Gottlieb and Weisbrod venture into the healthcare sector once again

Years of working and operating independently may be coming to an end as Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod focus their investments on the healthcare sector once again. Gottlieb and Weisbrod initially came together in the 2000s when they worked together at Merlin Biomed Group, a healthcare product company. Weisbrod had co-founded the company and brought Gottlieb on board to help manage the healthcare mega company. Weisbrod’s interests in the healthcare sector can be traced back to university when he gained interest in healthcare-related disciplines and thus studied chemistry and biochemistry to the Ph.D. level.

His professional background, coupled with his partner’s enthusiasm and ambition, brought the Merlin Company on the forefront of the biotechnology revolution through the production of biomedical products suited for the solving healthcare problems. Working as a portfolio manager for Merlin gave Weisbrod a much-needed experience. Merlin Company, however, was dissolved in 2007, sending the two partners apart.

Weisbrod used his experience to start a new company, the Iguana Healthcare Partners. Iguana focused primarily on pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and diagnostic equipment. His inspiration to start and work with Iguana came from the volatility of the healthcare industry as more products are developed on a daily basis to tackle challenges in the healthcare sector.

Gottlieb, on the other hand, went ahead to invest in the financial markets and formed Visium Asset Management as part of a venture to re-establish himself. His company, however, did not perform as successful as he thought. When the company finally closed its operations in 2016 over allegations of insider trading, the Gottlieb ushered himself to the next phase of his investments. He founded Ultium Capital with which he used to penetrate further into the healthcare business.

Using Ultium as the umbrella company, Gottlieb managed to buy a 5.1% stake at another healthcare company, Oramed Pharmaceuticals. The company has since been actively involved in the production of numerous healthcare products and medicines including the packaging of insulin capsules and its consequent introduction to the Chinese markets where it has propelled the company to fame. Although Oramed is yet to obtain FDA licensure to sell products in the USA, the company’s success has brought Gottlieb and Weisbrod together once again in the healthcare industry, an industry they once thrived in.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar’s Contribution To The Plastic Surgery Field

Credentialed, seasoned, and passionate, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon of notable prestige. Based out of Dallas, Texas, Dr. Jejurikar is a valued member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Touted as a competent, cultivated, and compassionate surgeon, Jejurikar is held in high esteem. Jejurikar’s extensive educational background coupled with his innate reconstructive skills allow him to thrive in his domain. In fact, he’s earned an honorable reputation as a renowned plastic surgeon, a title he wears most proudly.

When Jejurikar entered the plastic surgery realm, his genius for plastic surgery rapidly blossomed. In the hopes of cultivating new skills, Jejurikar immersed himself in his work, attending workshops, taking medical trips, and volunteering as much as he could. Jejurikar states that the most rewarding juncture of his career transpired during his mission trip with Smile Bangladesh. This nonprofit organization aids individuals with cleft lip abnormalities by providing them with personalized treatments. Jejurikar attributes both his profound knowledge and humble nature to the time he spent in Bangladesh. In fact, Jejurikar claims that he “wouldn’t be as good at his career now” if not for the endless opportunities he’s received.

What makes Dr. Jejurikar such a standout in his profession is his industrious disposition and pioneering spirit. As a man who recognizes the ever-changing nature of his craft, Jejurikar makes noble efforts to stay ahead of the curve in the hopes of providing his patients with cutting-edge methods and up-to-date knowledge. In addition to being a prestigious plastic surgeon, Jejurikar is also a doting father. When he’s not honing his skills and formulating new ideals, Jejurikar relishes the time he gets with his kids. Though Jejurikar’s achieved much in his career, he states that his “biggest accomplishment in life” is raising his three precious children.

Investment Insights from Husain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner

DAMAC properties venture was established in 20002 by Hussain Sajwani. He is the chairman of the Company and has the majority shares. DAMAC properties deal with luxury real estate investments and have earned itself a significant control of the Middle East market. It offers services and products to clients in UAE and the United Kingdom. The Company is guided by the passion for providing unique designs and quality products. Not only do such products meet the interest of diverse clients, but they also improve the competitive advantage of the organization. Most of its structures in the region are regarded as being iconic

Hussain Sajwani Background

DAMAC owner is an Emirati citizen and is regarded as being the fourth richest Arab. The company was in 2016 listed by Forbes as the fastest growing company in term of the revenues growth rates. Despite being born in Emirati, DAMAC owner moved to the USA where he enrolled in the University of Washington. Hussain Sajwani graduated with a degree in economics and engineering. Before establishing the organization, Husain worked in Abu Dhabi Gas industries. He also created a venture in catering services and the Global Logistic Services. DAMAC owner can thus be cited as being innovative and committed to transforming the operations of the organization.

Products and Services offered by DAMAC properties

The Company prides itself as the leading organization in the delivery of uncompromising goods and services. It advises families on the best homes and gives insights o investors on the best deals in the market. Since its establishment, Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) has overseen the delivery of more than 20, 000 units. His success is linked to the leadership team and the contributions made by the workers. The workers are well trained and committed to maintaining a positive organizational culture.

It features the contribution of awards winning stylists, designers, architectures and contractors. The properties are developed in prime areas and are of superior quality. Currently, there are over 40, 000 units that are in progress. It has ventured in cities such as Lebanon, Jordan, Dubai, London and other top destinations. It is worth noting that the organization pays keens attention to the interest and responses issued by the customers. Such responses help shape its prospects. See the latest about Hussain on this YouTube video.

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Flavio Maluf Notes A Slight Decline In Brazilian Agribusiness In June

As the CEO of Eucatex Flavio Maluf brings a lot to the table. Although Maluf was born into a wealthy family, he has never been one just to sit around, dawdle, or just have someone wait on him. Instead, he has made hard work and the pursuit of excellence the driving force in his life.

Part of this attention to detail resides in watching the markets on a day-to-day basis. Flavio Maluf has been noticing a trend within agriculture, livestock, and agricultural supply, and he recently disclosed to his investors the fact that these areas underwent a slight decline of 0.7% in June. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

Maluf also had some news that was more encouraging. He noted that Imports within this sector reached the mark of $9.21 billion. The agricultural industry did very well overall; they represented 45.6% of the total sales of Flavio Maluf’s country. He was pleased to announce a total balance of trade in the egg business industry that totaled $8.17 billion.

Flavio Maluf also noted the total exports, which included such encouraging signs as soy having a share of 53.5%. Maluf also reported that for of its exports were also doing well – those of Forest Products we’re at 14.4%, meat was holding steady at 8.3%, sugar alcohol complex was firm at 7%, and coffee rounded it out at 3.9%. Finally, Flavio Maluf is pleased to know that soybean production rollout of 4.2% improvement, reaching 119 million tons.

Having this eye for detail is something that has become a way of life for Flavio Maluf. One of his main mottos in life is, “dedicate yourself and seek perfection in what you do.” This is one of the main reasons why he oversees the market, and this is why he has been such an asset to Portugal’s business world.



The Untold Story of Alex Hern

Alex Hern is an accomplished entrepreneur behind the success of a series of businesses. Mr. Hern is known for his ability to come up with killer ideas, bringing them to full circle, and converting them to successful ventures before selling them for a profit. Over the past decade, Alex Hern has established and co-founded over a dozen companies. He has also been serving on the boards of several organizations as Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Silicon Surf, a South California-based tech startup is his current venture and serves as its co-founder and managing director. Mr. Hern also runs Tags, a firm that specializes in chats and text message services as the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. Visit to know more.

Alex Herns has a broad educational background and has worked in numerous sectors including Industrial Equipment, Defense and Aerospace, Life Science and Healthcare, Construction, Automotive, Manufacturing, and Energy. He currently holds the position of co-chairman, co-CEO, and co-founder of Tsunami VR, Inc., a firm focused on increasing the efficiency of workplaces. Tsunami is Alex Hern’s latest endeavor, and its goal is to make work environments as friendly as possible. It serves sectors such as manufacturing, energy, automobile assembling, aerospace, and construction. Tsunami VR is about to launch a virtual reality app that will help improve communications at workplaces.


Alex Hern has used the latest technology to make Tsunami VR a digital workstation. It comprises of a studio and a workplace, which specializes in the development of 3D visualization solutions. Despite a busy schedule, Alex Hern is a family man, and he likes spending time with his wife and kids when he is not busy managing his empire of businesses. His future goal is to sell Tsunami VR once it gets established at a profit. Alex Hern, a longtime venture capitalist, lives a posh lifestyle and drives luxury cars. Learn more about Alex at

Victoria Doramus Has a Bright Future

Many creatives struggle to make an impact in their chosen field, but few manage to do so with the success of Victoria Doramus. Her success is due to hard work and perseverance.

-Numerous roles in the communications industry has made her an expert in the field.

-She spent three years as a group coordinator with the Creative Artists Agency.

-Worked as personal assistant to acclaimed film director Peter Berg.

Now that she’s made a name for herself, Victoria Doramus is determined to give back, becoming a leader in charitable works.

Giving Back to Create Change

Success, when used properly, is best used as a platform to support those in need. Victoria has purposely spent valuable time organizing and promoting several charities, including-

The Amy Winehouse Foundation. She’s worked with this organization to prevent drug and alcohol abuse among teens considered at risk.

Room to Read is an organization helping families around the globe to attain literacy. Over 12 million children have been helped to date.

The Best Friends Animal Society rescues animals about to be euthanized in animal shelters.

She’s a huge supporter of the Women’s Prison Association. This group works to prevent the incarceration of women and works with them throughout the legal process.

What’s next for Victoria Doramus? Nobody knows for sure, but if it’s like the stellar career and volunteer work, she’s done in her past, we have excellent predictions for her future.


Steve Richies Demands Accountability For Papa John’s Customers

In a new statement that was emailed to many Papa John’s customers, longtime CEO Steve Richie has steeped up to take accountability for restructuring Papa John’s ethics and racial language policies. In short, Mr. Richie will be bringing in experts to look over and fix any policy issues regarding ethics and race. Managers and administrators will also be expected to travel to stores and franchises to hear about and then solve any issues that may be present.

In addition to the physical meet and greets scheduled to take place in the coming weeks and months at Papa Johns locations, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s went on to apologize to all customers, but did so in a very real way. Placing accountability for questionable actions solely on the person responsible, but also holding himself accountable for the new direction that Papa Johns need to aspire reaching. Mr. Richie also stated that Papa John’s is bigger than one person, but belongs to the 120,000 employees that live in their respective communities, working for the betterment of their families and offering great customer service.

Mr. Richie stated in his apology that he wanted Papa John’s to be transparent in actions now taken and all public dealings from now on. What is immediately evident is a sincere apology from the CEO plus a reminder that one persons questionable actions should not be allowed to lessen the work ethic of 120,000 others. Mr. Richie has been with the Papa Johns organization for 22 years and stated that this has been one of his hardest weeks ever. Steve also stated that the staff of Papa Johns would be working hard to regain the trust of the customers again. This email sounds like a solid first step in the right direction. To read more about the recently issued email, please click here.


Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Robert Ivy

Architect Robert Ivy, who is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects, was recently honored with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, which was presented to him by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, making this the first time that an architect received such an award. The native Mississippian is also a writer and worldwide commentator on the subject of architecture, as well as the author of a biographical work called Fay Jones: Architect, a book that was published in 2001 and is still in circulation. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.

Being the recipient of the Noel Polk award puts Robert Ivy in the company of other great artists that include actors, writers, painters and singers like Morgan Freeman, Shelby Foote, Walter Anderson and Leontyne Price. Before going into the architectural field, he served in the US military as a navy officer. After attending Sewanee: The University of the South and earning a BA degree in English, and receiving a Master of Architecture degree from Tulane university, Robert Ivy went on to work at companies such as McGraw-Hill Construction Media, where he was the Vice President and Editorial Director, and where he was awarded in 1998 for Management Excellence. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.

The building design expert also worked as the Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Record, and was given Alpha Rho Chi fraternity’s Master Architect Award in 2010, an honor that other famous and gifted architects like I.M. Pei and Mies van der Rohe received previously. Another award he received was the 2009 Crain Award, which is considered to be the highest recognition from American Business Media. Robert Ivy has been the CEO of the American Institute of Architects, or AIA, since 2011. The organization was founded in 1857 and has over 200 chapters on the local, international and state level. Its mission is to design buildings, neighborhoods and communities that are secure, healthy and have great value.

After receiving the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, Robert Ivy expressed his appreciation and stated that he was especially honored to be getting the award from an organization that was located in his home state.


Who Is Hussain Sajwani?

Hussain Ali Sajwani is a man of many talents and one who also wears many hats, as they say, though he is perhaps best known around the world as the creator and chairman of the Dubai based real estate and development company, DAMAC (a acronym which stands for, Dariah Management Services Company). The company primarily focuses on luxury and commercial residences in Dubai specifically and the whole of the Middle East more generally. On their website, Mr. Sajwani writes, “Since its establishment, DAMAC Properties’ goal is to be at the forefront of luxury real estate development. During this time we have strived to build a reputation for delivering the highest quality properties in Dubai and are now amongst the Middle East’s leading developers.”

After Mr. Sajwani founded the company in 2002 he embarked upon a energetic campaign to utilize the opportunities afforded by a recent (at the time) governmental edict that allowed foreigners to purchase, control and own property within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With his previous business experience in the fast food industry (Mr. Sajwani got his start in business running a fast food chain in the U.S.) Sajwani was able to corner the market and expand his operation into a billion dollar company that is now one of the most well respected and renowned luxury residential groups in the world.

However, on of the projects that really put Hussain Sajwani on the map in the America and the rest of the western world, was his partnership with The Trump Organization in 2013 in a move to build two massive golf courses, The Trump International Golf Course of Dubai as well as the Trump World Golf Course (which was hand designed by none other than golf legend, Tiger Woods). The first of these courses was completed in February of 2017 and the second is slated for a opening in late 2018.

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Milan Kordestani’s Success in Agribusiness

Apart from being a student in the San Francisco Bay Area, a nationally competing equestrian, and a Huffington Post writer, Milan Kordestani is an outstanding entrepreneur. Kordestani is the CEO of Milan Farms which he founded in 2015 to provide an alternative option to consumers who would love transparency in how their products are made. Milan Farms produces mint, eggs, and saffron. For the plants, they use only organic products while their animals are raised in a humanely and transparent manner. Milan believes that transparency in how a product came about is vital information that guides consumer decision.

Milan Kordestani was born in Stanford, California before his family briefly moved to London in 2009. His family shifted back to the bay area in 2010, where he graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory in Atherton in 2017. It is during his time in high school that he managed to write six articles for the Huffington Post in the fields of agribusiness, health, and politics. At the age of 10 Milan started riding horses after he was thrown off a horse while trail riding. Instead of developing a fear of horses, Milan so this as a challenge and got back to ride the horse back to the camp. This determination saw him learn quickly to compete in high levels which led him to win the first round of the triple crown in 2015 and later attained a fourth place in the Worlds Championship Horse Show. In 2016 he got his highest ranking to date by coming second in the Five-Gaited Show Pleasure division for his age split at the Worlds Championship Horse Show.

Milan Farms brand got trademarked in 2016. They distribute their saffron across the world and eggs across the west coast. While the farm embraces traditional techniques in the growth of saffron, they have also adopted technology in a bid to create efficiency. They use drip irrigation and are experimenting with hydroponic and aquaponic alternatives of growing saffron. Milan boasts of being the first farmer to succeed in growing saffron hydroponically on microfiber sponges. Milan Kordestani currently works on developing an application and expanding Milan Farms.

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