Riding The Lime Crime Wave All Summer Long

What is it about the warmer months that motivates us to look our best? Is it simply the cold and dreariness of winter contrasted against the warm and delightfully bright days of spring? Fragrant and vivid flowers in bloom? Perhaps, June brides-to-be joyfully preparing for their upcoming nuptials. Whatever your motivation and personal style; here are three fashion trends inspired by the avant-garde beauty products of Lime Crime to ensure you are “on fleek” this season!

Be You!

Health and beauty aides are no longer shackled to the conformist ideology of yesteryear. In the past beauty was confined and ill defined by a set standard. The same boring and muted products were sold to the masses. Trends were made to ensure a similar and mundane look. Individual expression was a “fashion don’t”. Fortunately due to trail blazing companies like Lime Crime, this is no longer the case. The biggest “fashion do” of the season is to be yourself and apply beauty products that accentuate your personality in all its glory. Because your own brand of originality is beautiful.

Embrace The Rainbow!

A rainbow is light refracted and reflected through a prism allowing the eye to see the colors that make up our spectrum of visible light. We then categorize this phenomenon into seven distinct colors. While this might prove efficient in the world of science, Lime Crime dares to pull back the curtain and reveal every shade, tint, and hue in between. From their fun and fanciful unicorn hair collection to their Venus palettes. An eye opening eye shadow collection with bold colors such as rebirth (described as the color of an over ripened nectarine), divine (a dusty stone matte), and heavenly (a rich iridescent rose gold). There is simply no stopping this love affair with color, and if we’re honest, who would want to? So embrace the bold and be seen in living color this season!

Don’t Conceal…Reveal!

Choose beauty products that don’t cover up your face and features, but instead accentuate the beauty you already possess. A perfect example; Lime Crime’s Matte Velvetines. Their one of a kind liquid lipstick line. Velvetines don’t cake or crumble but give your lips a beautiful, kissable, and colorful finish while accentuating their natural shape and texture.

One last piece of fashionable advice. A summary, if you will, of the above trends…Be bold! Be daring! To borrow from Lime Crime’s mission statement; be uniquely and unapologetically you!

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