Gottlieb and Weisbrod venture into the healthcare sector once again

Years of working and operating independently may be coming to an end as Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod focus their investments on the healthcare sector once again. Gottlieb and Weisbrod initially came together in the 2000s when they worked together at Merlin Biomed Group, a healthcare product company. Weisbrod had co-founded the company and brought Gottlieb on board to help manage the healthcare mega company. Weisbrod’s interests in the healthcare sector can be traced back to university when he gained interest in healthcare-related disciplines and thus studied chemistry and biochemistry to the Ph.D. level.

His professional background, coupled with his partner’s enthusiasm and ambition, brought the Merlin Company on the forefront of the biotechnology revolution through the production of biomedical products suited for the solving healthcare problems. Working as a portfolio manager for Merlin gave Weisbrod a much-needed experience. Merlin Company, however, was dissolved in 2007, sending the two partners apart.

Weisbrod used his experience to start a new company, the Iguana Healthcare Partners. Iguana focused primarily on pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and diagnostic equipment. His inspiration to start and work with Iguana came from the volatility of the healthcare industry as more products are developed on a daily basis to tackle challenges in the healthcare sector.

Gottlieb, on the other hand, went ahead to invest in the financial markets and formed Visium Asset Management as part of a venture to re-establish himself. His company, however, did not perform as successful as he thought. When the company finally closed its operations in 2016 over allegations of insider trading, the Gottlieb ushered himself to the next phase of his investments. He founded Ultium Capital with which he used to penetrate further into the healthcare business.

Using Ultium as the umbrella company, Gottlieb managed to buy a 5.1% stake at another healthcare company, Oramed Pharmaceuticals. The company has since been actively involved in the production of numerous healthcare products and medicines including the packaging of insulin capsules and its consequent introduction to the Chinese markets where it has propelled the company to fame. Although Oramed is yet to obtain FDA licensure to sell products in the USA, the company’s success has brought Gottlieb and Weisbrod together once again in the healthcare industry, an industry they once thrived in.

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