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Rodrigo Terpins and The Series of Racing Success That Could Elevate Him To Prestigious Status

The world of professional racing is no joke. It requires commitment and a level of courage that you won’t easily find in most people. The courage to risk one’s life for racing is something that only people like Rodrigo Terpins currently possess today in Brazil.



Brazil’s racing culture would not be what it is right now without the involvement of Rodrigo Terpins. In fact, Mr. Terpins is so involved that he even started his own Sertoes Rally Team, which he named as Bull Sertoes Rally Team. He and his team have joined several editions of the Sertoes Rally, and the most notable one was the 22nd Edition. You can also search online that Mr. Terpins, along with his brother Michel, has carved out a special spot in the racing culture in Brazil by creating their respectable but modest rally racing car, the T-Rex, which is developed by the MEM Team. The recent success of Terpins in such rally was when it joined its 22nd edition and under the T1 Prototype category. This racing edition had earned him and his team the 7th position.



It is also because of the disciplined level of dedication for racing that made Rodrigo Terpins one of the most formidable opponents in Brazil. Racers would have a hard time beating him not just because of his skills but for the fact that his desire for achieving success matches no other racer. Check out




Another big achievement in the development of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team of Rodrigo Terpins is when it gained a position during the Cuesta Off-Road Rally that took place last May 22, 2016 in the stunning region of Botucatu, which is an area in the interior of Sao Paulo. While Rodrigo was not part of the race in that edition, he could still take pride in the achievement. Without his dedication for developing the racing team, it would probably not reach the kind of fantastic success that it receives in the Cuesta Off-Road rally.



There’s still so much to learn for Rodrigo Terpins in the racing industry. However, because of his love for the sport and his dedication to master the craft, it will be no time before he could win more races that would then elevate him to a more prestigious status.


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Betsy Devos: One of the Nation’s Top Givers

Much is expected from those to whom much has been given – this could be the motto of Betsy Devos, though she might argue that her family and that of her husband, were given only opportunity; they earned the money they have.

Categorized by Forbes in 2015 as number 24 on their list of America’s Top Givers, it might be more efficient to list the establishments that have not been assisted by Ms. Devos than those that have. Long devoted to their Christian mission and school education, the Devos Foundation donated over $100 million dollars to deserving organizations, of which approximately half went to Christian organizations.

When her four children were small and began attending school, Ms. Devos became interested in education. She visited local non-public schools in her home state of Michigan and visited the public schools. She realized what the statistics on the public system have reflected for many years: public education was failing. We, as members of the pool supporting public education, were investing in a failing system that was not educating children and was, in some cases, actually putting children in dangerous environments. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

Ms. Devos and her husband were blessed with assets that enabled them to send their children to any school, but Ms. Devos realized that few people had that option. On invitation, she and her husband visited The Potter’s House in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

With the sponsorship of the Potter’s House, Ms. Devos turned her attention and considerable means to education and found many similar instances of poor public institutions. Ideally, we would revise these institutions that we all support with our taxes, but vast opposition to substantive change led Ms. Devos to making more and more substantial investments in successful, private education.

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In time, this graduate of tiny Calvin College in Michigan, became a philanthropic force in the nation. Though her foundation, Betsy Devos has contributed to countless educational institutions as well as many art and research establishments.

No single family can support all of the American children deserving of quality education. Betsy realized that making an impact in education required political involvement. She expanded her efforts into nation-wide opportunities for school choice and has seen substantial success, particularly in Florida.

Her organizations continue to support educational and artistic opportunities for people across the country and the list of organization to which the Devos family contributes continues to grow.

Ms. Devos plans to extend her influence nationally through her current nomination and it will certainly be a great day for education when she begins that excellent work.