Students Are Building Communication Skills And Positivity With Class Dojo

There are many different ways to improve the quality of learning for students and many of them come down to the tools available to teachers and parents involved with their learning. This is why Class Dojo decided to create one of the most effective and sorely missing tools for the educational market. Their program is completely focused on communication and building the social aspects between students, parents, and their teachers. In classrooms all over the country, Class Dojo is being used to improve students learning and today it has even started taking a hold overseas in various different countries.

Students in classrooms all over the world are able to use this platform to enhance their communication with their parents and experience a more engaging classroom. In recent days, students from classrooms around the world have been able to communicate with each other through videos spread on the Class Dojo platform. These young students are able to see the variances in their cultures as well as what it is like in various classrooms around the world. This allows all students participating to greatly expand their communication skills and their ability to collaborate with people of different backgrounds. By showing students the strength in their differences, they can see past the differences and have more fun learning.

One of the greatest things about Class Dojo’s educational platform is that all students can use it. As a free application, the only barrier to entree is gaining an invitation from a teacher and having an active internet connection. Nearly all devices of today’s generation are compatible and the app holds support for dozens of languages, allowing people around the globe to join in on this communication building experience. Since 2011, when Class Dojo first launched, they have maintained and continued to grow thanks to various fundraising attempts and the extra features that users can purchase in the Class Dojo app that are completely optional to use on top of the core Class Dojo features.

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