The Untold Story of Alex Hern

Alex Hern is an accomplished entrepreneur behind the success of a series of businesses. Mr. Hern is known for his ability to come up with killer ideas, bringing them to full circle, and converting them to successful ventures before selling them for a profit. Over the past decade, Alex Hern has established and co-founded over a dozen companies. He has also been serving on the boards of several organizations as Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Silicon Surf, a South California-based tech startup is his current venture and serves as its co-founder and managing director. Mr. Hern also runs Tags, a firm that specializes in chats and text message services as the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. Visit to know more.

Alex Herns has a broad educational background and has worked in numerous sectors including Industrial Equipment, Defense and Aerospace, Life Science and Healthcare, Construction, Automotive, Manufacturing, and Energy. He currently holds the position of co-chairman, co-CEO, and co-founder of Tsunami VR, Inc., a firm focused on increasing the efficiency of workplaces. Tsunami is Alex Hern’s latest endeavor, and its goal is to make work environments as friendly as possible. It serves sectors such as manufacturing, energy, automobile assembling, aerospace, and construction. Tsunami VR is about to launch a virtual reality app that will help improve communications at workplaces.


Alex Hern has used the latest technology to make Tsunami VR a digital workstation. It comprises of a studio and a workplace, which specializes in the development of 3D visualization solutions. Despite a busy schedule, Alex Hern is a family man, and he likes spending time with his wife and kids when he is not busy managing his empire of businesses. His future goal is to sell Tsunami VR once it gets established at a profit. Alex Hern, a longtime venture capitalist, lives a posh lifestyle and drives luxury cars. Learn more about Alex at

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