IC System and Importance of Security and Operations

IC System is an accounts receivable management company founded in 1938, and still operating to this day. The company sells auditing services to various clients in industries across all sectors. The company has a strong foundational core characterized by ethics, sustainability and developing as a brand. The company’s leaders include the founders, Chief Operating Officers, and Directors of the various departments.


Some roles held within this company are customer service representatives, collections leads, supervisors, internal auditors and more roles that contribute to their operations. Their operations are also highly regulated and follow set standards to make sure all policies are followed. The company believes in providing opportunities for advancement for all.


The employee involvement and diversity within this company has earned it the “Top Places to Work 2017” by StarTribune. They have also been recognized for charitable presences in the community outside of business operations. They also encourage diversity by open communications, team efforts, income and benefits, following set core values and special events to recognize hard work, positive accomplishments, trust and close environments and the benefit of flexibility for employees.


Another important aspect for IC System is secure and confidential data. They maintain an ironclad security network and regimented compliance protocols to ensure that no unwanted information goes out. This is due to the everyday duties that involve data scrubbing and optimization, followed by collections services and ongoing support.


The collections process involves sending collections letters, waiting for responses, and sending collected payments into trust accounts. The collections are intensive efforts to recover and resolve past-due accounts. The company provides support for client questions regarding collections and advises clients on their efforts to keep consumer data protected.


To conclude, whether it is their high priority collections or consumer security, IC System strives to maintain a positive business reputation by offering simple solutions, innovative products and support to solve any issues.

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