FreedomPop Scores High Marks for Freemium Offerings

When it comes to living life in a tech world, you have to always be looking out for the next best thing. For years now all of the rage has been focused around mobile phones and, more specifically, the deals that you can get from your mobile carrier. While certain companies have done well a new challenger has emerged to shake up the game. We are, of course, talking about FreedomPop. FreedomPop is a freemium mobile carrier that focuses on providing customers with a tailored experience surrounding their mobile phone plan. Is this carrier all talk and no action? Absolutely not.


What FreedomPop offers, at its core, is a completely free experience that cannot be matched by competitors.FreedomPop gives users 500 MB of 4G data, 200 minutes of talk, and unlimited texting — all completely free. All you need to do is bring your own Sprint phone to the service and get yourself activated. There are no contracts, hidden fees, or demands to upgrade every other day. The only charges you incur with the plan include overages or deliberate upgrades. Even FreedomPop’s upgrades come in well below the market average. CEO Stephen Stokols is focused on creating a digital buffet for his customers to take advantage of.


Right now FreedomPop is offering a $5 unlimited WiFi option for users who are in the right area to take advantage of the service. FreedomPop helped to set up WiFi hotspots all over the country, numbering nearly 10 million in total. If you find yourself in this bed of hot spots then you could suddenly find yourself with an awesome phone plan for only $5! You also will see other options like the $11 unlimited talk and text plan that offers half a gig of 4G data. These upgraded plans, totally optional we might remind you, sort of show just why FreedomPop is gaining ground on its competitors.


At its core FreedomPop wants to give customers the chance to make their own plan, tailored to their own needs. No more getting surprised by surplus phone bills. No more forcing you to sign up for things that you will never need. FreedomPop’s core offering is truly free and that is something that many people aren’t going to be able to look past. As far as a FreedomPop review score goes, well, how could we give them anything other than high marks? Try the program at no risk.




Wengie Makes DIY Life Hacks Look Easy


Wengie may have started as one of the top beauty consultant video bloggers in Australia, but this young YouTube video sensation has moved beyond beauty tips. The creative force that is known as Wengie has shown the world that she has more to offer. There is a lot more to what she does, and it is evident that she is taking things to the next level with her assortment of DIY life hacks.


She has made it known that she is thrifty, and this has caused her to become one of the top YouTube video bloggers. There certainly is a lot of praise for what she has been doing over the years. She has found a way to eat popcorn in a hoodie so she will not have to get a bowl. She has found a way to print out pictures from the Internet so that she would not have to clean her sink. There were a lot of people that are taking the time to check out her videos because she has a comical approach to the way that she does things.


People also like the fact that she is so resourceful. She also puts a full explanation of how she is doing what she has stated in the videos. There are videos where she has shown people that they can use a zip lock bag for their passport when they go to overseas. This is the best way to clearly show your passport without trying to search for it at the last minute. Wengie is the type of person that has given so many people the ability to change the way that they do things.


What Wengie really does is make life easier by helping people save money. Wengie has these cool makeup hacks. She has these hacks for using alternate methods to doing things around the house. That has made her one of the most successful young people with a blog. Her hacks are cheap, and a lot of these things are fun. Her interesting presentation makes the videos fun to watch, and that makes her popular.


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FreedomPop: Free And Affordable

Phone service is very important. At the same time, it can be very costly. Fortunately, there are many different plans that are available for customers. However, one of the many issues is that even some of the cheaper options are a little steep in price for people that are earning limited amounts of money. Without a carier service, customers will be limited in what they can do. Fortunately, there is one mobile carrier that is there to make things a bit easier for the customer. FreedomPop is that carrier.


FreedomPop offers not only affordable service for customers, but also free service for new customers. The free service includes 500MB of 4G data, 200 minutes, and unlimited texting for each month. This is just enough for the user to get a glimpse at the service. If he wants more, then he could pay for more.


One thing that sticks out about the free service is the 500MB of data. This is pretty low for people that use data, especially those that like to stream music and videos. People that use FreedomPop are better off using internet service for Facebook and Twitter in order to save up on the amount of data they use.


Each carrier handles data a bit differently. Some carriers will slow down the service when the customer go past the data allotment. This is definitely the case for carriers that offer unlimited data. FreedomPop does not claim to offer unlimited free data. When the user goes past the data allotment, then he will be charged $10 to top up. In order to avoid that, he has to watch his data closely.


FreedomPop is the perfect carrier for people that want to save money on mobile service. However, the trick is being able to take advantage of this deal. Fortunately, FreedomPop offers quite a few devices for people to use. Another way to use FreedomPop is to find an old Sprint device. One of the best ways to know what device is best with FreedomPop is to read any FreedomPop review. The customer will then figure out what device would work best for him.