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The Fagali’I Airport – Your Favorite Mini Airport

The Fagali’I airport is your favorite mini airport. It includes the best of the best customer service that is the foundation of your impression on the Samoan community as this sets the standard before entering into the city of Apia. When you arrive on the inside of the airport, you will experience a customer service team with a solid grasp on high performance that will make your day a pleasant one.

As visitors flow in and flow out of the airport, many take a serious approach when it comes to customer service. Visitors seem to want to test the representatives to find out if they are any better than other airports that they’ve experienced. Stepping on the floor of the Fagali’I airport, you notice an immediate eye contact by a member of the customer service team. This lets the guest know that they have assistance available to them, if needed. And if that eye contact remains on your part, a representative will ask you a simple question: “Can I help you”? Many airports have been reported by guests in many review boards as terrible in customer service. They would state that it is so difficult to find a representative to assist them on matters. Representatives aren’t available at your convenience and you have to ask another guest for assistance in order to get answers. At the Fagali’I airport, a representative is always available to assist you and to get you where you need to go without frustration.


The Samoan community has always been one of friendly and welcoming vibes. Helping hands are offered with a “give a person in need the shirt off of your back” type of culture according to This representation of the community at the Fagali’I airport is nothing short of that. Lend a muscle to carry a bag, point guests in the right direction, escort guests to the nearest restroom, whatever it takes to protect the great customer service standards of the Fagali’I airport, these ladies and gentlemen of the staff are all in.

Come take a trip to Apia and land in at the Fagali’I airport to get a clear view of amazing customer service experiences from a fantastic Samoan culture. Apia is known for its beautiful beaches, historic volcanoes, museums and fresh coconut and banana flavored foods made from their very own coconut trees and banana plants. Come enjoy the fun in Apia. Flights are available now!

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