Preston Smith And The Trials And Tribulations Of Public Education

Preston Smith is the leader of Rocketship Education, a group of charter schools teaching students grades kindergarten through fifth grade across the United States. There are currently 18 installments spread throughout America: one in Wisconsin, twelve in California, three in Tennessee, and two in the nation’s capital.

Smith founded Rocketship Education, often shortened to the initialism RSED, alongside John Danner in 2007. While the former had experience in early childhood education at the time, Danner was great at technological application. The bond between the two yielded a pioneer in personalized learning through technological devices and software. Rocketship Education is known for this personalized style of learning, along with several other hallmarks.

Here are a few things Preston Smith has picked up along the way, things he’s learned over the past ten years, all of which have been spent with RSED.

Personalized learning doesn’t start in the classroom, or with teachers, like most may think – it starts at home. Teachers make visits to the homes of students once each academic year to learn about how they live. With this in mind, they can better personalize lessons for each and every student.

Parents are inherently involved in the system of Rocketship Education. Not only do they allow teachers into their homes; they’re also involved in panel-style interviews and screenings whenever openings turn up for teaching positions at Rocketship Education’s eighteen locations. Seeing as parents are often more concerned with the welfare of their students in the classroom and how much they learn, utilizing parents’ uncanny knack for sniffing out what’s best for students helps the chain of public charter schools pick out teachers best for the organization.

Further, even though it might seem counterintuitive, parents are urged to relocate their children to other schools if they believe the current system they’re in isn’t working up to expectations. Without having a high-quality school system, students are inherently less likely to take home meaningful knowledge and information. As such, their test scores, and overall performance in the classroom is reduced.

Preston Smith even helped organize a committee that founded a school in San Diego – it’s entirely possible for parents to do, too, given they’re coherent as a team unit and are in numbers.

Satisfaction in Giving Back to the Society- George Soros, One of the World’s Wealthiest Men

George Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary. He lived through the Nazi occupation and survived the murder of Hungarian Jews by concealing his background and assisting others to do the same. He left Budapest in 1947, and relocated to London where he worked on a part-time basis as a nightclub waiter and a railway porter while he studied at the London School of Economics. George Soros, later on, moved to the United States in 1956 where he began his investments. George launched his hedge fund in 1970 and became one of the most successful investors in American history. He used his earnings to create the Open Society Foundation.

86 years old George Soros is a prominent billionaire. He openly supports causes that liberals believe in. He has been depicted as having great power and controlling the global economy at times. In the early 1990’s, George Soros took a bet against the British pound that broke the monetary system of England overnight, earning him more than one billion dollars. He was seen to take similar steps later on during the Asian financial crisis.

George Soros has a net worth of $25 billion. He joined active politics in 2004 when he funded people who were fighting against the re-election of President George W. Bush as he also voiced his opinion on the Iraq war. As a wealthy man, George Soros is not politically conservative as he opts to dedicate some of his wealth towards politics. He founded the Open Society Foundation which is committed to social justice. The work done at the Open Society Foundation is a reflection of the ideologies of George Soros which were influenced by the philosophy of Karl Popper. Visit to know more about George.

The foundation has spent more than $1.6 billion toward the democratic development of Eastern Europe. It has also spent not less than $1.5 billion on democratic reforms that include democratic governance and criminal justice in the United States. George Soros is also remembered for giving black South Africans scholarships under apartheid. He funded cultural exchanges between the West and Eastern Europe and created the Central European University after the fall of the Berlin Wall in order to foster critical thinking. At the end of the cold war, George Soros expanded his philanthropic activities to Asia, the United States, and Africa. He helped to begin the American Medical Marijuana Movement. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

George Soros is known as one of the world’s top philanthropists having donated not less than $12 billion. His funds support people and organizations in different parts of the world to achieve justice and equality and support the fight for freedom of expression. He supports the groups that represent the Roma people and the minority like the LGBTs and sex workers.


Mike Baur- Helping tech startups industry in Switzerland develop

Mike Baur is a leader in supporting business tech startup businesses in Switzerland. He is the leader of a startup factory known as Swiss Startup Factory. It is called a factory because it deals with churning out businesses in the country. They take people who have business ideas and enable them to grow their business idea into an actual business that is thriving with business activities. Swiss Startup Factory mentors business people who have no experience running other businesses on how to do it professionally. Business is not just about the idea; it is about how you can turn a good idea into an acceptable business that generates income.

The startup industry in Switzerland is huge. In Europe, Switzerland leads all the other countries in terms of having the highest number of tech startup businesses. These are businesses that are concerned about how they can develop alternative solutions to the problem that people are facing in the country. The solutions provided by the big corporations are not always the best. They address their solutions to very diverse markets that they sometimes omit some very important aspects. The startup now comes to fill the gap that the big corporations leave. There is need to come up with customized solutions to the deficiencies that the big corporations create.

Mike Baur has through the Swiss Startup Factory been coming up with methodologies of how to make the business people in the country survive. Many businesses will fall in the first few years of their operation, and this is a thing that Mike Baur wants to address. When one comes up with a business idea, it is good that the ideas is developed into a business that can thrive for many more years to come. Swiss Startup Factory offers tech startup businesses a chance to grow by ensuring that they are the entrepreneurs with the right knowledge that will make their business grow rapidly. Swiss Startup Factory offers a chance to the entrepreneur to get mentoring and training. On top of that, they are offered a chance to meet with experienced tech entrepreneurs who have made in the business. They are also trained on how to market their products in a global platform as well as knowing how to establish business links with the investors.

Mike Baur is a former banker at UBS and the Clariden Leu. He left the banking sector in 2014 to concentrate on private business which includes Swiss Startup Factory.



The Role of AI Technology in Digital Marketing

Predicting what customers want by researching a large number of people is no longer applicable to a marketing trend. Currently, some of the biggest technology companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google are investing funds in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist them to predict what their customers are in need of, even before they are aware of it.

As customers keep on visiting the internet on different devices, they offer more data that can be collected and analyzed. Marketers are able to analyze the data and the content for them to get campaigns that benefit them as well as the consumers.

Marketers are able to reach the audience through the virtual assistance, that in turn learn more about the customers. Then when you integrate the Artificial Intelligence to the virtual assistant, it will allow for more intelligent insight as clients browse and shop in the applications of their choice. For instance, when an assistant is connected to more than two million websites, that includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google, the person has the ability to harness the power of AI for setting up, optimizing and creating a number of reports on ad campaigns.

Though the Artificial Intelligence is an upcoming field of technology, the innovation it has permits for more digital marketing strategies. Even without marketing assistants, marketers in the near future will be in a position to make informed decisions concerning their customers and come up with appropriate action that can improve the business efficiency.

Companies that have already invested in AI such as Twitter and Facebook use the technology to track the behavior of their visitors and then show likes, comments as well as shares of the users who are mostly related with the concerned visitors. The companies like Amazon and eBay, AI helps to track the browsing patterns of each user to enable them to reach its client in an easy way.

Raju Gulabani, who is the vice president of Analytics, Databases and AI said that thousands of machines learning across Amazon have evolved the AI technologies for a long time. Google has also been doing the same, its advertising program tool by the name Adword repeatedly shows the items Ad, that a client has shown the interest of buying by clicking on the Google Ad.

Apart from India being the core of Al-based innovation, it has also had companies joining AI investment in the digital marketing. This has seen, Flipkart partnered with Microsoft Corp to establish AI-based solutions to track the behavior of their shoppers.

How Osteo Relief Institute is Helping Patients in Managing Arthritis, One of the Most Degenerative Diseases known to Humans

Arthritis is a common medical condition, and it is more prevalent among women. There are over 100 types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the leading cause of disability among the middle-aged and the old in the United States. One of the most common types of arthritis is degenerative joint disease also known as osteoarthritis. It occurs when there is degeneration of the cartilage, the tissue located in the joints that facilitates motion. Watch this video on Youtube.

Remedies for osteoarthritis

According to Dr. Matthew CiRullo, the risk factors for arthritis are previous injury, excess weight, age and, family history. Osteoarthritis is incurable, and if not managed correctly, it is degenerative. People with arthritis experience enormous pains on their joints. Dr. Matthew CiRullo encourages patients to seek medical attention before the disease worsens. Three forms of remedies can help people with arthritis. These include:

  1. Maintaining a daily routine, which involves:
  • Gentle exercise before bed
  • Walking every four hours
  • Minimizing repetitive movements
  • Avoiding behaviors such as smoking
  1. Exercise
  • Engaging in physical exercise regularly
  • Engaging in activities that build body muscles such as stretching, progressive strength training, and motion exercises
  • Participating in aerobics such as cycling, water exercise, and walking
  • Minimizing physical activities that impact on the joints.
  1. Use of medical remedies
  • Consult a doctor who will provide drugs to help relieve the pain.
  • Seek help from a therapist who will help you move and manage your joints and muscles.
  • Minimal invasive procedures such as joint infusions, replacements, and repair.

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About Osteo Relief Institute

Osteo Relief Institute is a clinic that offers non-invasive relief for arthritis. This health center was founded in 2012 and pioneers in the provision of care to patients with arthritis. This organization works in collaboration with physical therapist and physicians who are board certified. Osteo Relief Institute attends to patients with osteoarthritis, those experiencing pain on the spine, legs, arms, and those with grinding knees.

Osteo Relief Institute uses the latest technology to help patients suffering from arthritis. This healthcare center believes in the use of non-invasive treatments to bring relief to patients. Osteo Relief Institute has centers in San Antonio, Texas, Colorado Springs, Phoenix, Arizona, and Austin.


Things You Need To Know About End Citizen United

In 2010, the Supreme Court made a policy that would adjust politics, in Citizens United and Federal Election Commission. The plan wholly altered the background of American elections. The decision brought the idea of “Corporations are people, and gave an avenue to special interests and billionaires to expend untraceable money and unlimited money in American’s elections. Hence there no transparency and answerability on the expenditure of the money. The wealthy people and corporations attempt to balance political power in their favor.

Therefore, the End Citizens was created 2015 March, to prevent the sizeable political funding groups with concealed motives, from influencing the election to favor them, by just buying it. The board of director for the group constituent’s top leaders who commit themselves in overturning the Citizens United, and select democratic experts who will fight with the issue of money in politics, thus getting back power to Americans.

The principal donor of the End Citizen United is the grassroots donors. The grassroots donors are dedicated to ensuring that pro-reform candidates are elected and make the issue of using cash in politics transparency. According to the Director of communication Richard Carbo, when the group of End Citizens was officially opened, small donors gave them $2 million to aid their cause. The teams hold on transparency and practice what they advocate. They summited their latest filings with Federal Elections Commission on 20th September 2017. Since their supporters are stakeholders in the movement of restoring democracy back, they must be open to their deals always. The group says that as they expand, they continue filings FEC.

The group believes that despite that many independent’s voters and Republican has agreed that there is no accountability and transparency, the leadership of the Republican in Congress is standing firm to overthrow the decision of Supreme Court. Therefore the group supports candidates who campaign for finance reform.

The mission of the End Citizen United

The primary mission of the End Citizen United is to curb the expenditure of enormous fund in politics and create their fixed political system by choosing champions to campaign finance reform, passing measures off the ballot in the state, and combating the issue of national conversation. The group promises to collaborate with these champions, to upturn Citizens United and bring the idea of limited and transparency use of money in politics. How does End Citizen United accomplish its mission? To achieve the objective, the group, elects pro-reform candidates, they put the issue of money in politics as a national priority, they demonstrate political power on money in politics by use of grassroots membership and passing laws of pro-reform in the states by application of ballot measure campaigns.

You can get more information about the End Citizens United in their official websites that show their mission, the candidates who campaign for finance reform, and donation page. The website also outlines how you can fight Citizens United by creating your group, posting on media and campaign election of pro-reform candidates.

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The Effectiveness of Online Reputation Management

There are many ways that someone’s online reputation can be ruined. The worst part is that it does not always involve something that the individual did. Often times, someone takes it upon himself to spread something that is false about the individual with the hopes of ruining him. This is a very frustrating and even disheartening thing to happen to an individual because he has to deal with false allegations. In some cases, even if it is proven false, just the fact that the individual was associated with this allegation can be damaging. Fortunately, every issue has a solution.


For online reputation management, there is Status Labs. The experts of this field have ways they can deal with slander. They also have advice for individuals that are faced with slanderous remarks. Among the things that the individual can do in order to avoid any further damages is to not engage with the source of slander. He can also engage with his loyal customers and let them know not to worry and that business will continue on as usual. The people under attack can also show in their character that the actions that they are accused of are not in their character.


Recovering from an attack on reputation requires a plan that is organized and tailored to each individual circumstance. Status Labs is very effective in bringing forth this type of solution because they listen to their clients first and then decide how they are going to move forward. One of the best aspects of online reputation management is that the search engine is the biggest factor in the reputation. Also, most people that do a search on any topic are not going to go past the first page of the search results. Therefore, all that is needed is for any bad search result to be pushed off of the front page of the search results. The best thing to do is to get a regular flow of new content so that the search results are always moving. This makes it less likely that any bad search result is going to stay on the front page for too long.

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Boraie is Busy Developing New Jersey

Some would call Omar Boraie a genius of sorts when it comes to the fine art of real estate speculation. He is the visionary developer who helped change the skyline of New Brunswick, New Jersey by making some wild speculations. He went into neighborhoods that were not exactly popular and put money into development projects. In short, when others said no, Omar said yes and he is now reaping the benefits in spades. In fact, the building where his office sits at is an excellent example. When he was discouraged from buying old, decrepit buildings he went in and bought them, one by one.

The first building to go up was exclusively built with office space in mind. This was way back in the 1980’s and was named simply as Tower 1. Then another building went up in early 2000’s and they went ahead and named it Tower 2. This one also was built for offices. However, this was not enough for Omar Boraie. Hungry to do more projects he did what some would have thought unthinkable and built high-end condominiums in the neighborhood.

These are nice, spacious luxury condos complete with shopping space, parking garage and even a walking area for residents to relax. There are 121 units at this apartment complex and the building itself was designed by none other than Costas Kondylis & Partners, a premium firm based in New York City.With all of this success on his resume, he has gone on to thank all those who stood with him during the difficult process of getting these projects approved and completed. These include institutions like the New York Times who have written about Omar’s company in good light. You can search his website

What makes Omar’s story remarkable is that he was an immigrant who came to this country with only a dream. Initially, he came to the US to finish his PhD, but he soon woke up to the possibilities of the real estate business. That is when he started his firm “ Boraie Development” and went on to slowly build his empire. In its early days, Boraie Development concentrated on buying and reselling houses. Today the company is involved in almost all aspects of real estate including property management, marketing, sales and of course development. They have a reputation for working with well established financial institutions and talented architects. Visit his website

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