Plushies: Lime Crime’s Softest Touch Yet

In “Everything We Know So Far About Plushies, Lime Crime’s ‘Cutest Launch Ever,'” Alaina Demopoulos, a beauty writer, gushes about the debut of Lime Crime’s newest product and the mysterious manner in which it is being announced. Many teasers have been posted via Instagram, but they only give you glimpses or foggy views of the product. One of them showed a small pile of empty, translucent pink lipstick size boxes, and if you look closely, you can just make out the description in small white print: “Soft Focus Lip Veil.” While this leads their fans to surmise that it is some sort of lip stain, the developers are keeping their well-kept lips closed on Plushie specifics.

But Alaina guesses that with the word “soft” in the description, this new lip tint must be very different from Lime Crime current must-have, loud line of sparkly shades and thick matte lipsticks. Given a softer more understated shade of matte coverage, the ways to apply it would be limitless. Wear it alone and let your natural lips be the star or use it as a base to your favorite lipstick or gloss and watch the color pop.

Adding a new lip tint with a cute and subtle flair just makes sense. It can pair easily with all of their bold, sparkly and fantastical makeup products. For example, layer the Plushie lip stain first, and then apply the Diamond Crushers Lip Topper in “Iridescent” and watch the color deepen beneath the shine. Another eye-catching option would be to pair it with their line of Diamond Dew Eye Shadows. Imagine the dark glittery effect of the eyeshadow in contrast with the soft matte of the lipstick. It’s sure to be a winning effect.

Knowing the quality statement of Lime Crime’s makeup – vegan and cruelty free – and with the cute packaging and Plushie soft name, we’re hoping this new lip tint makes our lips feel comfy and noticeable. Go to Lime Crime’s website to see the Plushie line debut on January 11th.

Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Creativity and Insights Brings Some Much Needed Change to the Dating Game

As with anything else, the dating game has its winners and losers. For one thing, there will always be people out there looking at what they can get and going for it. Then there are the people that are going to sit around and wait for something to come their way. Of course in both groups, some people do better than others. Then when online dating has been developed, this has seemed to exaggerate the dating game. Women who have been getting approached before online dating are getting even more messages from men now that they are signed up on a dating app.

Even though this can be flattering, this can actually be frustrating for anyone that wants to find a date. For one thing, women and other people that receive a lot of messages are going to have to filter through and see if any of them are spam. This is one thing that Whitney Wolfe Herd has looked with the dating game. Whitney Wolfe Herd has seen how the game is skewed. Even though she has seen that women have an apparent advantage in the dating game, she does see how it can work against the woman when it comes to finding someone she connects with.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has even heard some of the complaints about online dating as a whole and she has decided to do something about it. She has created Bumble with the sole purpose of getting women to initiate with men. As a matter of fact, she makes sure that men are not able to talk to women until a woman messages them. This is not just to make things easier for men or women but to also challenge a long held rule about dating in general. She does not believe that women should sit around waiting for a man to come to her. One of the most important things about Bumble is that it encourages women to not just take the lead in dating, but also be assertive in anything in their lives. For one thing, people have a lot of advantages when they go for what they want.