Mark Hutchinson Leads WildArk into the Wild

As an Australia native, Mark Hutchinson knows a thing or two about wildlife and the benefits of spending time in the rugged outdoors. “Hutch” as he is known, has been working in the wilderness, in some capacity or another, for nearly his entire life. Following University he worked as a jackaroo and then spent a summer driving the coast of Africa. He founded his first adventure company, named UNTAMED, at the age of 22 and has been involved in conservation and eco-tourism ever since. his drive and passion have culminated into the founding and running of WildArk. Learn more:

WildArk works to preserve fragile ecosystems while simultaneously educating eco-tourists of the importance of caring for these beautiful and diverse lands. His plan to purchase bio-diverse lands in order to protect the habitat of threatened species is taking shape. The business plan allows for the proceeds from the guide and travel business to be reinvested into these important areas of conservation. Hutch is strongly committed to preserving these habitats for his children and further descendants. Through their conservation efforts, WildArk is actively protecting these species and their habitats. The most recent purchase of land contained in the Kruger Region of South Africa was completed in early 2017. 

The future looks bright for Hutch and the rest of the WildArk crew as more initiatives are put into place. With their goals of rehabilitating agricultural areas, creating protected corridors between National Parks, and re-wild important ecosystems, they certainly have their work cut out for them. Learn more:

For those looking to learn more about conservation and the important work that is yet to be done, Hutch recommends E.O. Wilson’s latest book entitled Half Earth. This volume lays out all of the reasons that biodiversity is so important, and how quickly it is disappearing. Conservation can make a difference in protecting and revitalizing these important areas of the globe, and WildArk is pleased to contribute its efforts. Mark Hutchinson is truly an inspiration to those who want to follow their dreams. Learn more:

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