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Brian Bonar 101

Brian Bonar is a modern and a highly successful finance executive. He is the chairman and chief executive officer of Trucept Inc.

Brain attended and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde; he also holds a doctorate from Staffordshire University as well and an MBA from the same university. This technical background is invaluable as it has helped Bonar to achieve great heights in business.

Bonar is well known for being a leader and an executive in finance fields. He has worked in various popular organizations, and the amount of experience he has gathered is outstanding. Among the organizations he has served includes

He has held various executive positions in the different organization, where he has kept a good reputation of accomplishing a lot in the companies.

He served as a manager at IBM. He also worked at QMS where he directed the engineering and managed over 100 employees. Bonar also served at Adaptec where he was the sales manager and moved the business to a different level.

Brian craved for higher positions and always achieved them. After gathering enough experience, Bonar founded his company known as Bezier systems. He has unique specialties and approaches to the world of business. His creative thinking outlines a significant difference between him and his colleagues. He is an architect who combines his technical genius resulting to success in every business he ventures in.

On July 2015, Bityslink posted about Brian Bonar referring to him as an executive and successful leader. The published post indicates that Bonar takes a personable approach to life.

His specialties and business methods include mergers and acquisitions in addition to the creative power of an architect.

Brian received the who’s who award in America the year 2000. He is also a family man who loves spending quality time with his family. He has a passion for boating trips and also for golfing.

Currently, Bonar is serving at Trucept incorporation. Trucept is a firm that focuses on bringing solutions to other organizations. He was appointed as the CEO on 2012 and subsequently as a director. Trucept helps manage payrolls, human resource administration and also employee’s benefits.

They extend their serves by making business plans and suggestions while considering the unique qualities of every business. Trucept also offers staffing solutions both permanent and temporary.

Brian Bonar is also a generous person and has his willingness to give back to the society stands out. He has a great impact over the past years due to his giving’s to charitable events. He is passionate when he makes his giving especially to the education sector.

He funds the schools to enable the students to be served properly and achieve their goals. Brian also works harder in changing school policies to create a comfortable environment for students.