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John Goullet Provides Leadership For Tech Companies

Technology has impacted almost every aspect of the business world over the past 20 to 30 years. One of the areas of the business world where technology has made a huge impact is in job hiring and job placement. Before technology became a core aspect of the job hiring and job placement arena, most people looked for jobs and applied for jobs in traditional ways such as looking in newspapers, visiting companies to inquire about available jobs, and getting job referrals.


Technology altered these ways tremendously because companies changed the way that jobs were made available to the public. Instead of using traditional methods such as newspapers, many companies switched to using the Internet to post available jobs in various ways. Some companies use the Internet to post jobs on company websites while others use job posting websites. Either way, people interested in jobs had to apply using technology based methods that removed much of the human element from looking for jobs.


In addition to posting jobs on the Internet, another major shift in how companies handle job openings is by using staffing agencies. Many companies currently use a third party staffing company to handle all the aspects of filling open job positions instead of using its own internal resources. One of the industries that use staffing agencies a lot is the IT industry. A leading staffing company in the IT industry is Diversant. The company is ran by John Goullet.


Diversant has been recognized within the staffing industry for its excellent service regarding helping IT professionals find available job opportunities and assisting companies fill the jobs that are open. John Goullet has a very good understanding of the IT industry and what is needed to help IT professionals and companies in the IT industry related to filling IT job positions.


John Goullet has a solid background in the technology industry that helps him significantly regarding his role at Diversant. John Goullet technology background includes being the founder of Info Technologies. The company is a technology company that he started and ran successfully as the CEO from 1994 to 2010.


Highland Capital Management: The Leading Asset Management and Financial Advisory Firm

The history of Highland Capital Management can be traced to approximately three decades ago. In 1990, two business partners, Mark Okada and James Dondero, entered into a business deal with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. They jointly started a business venture that specialized in fixed income markets. These entrepreneurs specialized in managing senior secured bank loans. After three years of its existence, the venture transitioned into Protective Asset Management Company, PAMCO. Mark and James owned 40 percent of the company while Protective Life owned the other 60 percent. In 1997, Mark and James purchased the 60 percent stake owned by Protective Life and formed Ranger Asset Management, L.P., an independent advisor registered with SEC. A year later, they renamed the company to its current name, Highland Capital Management. This Asset management giant is headquartered in Dallas, TX.


About Highland Capital Management (HCM)


James Dondero, who serves as the president and executive director, is the head of HCM. The first milestone of HCM came in 2000 when it launched its first commingle bank fund. Later that year, it established an investment platform named 40 Act. In 2004, the company acquired two floating rate funds from Columbia Asset Management as a plan for venturing into the mutual fund business. The company has since expanded its operations, opening offices in Singapore, Seoul, New York City, and Sao Paulo. It renders services to financial institutions, pension plans, foundations & endowments, and corporations. Today, Highland Capital Management is the largest collateralized loan obligation (CLO) manager globally, with over $15.4 billion worth of assets.




In 2016, The Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund, a program under Highland Capital Management Fund, was recognized as the best loan participation fund in the 5-year category at the Lipper Fund Awards. HCM has bagged three consecutive awards from the Lipper Fund Award.




The leadership of HCM believes in giving back to society through charity. The company has a dedicated charitable fund, which is administered by The Dallas Foundation, a public charity organization based in North Texas. Through this foundation, the company contributes over $3 million annually to philanthropic activities. HCM focuses on promoting health care and education as well as eradicating family violence and poverty. Notable beneficiaries of this fund include Uplift Education, the Center for Brain Health, and The American Heart Association.

OSI Group Is A Brand That Can Be Counted On

The company started as a family business in Oak Park, Illinois. Otto Kolsckowsky began with a meat market and slowly developed an organization that became known throughout the area for it’s quality and efficiency. Otto called his company Otto and Sons. It evolved from a meat market to a product distributor to other food businesses in the vicinity. Decades later Otto and Sons was discovered by Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was the CEO of the McDonald’s organization.

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Otto and Sons was chosen and the relationship between the two organizations began. Otto and Sons made efforts to maintain the production level that McDonald’s expected. They introduced innovations such as liquid freezing tunnels and cryogenic freezing. This allowed them to store enormous amounts of meet while preserving its freshness. There was also the patty cutting machine. The patty cutting machine enabled Otto and Sons to deliver a product to McDonald’s in the exact form they needed to use it. These business moves put Otto and Sons in the favor of Ray Kroc. Over time they became the exclusive distributor of meat to the McDonald’s organization.

OSI continued to expand it’s operation. They opened plants in West Chicago with the intention of doing business with other large fast food organizations. In 1975 the company changed its name to OSI Industries. OSI was named the 136 largest private company in the United States by Forbes. They currently operate 65 different meat plants in 17 different countries.

The buyout saved several hundred jobs.

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InnovaCare Health Reaching New Heights under the Leadership of Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

In today’s volatile healthcare environment and the complicated policies, it has become difficult to find healthcare that cares for their clients. InnovaCare is one of those companies looking to bring stability to the health sector by providing quality and managed healthcare services. With its headquarter at Fort Lee in New Jersey, InnovaCare Health aims to overcome the challenges in the healthcare system meet the growing demand of their clients. It is their leaders, CEO Richard A. Shinto and Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides who has provided the company with the tools and motivation to reach the goals.

InnovaCare offers two plans to its customers, namely MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. The company currently has 200,000 members and about 7,500 service care providers. Their plans aim to provide a sense of well-being to the members to increase their quality of life. The company also received an award by the National Committee for Quality Assurance for quality products and exceptional customer service to its client base.

About Richard Shinto

Rick Shinto has a medical degree from State University in New York. He then went on to earn his MBA degree from Redlands University where he was one of the top students in his class. After his post graduation, he worked as a pulmonologist during his internship. Upon the completion of his course, he joined Cal Optimal Health in California as a Chief Medical Officer. He then worked as Corporate Vice President of Medical Management at Med Partners. He was then appointed the CEO of Aneta Inc for a few years. After the company was taken over by another company, he moved to InnovaCare, and it was the best decision he ever made. He has received the Access to Caring Award at the Western University of Health Sciences’ annual gala for his noteworthy contributions to the healthcare industry. Apart from that, he has also received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the service category in 2012.

About Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides earned her bachelor’s degree in biological science and classical languages from Binghamton University. She then got her master’s degree in public health from Columbia University School of Public Health. Along with that, she also has a Master’s degree in Social Work from NYU. Before joining InnovaCare, she worked at AmeriChoice, as the Corporate Vice President for Care Management and Disease Management. She then joined Aveta Inc as the Chief Operating Officer. Her experience of 15 years in the health care industry was the reason why she was chosen for the post of Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health. Check Penelope on Pinterest.

Securus Technology Reveals Their Total Confidence In Their Operations

Every now and then, there are news concerning the rivalry between Securus Technology and Global Tel Link. These companies are both in the tech sector and provide inmate services. They are both sure of themselves and their services, which makes them quite the rivals in the industry. A while back, Securus released a press release correcting GTL for giving false information about Securus and correcting them. These allegations were not well received and perceived by Securus as the company believes in giving their clients the best.


Regarding the tense atmosphere that exists between the two companies Securus has posed a challenge to GTL to once and for all, get the tension dealt with. GTL has been caught on record claiming that their operations and standar5ds are better than Securus. The company invites GTL to a bake off where they have to let the public compare their technologies, operations and the level of their services.


Securus Technology is self-assured that they will win the challenge. The Chief executive officer, Mr Richard Smith reveals the amount of money, resources and time spent by the company with the aim of improving their services and technology. For one, the company has tremendous training sessions for their clients which gives them an upper hand as opposed to GTL who sources their customer care services from outside.


Mr Smith reveals that their technologies are superior compared to GTL’s. For instance their calling voice over internet protocol corrections is the largest and the best in the entire world, while GTL offers theirs from their premises. Their technology is superior effective and reliable. Another instance that gives Securus an upper hand is the level of customer service and satisfaction. This has been seconded by GTL’s former employees. They hold that Securus operations and their commitment to customer services is way better than GTL’s.


FreedomPop Scores High Marks for Freemium Offerings

When it comes to living life in a tech world, you have to always be looking out for the next best thing. For years now all of the rage has been focused around mobile phones and, more specifically, the deals that you can get from your mobile carrier. While certain companies have done well a new challenger has emerged to shake up the game. We are, of course, talking about FreedomPop. FreedomPop is a freemium mobile carrier that focuses on providing customers with a tailored experience surrounding their mobile phone plan. Is this carrier all talk and no action? Absolutely not.


What FreedomPop offers, at its core, is a completely free experience that cannot be matched by competitors.FreedomPop gives users 500 MB of 4G data, 200 minutes of talk, and unlimited texting — all completely free. All you need to do is bring your own Sprint phone to the service and get yourself activated. There are no contracts, hidden fees, or demands to upgrade every other day. The only charges you incur with the plan include overages or deliberate upgrades. Even FreedomPop’s upgrades come in well below the market average. CEO Stephen Stokols is focused on creating a digital buffet for his customers to take advantage of.


Right now FreedomPop is offering a $5 unlimited WiFi option for users who are in the right area to take advantage of the service. FreedomPop helped to set up WiFi hotspots all over the country, numbering nearly 10 million in total. If you find yourself in this bed of hot spots then you could suddenly find yourself with an awesome phone plan for only $5! You also will see other options like the $11 unlimited talk and text plan that offers half a gig of 4G data. These upgraded plans, totally optional we might remind you, sort of show just why FreedomPop is gaining ground on its competitors.


At its core FreedomPop wants to give customers the chance to make their own plan, tailored to their own needs. No more getting surprised by surplus phone bills. No more forcing you to sign up for things that you will never need. FreedomPop’s core offering is truly free and that is something that many people aren’t going to be able to look past. As far as a FreedomPop review score goes, well, how could we give them anything other than high marks? Try the program at no risk.




Wengie Makes DIY Life Hacks Look Easy


Wengie may have started as one of the top beauty consultant video bloggers in Australia, but this young YouTube video sensation has moved beyond beauty tips. The creative force that is known as Wengie has shown the world that she has more to offer. There is a lot more to what she does, and it is evident that she is taking things to the next level with her assortment of DIY life hacks.


She has made it known that she is thrifty, and this has caused her to become one of the top YouTube video bloggers. There certainly is a lot of praise for what she has been doing over the years. She has found a way to eat popcorn in a hoodie so she will not have to get a bowl. She has found a way to print out pictures from the Internet so that she would not have to clean her sink. There were a lot of people that are taking the time to check out her videos because she has a comical approach to the way that she does things.


People also like the fact that she is so resourceful. She also puts a full explanation of how she is doing what she has stated in the videos. There are videos where she has shown people that they can use a zip lock bag for their passport when they go to overseas. This is the best way to clearly show your passport without trying to search for it at the last minute. Wengie is the type of person that has given so many people the ability to change the way that they do things.


What Wengie really does is make life easier by helping people save money. Wengie has these cool makeup hacks. She has these hacks for using alternate methods to doing things around the house. That has made her one of the most successful young people with a blog. Her hacks are cheap, and a lot of these things are fun. Her interesting presentation makes the videos fun to watch, and that makes her popular.


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FreedomPop: Free And Affordable

Phone service is very important. At the same time, it can be very costly. Fortunately, there are many different plans that are available for customers. However, one of the many issues is that even some of the cheaper options are a little steep in price for people that are earning limited amounts of money. Without a carier service, customers will be limited in what they can do. Fortunately, there is one mobile carrier that is there to make things a bit easier for the customer. FreedomPop is that carrier.


FreedomPop offers not only affordable service for customers, but also free service for new customers. The free service includes 500MB of 4G data, 200 minutes, and unlimited texting for each month. This is just enough for the user to get a glimpse at the service. If he wants more, then he could pay for more.


One thing that sticks out about the free service is the 500MB of data. This is pretty low for people that use data, especially those that like to stream music and videos. People that use FreedomPop are better off using internet service for Facebook and Twitter in order to save up on the amount of data they use.


Each carrier handles data a bit differently. Some carriers will slow down the service when the customer go past the data allotment. This is definitely the case for carriers that offer unlimited data. FreedomPop does not claim to offer unlimited free data. When the user goes past the data allotment, then he will be charged $10 to top up. In order to avoid that, he has to watch his data closely.


FreedomPop is the perfect carrier for people that want to save money on mobile service. However, the trick is being able to take advantage of this deal. Fortunately, FreedomPop offers quite a few devices for people to use. Another way to use FreedomPop is to find an old Sprint device. One of the best ways to know what device is best with FreedomPop is to read any FreedomPop review. The customer will then figure out what device would work best for him.


How Tech Entrepreneur Jason Hope of AZ is aiding the Advancement of Science and Technology

Tech Entrepreneur Jason HopeJason Hope is a distinguished tech entrepreneur, futurist, author and philanthropist based in Scottsdale, Arizona. According to Jason’s LinkedIn account, his areas of specialty include business strategy, entrepreneurship, business development, start-ups and SaaS. The tech enthusiast, holds an MBA from WP Carey School of Business at the Arizona State University and a degree in Finance from the same university. Hope is a strong supporter of local educational programs. Some of the educational organizations he collaborates with include; the Boy and Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, International Foundation for Education and The Tony Hawk Foundation.

The other organizations in the list include the SENS Foundation, the Arizona Science Center and the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation. In 2010, Jason Hope donated $500,000 to support the SENS Foundation. The Mountain View, CA based non-profit foundation performs research and experiments in partnership with other organizations. SENS wants to develop regenerative medicine for aging and aging related illnesses. Jason Hope (@jasonhope) said he had great interest in the work SENS Foundation and lead researcher Dr. Aubrey Grey were doing in advancing human medicine and solving aging related problems and diseases.

The diseases in question include Diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and Atherosclerosis among others. Jason agrees that the advancement of rejuvenation biotechnologies is critically important today and will be in future. News of the donation was first announced to the press by Mike Kope, the CEO of SENS Foundation. The fund was specifically earmarked to aide research on arteriosclerosis or the hardening of the arteries. The disease is a major cause of hypertension in elderly people. The presence of this ailment is known to exacerbate diabetes, presbyopia and skin aging. On technology and investments, a lead published in offers critical insights into what Jason thinks.

According to Jason, technology is the future and that is why his work in the sector is targeted at opening variety of research and development avenues to budding tech-prenuers. His target areas include device connectivity, mobile app, gaming software and desktop software. Jason says he will continue discovering ways to explore the opportunities afforded by technology. With regards to business investments, Jason believes the very process of starting a business or launching an idea is not an easy one because of challenges like getting capital. This is the reason Hope supports the idea of funding and nurturing next generation entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.

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Helane Morrison’s Understanding And Passion

There are few people that excel at what they do. A lot of people become mystified at what makes them tick. There is one thing that makes some people excel at their work. This is passion. The person has to be passionate about what he or she is doing in order to eventually do it right. If one takes on a job that he is just doing to get by, then she is not going to make it very far. However, a lot of people are stuck with the belief that they have to work a job they don’t like. Fortunately, Helane Morrison did not settle for the job that she didn’t like.


Helane Morrison is someone who believes in herself and what she is doing. She is a compliance officer. She is also someone who has held a lot of leadership positions in her field and has made a huge difference in what she is doing. One of the reasons is that she was passionate to study and understand the laws of the industry that she is working in. Another thing is that she had a vision of the end result of what she is doing, and she believed in it.


Helane Morrison has worked at the SEC. During her time there, she has taken the time to make sure that the corporations stay on their toes so that they keep from violating the rights of their customers. She understands the frustrations that customers go through when they get cheated. This is one of the reasons that she is so passionate about making sure that the corporations and the institutions follow their rules. For one thing, institutions can slip up and handle some transactions in ways that are unethical. It is Helane’s job to make sure that the corporations stay with ethics and retain the trust of the consumer.