Edisoft Utilizes Big Data to Improve the Supply Chain

Applying Big Data in the Supply Chain


Transportation departments used Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure on-time performance before better visibility solutions were introduced. Each sector used a unique score card to evaluate the success of a transport service. Air and Ocean carriers were rated based on their timely delivery. Trains were evaluated using their departure and arrival schedules. Service types were used to measure the performance of motor carriers.


With the current development in Internet of Things (IoTs), GPS tracking datasets and mobile solutions, new and better KPIs have been introduced. These factors rate a transportation service by using financial, regulatory and physical aspects of the supply chain. Despite the improvements, many organizations narrowly describe the performance of transport carriers. Some of the issues that are not considered in the KPIs include data downstream, delivery reports, customer satisfaction, contractual rates and operational costs.


Big data enables firms to analyze end-to-end KPIs of variability. As a result, companies should focus in the metric across trading and functions of business partners. Datasets should be used to evaluate processes across modes of shipment, compliance, logistics functions and multiple parties. A successful derivation of appropriate solutions from big data requires the information from trading parties to be timely, accurate and complete. The organizations should synchronize heterogeneous data, that pertains the carrier`s time zone and location.

About Edisoft


Edisoft is a big data organization, that was founded in 1995. Its headquarters are in Toronto, Canada (Facebook). Edisoft offers big data solutions, that include software to Bin Tracking to Shipping and Merchant Xchange, Merchant QuickPAK and Edisoft Merchant.


The company offers an unparalleled EDI, enabling businesses to connect with their trading partners. Edisoft enables distributors and manufacturers to improve their logistics` performance. Its configurable Smart Process Supply Chain service is one of the best platforms in the world.


By utilizing its strategic assets, Edisoft leverages its data to increase its performance. The firm provides optimized and automated carrier management, vendor compliance and warehouse management services. Edisoft uses a seamlessly integrated system to achieve its objective (http://www.edisoft.com/about-edisoft-edi-expert-solutions.php).


The organization satellite offices are situated in Miami, Florida. It has employed a team of experts, who are skilled in EDI operations. Its solutions have resulted in staff productivity, business intelligence data and ERP order integration.


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