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End Citizens United Reports Rick Scott to FEC

Why is End Citizens United targeting Rick Scott? The political action committee just called the congressional hopeful on the carpet for illegal correlation of funds, citing that Scott was using a super PAC to fund his election. Scott is a politician with no qualms about getting support for corporate PACs, and End Citizens United needs candidates like him out of the way. Although Scott alleges that he has done no wrongdoing, End Citizens United has produced documentation and filed a formal complaint with the Federal Elections Commission.

This is only one recent move by ECU in the road to mid-term elections. The PAC has also released a list of endorsements for the candidates who advocate for its cause. These candidates are all about election reform, and are the type of legislators ECU need to achieve its goal. Whether or not they will get elected remains to be seen. Founded in 2015, End Citizens United is the PAC that wants to end Citizens United. The controversial Supreme Court ruling that many believe has destroyed politics. The ruling gave freedom of speech rights to corporations, allowing them unbridled freedom in supporting political candidates.

ECU seeks to stop that by amending the first amendment to only include the individual. But it is a long road of tedious legislation and to even begin the structure of congress needs to change. Lofty goal, but one ECU strives to accomplish.ECU targets people like Rick Scott for the illegality of their actions as well as their political opposition. In order for their legislation to pass an almost unified agreement has to be made, a majority that can only exist if a majority of congressmen advocate for it. Many seats will be available this election, so who knows what kind of outcome the med-terms will bring. ECU will certainly be there to see.

Richard Dwayne Blair, Financial Teacher

Richard Dwayne Blair is an entrepreneur and a financial advisor that seeks to make a positive impact on the world today concerning the welfare and the financial stability of the masses that come to him in search of financial advice that could very well benefit their life. This is exactly what he intends to do and he does this simply by creating a firm called wealth solutions which is based in Texas and is the same area he went to school at as well. He believes and harbors a passion for the education of those who may want to keep their wealth or allocate it over the long term to therefore make them more competent and confident investors. His Grandma, Mother, and Wife were all teachers and he soon realized the potential of excellence that could be nourished when education becomes a factor inside of a persons life. He holds three standards which concern the areas that connect with financial literacy and financial freedom. The first step is the actual path that the client would like to go on depending on his or her financial style and end results that they would want to achieve. This is the step where Richard Dwayne Blair can really get inside of the hearts and the minds of those who seek such opportunities to succeed in life and as a result live a fruitful and happy retirement. The second point in making a prospect’s vison become a reality is to actually develop the strategy which fits and matches the needs of the clientele. This is the most crucial step as it can make the difference between attaining their financial freedom goals or making a mistake to begin with in entering the financial industry to begin with. This strategy however will almost probably mitigate any such undesired factors from the customers portfolio and leave both of the participating parties happy. Richard Dwayne Blair in his last step in alchemizing the most lucrative strategy that fits their goals then sits and monitors the results that take place when the application of the plan has already been enacted.


Greg Secker Is A Man Taking On A Variety Of Jobs

There are some people who go to work each day to complete the same kind of jobs and live out the same kind of day that they had the day before. Such people might grow bored with their work, as they are constantly repeating what they have already done before. Greg Secker has shared that he is someone who has a different kind of day every day. No two days are the same for him as he has a variety of projects that he must take on and complete.

Greg Secker has shared that he brings his ideas to life by visualizing the way that things will work out. He believes that it is important for a person to be enthusiastic about the ideas that they have come up with if they expect others to care about those ideas.

Greg Secker is someone who is known for many things. He has accomplished much in his life and he has worked a mix of jobs. He is a father, someone who loves to be a parent. He is a speaker, someone who shares a message with the world. He is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. This man is someone who has done great things, and he is someone who continues to do great things. Greg Secker is the kind of man who is always looking for ways that he can improve the lives of other individuals.

There are some who focus only on their own lives and their own needs, but Greg Secker is not that kind of an individual. This man helps to better the lives of others through coaching that he – and the organizations that he supports – does. He is also involved in the lives of others by educating others. He provides support to those who are in need of it, and he is quick to step in when he is needed. This man is someone who wears many hats, and he does good work with each job that he takes on.