From Rally Car Racing To Ethical Wood Production, Rodrigo Terpins Does It All.

Rodrigo Terpins is about as fascinating an individual as you are capable of finding. Terpins found success as a professional rally car driver for the Bull SErtoes rally team. He’d reach 3rd place working alongside navigator Fabricio Bianchini during the 2014 Sertoes Rally where they’d rank in the Prototypes T1 category. With an illustrious career in professional racing at his beck and call, why is Rodrigo turning toward businesses away from the race track? Let’s find out a little more about one of Brazil’s most interesting entrepreneurs.


What is most striking about Rodrigo Terpins is the fact that he seemed almost destined for prolonged success in the world of athletics, says With an older brother also a professional rally car driver and a father who played years of professional basketball in Brazil, keeping up the athletic tradition seemed like a no-brainer. While Terpins has no plans of completely discarding racing, to say that it was the only aspect of his life would be a complete mischaracterization of the man. Terpins is as focused on developing his business ideas as he is on making sure he stays ahead of his opponents on the track and, for what it’s worth, the adrenaline thrill from both places is extremely similar.


What Rodrigo Terpins is currently working on should have plenty of Brazilian companies interested. Terpins is currently working hard to develop Floresvale, a sustainable wood production company that takes certified wood and develops it in a safe, environmentally friendly way. With so many other production companies working without care for the environment, Terpins knows that someone needs to step up and offer a more ethical product.


Terpins isn’t only focused on the work in front of him, he’s also looking ahead to the future. In order to stay competitive in the cutthroat entrepreneurial world, Terpins is always studying and always looking for a leg up on his competition. He loves to read consumer trends and he’s fascinated by big data analysis in both the international market and his home country of Brazil. With this kind of drive and focus, we figure that Rodrigo Terpins will find his way to more successful ventures in the near future.,9250f37d3118207a89e8e2bf6ca1f437z5w3b7ck.html


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