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Eucatex Is The Next Great Home Improvement Company


Eucatex is a family business that is trying to help the nation of Brazil build and grow all the things that it needs to expand. Brazil is trying to find as many places to expand because of investment that is coming from around the world. They are becoming a new partner for a lot of countries that want to invest in new markets, and a lot of building has to go along with that.

He is leading the family into the future by making the company a lot greener and more prepared to use environmental production design. Flavio Maluf knows how to help his company makes changes to a greener plan, but he also wants to make sure that Brazil can build everything that needs to be built without any problem. He is sure that someone who wants to become a new investor in Brazil can purchase products from Eucatex.

Falvio Maluf has started a new education program that he wants to put in all the schools. He knows that teaching kids about the environment is very important, and he believes that training kids to treat the planet well is very important. His company will take the same initiative, and it will help make sure that they are not doing harm to the planet while they help people build.

The company makes every building product that someone could need, and the company will continue to expand the parts they can produce. It makes the country look much better, and it shows that the growing middle class of Brazil can live in more beautiful spaces.   Get a clearer picture of where Flavio has been on his LinkedIn.

Securus Platform ConnectUs Improves Inmate Request Forms

Usually when inmates in correctional facilities have had special requests to make, they would need to make a trip to the office or have the guards bring their paperwork to the proper authorities.  Watch more on But now Securus Technologies with their communication platform ConnectUs, are digitizing prisoner request forms to make the process easier, and save on money and resources. Prison guards have been able to focus more time on securing and monitoring the facilities, and inmates can simply electronically enter in the data on the forms they need, and it will be processed immediately. The automated request forms are just one way that Securus has worked to change prison communications.

Using specialized IT and networking infrastructure, they’ve built robust platforms that cover all aspects of the telecom systems from phone lines to surveillance systems. Recently Securus acquired J-Pay, a service that allows for financial transactions like depositing funds, buying mp3s, or even registering for classes. Securus has also received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau for outstanding customer service.

One way that Securus has changed the way inmates communicate with their families is through their phone services like AdvanceConnect and Direct Bill. These plans given inmates families options to prepay for phone calls received from correctional facilities, and make the billing process affordable and easy to use.  Instead of having to potentially travel a long way to see them, or wait in line to only be able to visit for a limited time, Securus now has video visitation that can be done online using a webcam in the comforts of home, where inmates can see what’s happening in the home and share moments like birthdays and holidays.

Kyle Bass: For the Love of Money $$

Kyle Bass founder of Hayman Capital Management based out of Dallas TX, is a hedge fund manger who is infamously known for correctly predicting the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. Bass made a fortune betting against these subprime securities and was featured on Bloomberg TV and profiled in an article written by D. Magazine. Not too long after he would lose his good judgment and what seemed to be the “Midas touch”.

In an recent article found on Useful Stooges, it’s said that Kyle Bass has been making “bad call after bad call”. This article goes on to explain his publicly announced bad decisions which would not come to fruition. He stated year after year the crash of Japan’s economy and most recently China. These economies are still holding strong.

Furthermore, he sided with Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina, whose country defaulted on it’s sovereign debt twice within 13 years. He goes on record as calling Singer & Co. “immoral” when New York judge Thomas Griesa ruled that Argentina couldn’t just pay back creditors who settled for reduced amounts.

The bad decisions don’t just stop there. In order to make good on his investment, Bass would go on TV defending General Motors, stating that fatalities caused by GM’s known faulty power steering systems and non-deploying airbags was the fault of the passengers themselves, for not wearing seatbelts or being drunk!

Bass seems to have a love for money that fuels his decisions, which in turn, places a black mark on his company as well as his trustworthiness as a hedge fund manager. This money lust has taken Bass to start the CFAD Coalition For Affordable Drugs organization, and under this banner, he chooses certain pharmaceutical firms, short-sells their stocks, then challenges one or more of their patents. Bass rakes in the dough while the pharmaceutical’s prices go up.

This last pharmaceutical scheme has come up to the PTAB (Patent Trial and Appeals Board) who has denied Bass’s first 2 patent challenges. Kyle Bass’s actions prove the old proverb, “for the love of money is the root of all evil”.