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Beneful’s Cute Commercials Highlight New Products

Beneful, the line of dog food and snacks made by Nestle Purina Petcare, has released some fun and cute commercials to showcase some of their new products. One example is a commercial for their Break-N-Bites dog treats. Featuring a talking labrador retriever describing the product from his perspective, the commercial is refreshingly brief while staying entertaining and getting the point across. The dog describes what he needs to do in order to convince his owner to give him some Break-N-Bites treats. The treats look like a chocolate bar with four pieces that can be broken off into individual pieces. As any dog lover can attest to, he points out that if you want to get all four treats, “you gotta get cute.” The camera cuts to the dog letting a toddler sleep against his side before the product features are briefly reviewed.

Another endearing commercial, with over 16 million shares on youtube, is called “Puppyhood.” The commercial explores a new pet owner’s first day home with his new puppy. Armed with his Beneful puppy chow, puppy, and pet supplies he introduces his new friend to her new home in a very matter of fact tone of voice. After they go through the day together, getting used to one another, it ends with him fixing a work project she chewed up and them eating breakfast together. He lays next to her on the floor eating his cereal while she eats her puppy show, wrapping up a summary of their first 24 hours of cute chaos and start to a new friendship.

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Beneful Prepared Meals will benefit your dog

Beneful is the name of a brand of dog food. The company sells everything from dry food to prepared meals for dogs.

Beneful prepared meals can be found in most pet stores, grocery stores, and online. Specifically, places like PetCo, PetSmart, Amazon, and Walmart. Bulk stores like Sam’s club and Costco typically sell the food in bulk, (around 45 pound bags)which is much cheaper than in smaller portions. The food can be bought for around fifteen dollars for a ten pack at a big box store, and for around 20 to 25 dollars at regular stores.

If you would like to find coupons to lessen the cost, there are several places to find them. If buying online, you can search for “Beneful Promo Codes) and several couponing websites will come up. If you are buying in store, you can search for “Beneful Printable Coupons” These are less common than promo codes, but are still possible to find. Some stores will also print out coupons at the register, or have coupons next to or on the package.

There are many flavors of prepared meals. Beef Stew, Chicken Stew, Savory rice and Lamb Stew, and many more. The most popular flavors are the Savory Rice and Lamb and Roasted Turkey flavors. The company prides itself on the fact that each tub of food has real ingredients. This means that all of the meat in the food is real meat, and all the veggies are real veggies.

Whatever food your dog eats, you should be confident that it is safe and healthy. With Beneful Prepared Meals, you can be certain your dog is eating good food to help it live along life.