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ChainSmoker’s Alex Pall and his music

When you hear of the band the Chainsmokers, songs like ‘Don’t let me down’ and ‘Roses’ immediately come to mind. The DJ-based group that specializes in EDM has been in the industry for quite some time and graced our radios with numerous hit songs, creating themselves a reputation in the local and international industries. One fact that the band has never been shy to reveal is the fact that they do not write their music. All their music is attributed to the writing skills of one Alex Pall. Alex is considered a very instrumental part of the band with 50 percent contribution to its music and success.

Alex Pall has a unique writing style that appeals to listeners and makes his music stand out. He is continually striving to make music that is original and personal while at the same time evolutional and still sticking to the roots of the band. He writes music that is heartfelt, and that relates to his passions and that of his fans. His ability to create such music has attracted a loyal and ever-growing fan base for the band.

Alex Pall began as a DJ from a very young age, working in different scenes in the State of New York. He already had his career going when he met and formed a connection with a fellow DJ. Together they created a terrific music duo that mapped a great individual sound. Alex’s manager recognized the potential that they had and signed them as a duo and a band. This was the rise of the group the chain smokers.

Andrew and Alex both take part in the creative process of their songs including the creation of lyrics that reflect of both their lives and experiences as well as that of those close to them. Unlike other EDM artists who rely upon vocalists and songwriters to sell their music, Alex and his band member have a contemporary style that stands out with or without the help of a featured artist. The latest project by Alex pal is their new single ‘Closer’ that has become an international radio banger.