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Stansberry Research on the ever growing debt bubble

Stanberry research is a publishing company that is privately owned in America. It was founded in 1999 and was initially an independent investment research firm. The company usually focuses on investment research. They are committed to providing actionable investment research and recommendations for individuals who choose to manage their own portfolios. The idea behind the research is to give its subscribers the most profitable investment ideas despite what is happening in the market.


They mainly have three products and services for their readers. They include the total portfolio, the income portfolio and the capital portfolio. Many readers say that they have received top notch advice and by applying the advice they have seen their portfolios grow. They claim that Stanberry research has managed to keep their standards unlike many of their competitors.


In an article they published in February this year names “The Bubble Grows Bigger”, they highlight how American households owe more than ever before. The Federal reserve bank of New York has released report on the last quarter debt which has grown from the previous quarter. Debt has been rising for the past 14 quarters that is for five consecutive years. Household debt is close to the previous peak in the third quarter of 2008.


Credit card debt had risen by the largest margin followed by student and auto loans. They however warn that this upward trend of debt will come to an end because it is not sustainable. There is a high yield corporate spread which is an indicator of stress in the credit market. Porter believes that this will not end well since there will be a financial reset that will wipe out trillion of dollars of this debt in the massive devaluation of savings. As more and more Americans fall behind on their payments, you will begin to see more and more of ideas similar to Porter’s being discussed. The idea behind erasing the debt is that more money will go into economic growth over the next ten years and over 1 million jobs will be created every year reducing the overall unemployment rate.


Equities First Holdings News: Trying Out New Partnership

Trying to find the type of news that you are looking for can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. That is why it was so easy to find this news article on the Equities First Holdings company. If a company is great and comes highly recommended, it will be easier to find the info that you need on them. The news of today has to do with the pair that will be the next best pair of the decade. ETC and the EFH company have come together in order to start on some projects in India, where the EFH company will be providing funding.

About EFH

You are probably wondering how a company like EFH that provides services like alternative shareholder financing could have become so popular. The reasoning behind their popularity is simple, they care about their clients and what happens with the money that their clients spend.

Top facts about Sawyer Howitt`s entrepreneurial life

Sawyer Howitt, a young and prolific entrepreneur, was born in Portland, Oregon. His father, who is a chief executive officer at Meriwether Company, guides him into the life of entrepreneurship, and at a tender age, Howitt has already achieved a lot in the venture. Besides, he is also an acknowledgeable athlete and plays for the famous Racquetball Club, whose location is Oregon. The young entrepreneur has been part of many business ventures, and currently is an entrepreneur at Meriwether Group Company. Despite that, he is also pursuing education so as to improve his skills in entrepreneurship. Here is a look at various facts about Sawyer Howitt.

Sawyer Howitt has also been part of many businesses over the past years, which have impacted his life in various ways. One of the major firms that the youngster has participated in is the KURE juice bars, which he procured his internship. While working in the company, he learned various strategies to serve customers better, as well as handle their claims. Besides, the young entrepreneur acquired essential and elementary presentation skills, which one requires to serve people well. As a result, he has become a proficient entrepreneur over the past years and has conducted various business activities with the application of the knowledge he achieved in the different firms.

On the other hand, the young entrepreneur also worked at RFID Checkout Company during the internship and acquired essential skills, to prepare him to be a better entrepreneur. During the course, the entrepreneur gained prowess in making advanced reports, concerning customers as well as the business operations. Besides, the internship at the company equipped him with knowledge on the operating system of the various departments in a firm.

In addition to that, his involvement in the company enabled him to understand the basics for a standard productivity of a business. Hence he has gained an idealistic mind, which is essential in improving the various operations of the firm. His ability to manage files is also an added advantage in the entrepreneurial field and has profoundly contributed to his success in taking part in his father’s businesses. Sawyer Howitt has therefore achieved a lot at a tender age and is currently working at his father’s firms, and his aim is to own a company, which empowers other entrepreneurs.