Things You Need To Know About End Citizen United

In 2010, the Supreme Court made a policy that would adjust politics, in Citizens United and Federal Election Commission. The plan wholly altered the background of American elections. The decision brought the idea of “Corporations are people, and gave an avenue to special interests and billionaires to expend untraceable money and unlimited money in American’s elections. Hence there no transparency and answerability on the expenditure of the money. The wealthy people and corporations attempt to balance political power in their favor.

Therefore, the End Citizens was created 2015 March, to prevent the sizeable political funding groups with concealed motives, from influencing the election to favor them, by just buying it. The board of director for the group constituent’s top leaders who commit themselves in overturning the Citizens United, and select democratic experts who will fight with the issue of money in politics, thus getting back power to Americans.

The principal donor of the End Citizen United is the grassroots donors. The grassroots donors are dedicated to ensuring that pro-reform candidates are elected and make the issue of using cash in politics transparency. According to the Director of communication Richard Carbo, when the group of End Citizens was officially opened, small donors gave them $2 million to aid their cause. The teams hold on transparency and practice what they advocate. They summited their latest filings with Federal Elections Commission on 20th September 2017. Since their supporters are stakeholders in the movement of restoring democracy back, they must be open to their deals always. The group says that as they expand, they continue filings FEC.

The group believes that despite that many independent’s voters and Republican has agreed that there is no accountability and transparency, the leadership of the Republican in Congress is standing firm to overthrow the decision of Supreme Court. Therefore the group supports candidates who campaign for finance reform.

The mission of the End Citizen United

The primary mission of the End Citizen United is to curb the expenditure of enormous fund in politics and create their fixed political system by choosing champions to campaign finance reform, passing measures off the ballot in the state, and combating the issue of national conversation. The group promises to collaborate with these champions, to upturn Citizens United and bring the idea of limited and transparency use of money in politics. How does End Citizen United accomplish its mission? To achieve the objective, the group, elects pro-reform candidates, they put the issue of money in politics as a national priority, they demonstrate political power on money in politics by use of grassroots membership and passing laws of pro-reform in the states by application of ballot measure campaigns.

You can get more information about the End Citizens United in their official websites that show their mission, the candidates who campaign for finance reform, and donation page. The website also outlines how you can fight Citizens United by creating your group, posting on media and campaign election of pro-reform candidates.

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