Susan McGalla paves the way for other aspiring women leaders.

Susan McGalla aged 54 is the vice president of business strategy and creative development. Business strategy and creative development is an organization that deals with creating strategies for a company to improve on returns. Susan has been in the leadership position for years now and her impact the company has been felt.

Susan graduated from Mount Union College with a bachelors in business and marketing, this strong educational background has given her a solid start and has propelled her to become one of the most influential women leaders.

Apart from being in leadership, Susan has also taken part in establishing P3 executive consulting; she has also worked as a financial advisor. Though she is now a thriving business person, she has also had her shares of struggles. Despite the struggles, Susan has managed to pick up to emerge the best.

Susan has paved the way for women leadership, her upbringing also played a crucial part, being the only girl in a family of two brothers and a football coach toughened her. Susan grew knowing that she could do anything and the pressure for her brother and father build her confidence.

During the onset of her career, the field was male-dominated and very few women got the opportunities to work in such situations. For Susan, however, giving up was not an option and she was determined to attain her goals, the passion and drive led to the establishment of her organization which offers consultative services to business.

Susan McGalla’s success is encouraging, however, the chances of women getting in to leadership are not that easy. There is a need for women to work together to support other women. It is also advisable for women to establish initiative groups that help in addressing issues that affect them and provide solutions on how to deal with the problems.

Susan McGalla’s is just among the few women who have set the trend for other women, her work in the business sector has been influential in promoting growth and women aspiring to be leaders should emulate Susan’s dedication, hard work and perseverance. The journey comes with its challenges, but you need to learn to overcome these challenges.

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