The Role of AI Technology in Digital Marketing

Predicting what customers want by researching a large number of people is no longer applicable to a marketing trend. Currently, some of the biggest technology companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google are investing funds in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist them to predict what their customers are in need of, even before they are aware of it.

As customers keep on visiting the internet on different devices, they offer more data that can be collected and analyzed. Marketers are able to analyze the data and the content for them to get campaigns that benefit them as well as the consumers.

Marketers are able to reach the audience through the virtual assistance, that in turn learn more about the customers. Then when you integrate the Artificial Intelligence to the virtual assistant, it will allow for more intelligent insight as clients browse and shop in the applications of their choice. For instance, when an assistant is connected to more than two million websites, that includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google, the person has the ability to harness the power of AI for setting up, optimizing and creating a number of reports on ad campaigns.

Though the Artificial Intelligence is an upcoming field of technology, the innovation it has permits for more digital marketing strategies. Even without marketing assistants, marketers in the near future will be in a position to make informed decisions concerning their customers and come up with appropriate action that can improve the business efficiency.

Companies that have already invested in AI such as Twitter and Facebook use the technology to track the behavior of their visitors and then show likes, comments as well as shares of the users who are mostly related with the concerned visitors. The companies like Amazon and eBay, AI helps to track the browsing patterns of each user to enable them to reach its client in an easy way.

Raju Gulabani, who is the vice president of Analytics, Databases and AI said that thousands of machines learning across Amazon have evolved the AI technologies for a long time. Google has also been doing the same, its advertising program tool by the name Adword repeatedly shows the items Ad, that a client has shown the interest of buying by clicking on the Google Ad.

Apart from India being the core of Al-based innovation, it has also had companies joining AI investment in the digital marketing. This has seen, Flipkart partnered with Microsoft Corp to establish AI-based solutions to track the behavior of their shoppers.

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