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A Dallas Landmark Financial Institution, Offloads Debt, and Continues to Grow and Nurture the Community

NexBank SSB is a landmark Dallas institution, notable for providing customized banking services, most specifically for corporate clients all across the U.S. In the fall of 2017 the Dallas institution successfully concluded negotiations, while making use of Sandler O’Neil+Partners L.P, as the sole placement agent of the deal, that placed more than fifty million dollars worth of subordinated debt into the hand of private, wealthy, institutional investors. The senior, unsecured notes are slated to mature within a decade, accruing interest at a fixed rate for half that period, thereafter assessing accrual at a floating rate

NexBank Capitol inc.will use the accrued revenue to advance various corporate goals. Moreover, with the finalization of this deal, NexBank Capital Inc. will have raised nearly 300 million dollars worth of debt and equity since 2016.

NexBank SSB, a regional banking institution, located in Dallas, under the auspices of Nexbank Capital Inc., a financial services company that serves the interest of its clients by way of three core venues, commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services, is an FDIC member, an equal housing lender, and an equal opportunity employer. The company’s assets were shown to approximate 8 billion as recently as 2017.

Besides serving the Dallas region, through its financial capacity, NexBank supports the Dallas community in other ways. For example, by supporting the Dallas Women’s Foundation, through sponsorship of its annual luncheon. The foundation bring together every year more than a thousand civic entities and business representatives to create funding to advance women’s issues. Another Dallas charity that NexBank has gotten behind is the innovative Real Estate Council Fund, aptly called TREC Sharktank: Grow South, in honor of its imitation of the popular “Shark Tank” television show. The fun and practical format follows to a large extent that of the television show, in that it features three teams, all attempting to sell their ideas for the betterment of the Dallas real estate region to an expert panel of Dallas area real estate investors.