremendous success in his career.


NICE Global is a building company whose success is linked to the endless efforts and practical leadership skills by Paul Herdsman. In his article: “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Paul Herdsman outlines keys that led to his success.


Here are some of Paul Herdsman’s Fundamentals to Success:


Creating a Culture

Paul Herdsman has created a family-like the culture at NICE Global. He wants all the employees to be comfortable with the operations of the firm. Paul Herdsman has designed a ‘feel at home’ culture for the employees of NICE Global. Thus, the company is in a position to take care of their employees in both a professional and personal manner. Herdsman views his employees as his family members.


Hiring the Best

The recruiting process is an influencing factor to the success of the firm. It is impossible to meet success on your own. You need a team that will help you to deal with your company’s endeavors. Companies should always incorporate brilliant talents in their operations. With the leadership of Paul Herdsman, NICE Global has created an employee referral program which ensures the firm includes the best ability. It is always important to note that employees can contribute to your rise or fail. Go Here to learn more.


Investing in Employees

Employees are the leading players in the success of the firm. Business owners can only invest in employees through training. It is crucial to provide employees with the required tools so that they can offer maximum results. Paul Herdsman’s NICE Global provides initial training for employees after the recruiting process. NICE global also provides continued training to better the performances of employees. Visit: https://www.behance.net/paulherdsm6f73


Check out his profile on Linkedin.

GreenSky Credit

In today’s day and age, you have to have a great credit score if you want to qualify for any type of loan out there. If you have failed to optimize your credit score over the years, this makes be getting in your way of getting a great car loan or even a mortgage. The good news is that a credit score can always be improved on. For some, it may be a quick repair. For others swamped in debt, it may take a bit longer. In today’s article, I am going to be going over some ways that you can fix your credit.

  1. Clean up your debt

To help your credit score, you first have to get rid of the credit card debt that you already have. The average household in America owes sixteen thousand in credit card debt. The bad this is that debt has been rising over the years. One way I would get rid of the debt is with the debt avalanche method. This method is where you pay off the debt with the highest interest first. By making this your number one priority, you will save money on the interest in the long run. If you are dealing with smaller debts, say a total credit card debt of $2,000, you can use the debt snowball method. This is where you tackle the smallest debt first.

  1. No cash, no credit

Let’s face the harsh reality of finances. If you can’t pay for it cash, what makes you think putting it on a credit card will make it any cheaper? In fact, it actually makes it more expensive as the interest accrues over time. This can be disastrous if it is a larger debt with a high interest rate. With that being said, I would only put things on credit that I know for sure I will be able to pay back at the end of the month. These are things like gas expenses and grocery bills.

If you are looking for great financing out there, go with GreenSky Credit. GreenSky Credit has 12,000 ready to help you build your financial future. GreenSky Credit has been reliable over the years. In the end, GreenSky Credit is the right choice for you!


Rodrigo Terpins and The Series of Racing Success That Could Elevate Him To Prestigious Status

The world of professional racing is no joke. It requires commitment and a level of courage that you won’t easily find in most people. The courage to risk one’s life for racing is something that only people like Rodrigo Terpins currently possess today in Brazil.



Brazil’s racing culture would not be what it is right now without the involvement of Rodrigo Terpins. In fact, Mr. Terpins is so involved that he even started his own Sertoes Rally Team, which he named as Bull Sertoes Rally Team. He and his team have joined several editions of the Sertoes Rally, and the most notable one was the 22nd Edition. You can also search online that Mr. Terpins, along with his brother Michel, has carved out a special spot in the racing culture in Brazil by creating their respectable but modest rally racing car, the T-Rex, which is developed by the MEM Team. The recent success of Terpins in such rally was when it joined its 22nd edition and under the T1 Prototype category. This racing edition had earned him and his team the 7th position.



It is also because of the disciplined level of dedication for racing that made Rodrigo Terpins one of the most formidable opponents in Brazil. Racers would have a hard time beating him not just because of his skills but for the fact that his desire for achieving success matches no other racer. Check out chamatcha.com




Another big achievement in the development of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team of Rodrigo Terpins is when it gained a position during the Cuesta Off-Road Rally that took place last May 22, 2016 in the stunning region of Botucatu, which is an area in the interior of Sao Paulo. While Rodrigo was not part of the race in that edition, he could still take pride in the achievement. Without his dedication for developing the racing team, it would probably not reach the kind of fantastic success that it receives in the Cuesta Off-Road rally.



There’s still so much to learn for Rodrigo Terpins in the racing industry. However, because of his love for the sport and his dedication to master the craft, it will be no time before he could win more races that would then elevate him to a more prestigious status.


Read more: https://www.terra.com.br/noticias/dino/a-paixao-pelo-esporte-esta-no-sangue-de-rodrigo-terpins,9250f37d3118207a89e8e2bf6ca1f437z5w3b7ck.html


The Exceptional Charitable Contributions Of Lee May And Beamridge LTD

Lee May serves Beamridge LTD. as the Senior Partner. Lee May undertook a 10k run to assist the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club in purchasing a new mini bus. All the money received for this sponsored run will help the Club continue with their brilliant work.


Many individuals realize Beamridge takes pride in their sponsorship of the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. This helps them improve their training and ensure their young boxers have the best possible opportunities. These boxers compete in European and domestic tournaments. The Club additionally makes contributions to the development of the youth due to their Nemesis ABC values and family atmosphere.


Lee May has always been an avid fan of boxing and is very proud to be a part of the Nemesis ABC sponsorship. The hope is Lee May will have everyone’s support in achieving the person goal of raising £20K. No matter what amount people choose it will be very much appreciated by both the Club and Lee May.


October 16th of 2016 saw Teresa Milligan running in the Amsterdam marathon, The Commercial Manager wanted to help raise funds for the Children with Cancer UK charity. This national charity is the leader is fighting childhood cancer. Teresa Mulligan trained hard for months for the run. Unfortunately, she was injured but completed the full distance anyway. She nearly doubled her original goal with more than £1000’s.


Charlie May is the Media and IT Technician who finished the London Marathon in April of 2015. Due to the generous efforts of numerous companies and people the UK charity BRAKE raised in excess of £13,000. Mark O’Connel also competed in the Dublin marathon in 2015. He personally thanked his sponsors for the marathon. He stated both the training and Guinness drinking went extremely well. This was for kids with profound and severe learning difficulties.


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