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Gooee Smart Lighting Is the Future

Gooee Smart Lighting has become all the rave for people that are tying to establish some type of lighting effciciency. This is a company that has managed to grow in leaps and bound, and the smart lighting options that have been presented make a a wonderful innovation for many people.

In the home environment there is a huge need for Gooee Smart Lighting. This has turned into the company that is able to help parents cut lighting costs. Kids that do not pay any bills may never even consider the costs of the electric bills. For this reason they may leave their lights on all day. With Gooee Smart Lighting it is going to be possible to get motion detection lights. Homeowners are able to see positive results of getting the Gooee Smart Lighting system in the homes right away. Many people with traditional lights do not leave the lights on intentionally. Many people just forget. The good thing about having a smart lighting system is that there is no need to ever worry about this forgetfulness again.

Smart lighting by Gooee is the future. People with traditional lighting will eventually transition to this type of lighting. It has become the thing that has saved people money so it is going to grow in popularity. There are even Gooee Smart Lighting systems that can be controlled remotely. This is going to be ideal for people that may want to protect their homes by giving the illusion of constant activity in the home.

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Gooee Reigns as the Face of IoT Lighting

Gooee Iot Lighting is something that people cannot seem to stop talking about. This is going to become a company that revolutionizes the state of lighting as society knows it. The traditional lights are still in many homes, but the newer homes are being built with these experimental IoT concepts. Gooee IoT lighting is at the front of the line when it comes to saving energy.

The thing that most people will discover is that electric bills are often the highest of the utility bills in the home. A lot of this is just forgetfulness. People use lights and then they forget to turn lights off. Lights blow after being overused for no reason. There is no reason for a person to have lights on in the home all day when no one is home. This doesn’t make sense, but homeowners that wake up late and rush off to work do it all the time. That is why Gooee IoT lighting concepts are getting the green light with homeowners.

People do not want to be penalized by their electric companies with high bills just because they forget to turn off the lights. They want to have the ability to do something about this. That is why the Gooee IoT lighting is such a strong thing to consider. It is the best way for people to minimize costs and still get the best use of their lights and other things in the home. Controlling lights remotely is the future of technology.

Securus Platform ConnectUs Improves Inmate Request Forms

Usually when inmates in correctional facilities have had special requests to make, they would need to make a trip to the office or have the guards bring their paperwork to the proper authorities.  Watch more on But now Securus Technologies with their communication platform ConnectUs, are digitizing prisoner request forms to make the process easier, and save on money and resources. Prison guards have been able to focus more time on securing and monitoring the facilities, and inmates can simply electronically enter in the data on the forms they need, and it will be processed immediately. The automated request forms are just one way that Securus has worked to change prison communications.

Using specialized IT and networking infrastructure, they’ve built robust platforms that cover all aspects of the telecom systems from phone lines to surveillance systems. Recently Securus acquired J-Pay, a service that allows for financial transactions like depositing funds, buying mp3s, or even registering for classes. Securus has also received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau for outstanding customer service.

One way that Securus has changed the way inmates communicate with their families is through their phone services like AdvanceConnect and Direct Bill. These plans given inmates families options to prepay for phone calls received from correctional facilities, and make the billing process affordable and easy to use.  Instead of having to potentially travel a long way to see them, or wait in line to only be able to visit for a limited time, Securus now has video visitation that can be done online using a webcam in the comforts of home, where inmates can see what’s happening in the home and share moments like birthdays and holidays.

Peel Off Lip Tattoos Made by Wengie

Some of the beauty products that have become popular over the years are pretty strange. Though the Australian beauty blogger, Wengie, understands just how odd some of these products are, she attempts to find the silver lining of everything. Peel off lip tattoos, for example, have been making waves within the industry since they surfaced. Despite their zany characteristics, Wengie highlights that they are practical for when you simply do not feel like removing your lipstick at the end of the day. In an attempt to make her own, viewers were able to share a few laughs with their favorite online personality and learn a thing or two about homemade cosmetics.


She started by taking a small mason jar, non-toxic white glue, and two shades of food coloring. After deciding to use blue and red in the hopes to get a gorgeous burgundy color, she got to work in crafting this homemade lip tattoo.


Next, she placed ten drops of red coloring into the jar and followed it with one drop of blue. Using a brush, she mixed it until it was perfectly blended.


 The entertaining portion of the video ensued when Wengie began applying the strange mixture on half of her lip. Cautioning viewers to neatly apply this in fear that they might turn their skin red, she finished the application. Using the store bought mixture, she then applied it to the other half of her mouth.


After allowing both sides to dry, whimsical Wengie began peeling it off. Both sides were easily removed, which honestly surprised the blogger. To finish this tutorial, Wengie showed viewers that the homemade mixture remains in a liquid state overnight, but she does encourage keeping it covered before additional uses.

The Evolution of Risk and Compliance Officers

A few decades ago, you would have passed for a fool for having encouraged the study of risk and compliance. The nature and practice of business back then did not command respect for the role. Fast forward to the 21st century, risk and compliance officers have become cornerstones of multinational and growing enterprises.

Risk and compliance officers are expected to think outside the box and sit on a pedestal from which he can see what’s going on within and without the organization. In other terms, the officer relies on the broad
perspective and bigger picture. Their job is to strategize ways
forward in achieving organizational goals and objectives. More so,
they are tasked with identifying, anticipating, mitigating and
preventing external and internal forces that may interfere with the
running or even the existence of their company.

In the public sector, risk and compliance officers keep a vigilant eye on industry players. Firms and employees in an economic sector are expected to adhere to strict codes of conduct and service. Their duties,
therefore, keep expanding and covering all angles that might be the
source of trouble for a firm. Helane Morrison, a high-ranking
compliance officer, has been one of the professionals pleading with
risk and compliance officers to seek more responsibilities at their

Helane’s spent most of her career in San Francisco. Her popularity stems from her dedication to the profession and flawless work while working with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. This regulatory body targets financial market traders and investment bankers. Ms. Morrison spent over a decade at the firm, starting out as an
administrator and finally rising the ranks and serving as it’s regional director.

If you look at the practice of risk and compliance of past decades and now, there’s a huge gap in difference. Today, a risk and compliance officer operate with the highest level of decision making and influence within the
organization. Helane Morrison personifies the broadening role of a
risk and compliance officer. A renown investment bank in San
Francisco, Hall Capital, makes use of her talents in various capacities. She is a managing partner, firm lawyer and the risk and compliance officer.
Helane’s career success can be attributed to her rich academic background. She has two degrees, the first in Journalism and the other in Law. She is an alumni of the University of California- Berkeley School of Law.

Kyle Bass: For the Love of Money $$

Kyle Bass founder of Hayman Capital Management based out of Dallas TX, is a hedge fund manger who is infamously known for correctly predicting the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. Bass made a fortune betting against these subprime securities and was featured on Bloomberg TV and profiled in an article written by D. Magazine. Not too long after he would lose his good judgment and what seemed to be the “Midas touch”.

In an recent article found on Useful Stooges, it’s said that Kyle Bass has been making “bad call after bad call”. This article goes on to explain his publicly announced bad decisions which would not come to fruition. He stated year after year the crash of Japan’s economy and most recently China. These economies are still holding strong.

Furthermore, he sided with Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina, whose country defaulted on it’s sovereign debt twice within 13 years. He goes on record as calling Singer & Co. “immoral” when New York judge Thomas Griesa ruled that Argentina couldn’t just pay back creditors who settled for reduced amounts.

The bad decisions don’t just stop there. In order to make good on his investment, Bass would go on TV defending General Motors, stating that fatalities caused by GM’s known faulty power steering systems and non-deploying airbags was the fault of the passengers themselves, for not wearing seatbelts or being drunk!

Bass seems to have a love for money that fuels his decisions, which in turn, places a black mark on his company as well as his trustworthiness as a hedge fund manager. This money lust has taken Bass to start the CFAD Coalition For Affordable Drugs organization, and under this banner, he chooses certain pharmaceutical firms, short-sells their stocks, then challenges one or more of their patents. Bass rakes in the dough while the pharmaceutical’s prices go up.

This last pharmaceutical scheme has come up to the PTAB (Patent Trial and Appeals Board) who has denied Bass’s first 2 patent challenges. Kyle Bass’s actions prove the old proverb, “for the love of money is the root of all evil”.