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Dr. Dov Rand is Fighting Back Against Yo-Yo Dieting

We can all admit at this point, diets are getting a little ridiculous. Eat only meat, no wait, eat vegetables, wait, stop, eat only legumes; did I say legumes? I meant fruits. It’s out of control. Diets are popping up all over the place, most of which offer no additional benefits and are based on shady — at best — science. Health is big business, and with money comes fraud. Sure, some of the modern “trendy” diets aren’t fraudulent, but they do create “yo-yo diet” (dieting, stopping, gaining, dieting, etc…) effects that often leave dieters stranded at an undesirable weight with a fridge filled with unusual health foods.


One person that is setting out to change these fad diets is Dr. Dov Rand. Rand and his team run the Healthy Aging Medical Center, a medical center aimed at using hormone therapy to treat aging patients. While this may seem like it’s unrelated to fad diets, Dr. Dov Rand has been using science-based diets in his regiments for years.


For examples, let’s look at Dr. Rands HCG diet. The HCG diet is an example of how a diet should be. HCG is a hormone produced in women when they are pregnant. The hormone helps keep the baby nourished and adequately nurtured. HCG has the added benefit of preventing muscle deterioration during weight loss, which is why Dr. Dov Rand uses it in his hormone diet. So basically, he administers the hormones, you eat less, and then he takes you off the hormones. The HCG helps keep you feeling satiated even when you eat little food, and your muscles retain more of their density during the weight loss journey.


Where this diet really shines, however, isn’t the fact that it’s a science-based diet (for once.) It’s in the fact that the diet has an after-diet program. This puts Dr. Dov Rands patients on a long-term diet that prevents them from yo-yo dieting post-diet. It includes specific nutrient targets and consistent communication with the clinic.


By having diets that focus on initial weight loss combined with education post diet, yo-yo dieting can be avoided. Dr. Dov Rand’s HCG diet is a great example of how to run a diet program. Sure, men can’t use it, and it’s probably not for every woman either, but the idea behind it is what drives it. Dieting programs should be wary of post-dieting, instead of ignoring it completely.