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Sussex Healthcare Jobs

Sussex Healthcare is one of the leading healthcare companies in the United Kingdom. Sussex Healthcare is expanding, and the company is hiring for multiple positions. Anyone who wants to gain healthcare experience should apply for a job at the company.

The healthcare industry is going through massive changes. Many people are struggling to pay for necessary medical expenses. As a result, many companies are trying to make improvements to their products and services. Sussex Healthcare specializes in senior living facilities. The average age of a person who lives in the United Kingdom has increased dramatically in recent years. There is a significant need for quality senior living locations.


One of the best fields to work in within the medical industry is nursing. The job outlook for nurses is strong. Many people enjoy helping patients with their health. Sussex Healthcare is hiring several nursing positions at the company. Anyone who has experience as a nurse has an excellent opportunity to land a job at the company.

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Health Coaches

Sussex Healthcare is a unique healthcare company because it offers health coaching to people who use the services. Health coaching is a growing field for various reasons. Not only does health coaching provide a great service to clients, but it also allows people to focus on specific areas to improve in their lifestyle. Many people struggle to eat a healthy diet for multiple reasons. Few people are getting the vitamins needed each day.

Eating a healthy diet becomes more important the older a person gets. Sussex Healthcare is looking for ways to improve their current processes. As the company grows, it will need more employees than ever before. Working with Sussex Healthcare is a proven strategy for people who want to improve their career. Now is the time to apply for a position at the company.

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Sussex Health Care, Setting The Standard For Care Homes

Sussex Health Care has defiantly been setting the standard for care homes all around the world. Sussex Health Care is extremely dedicated to providing their patients with the best of the best when it comes to health care experiences. Sussex Health Care uses unique approaches when it comes to assisting their patients and residents with their needs. Sussex Health Care is not only providing health care services to elderly patients, but they also have been providing health care services to unique individuals with unique needs. This approach to their health care practices has brought this facility lots of attention for all of the right reasons.

Although Sussex Health Care provides health care needs to many different patients, they have dedicated themselves to giving all of their patients the best health care services when it comes to quality. All patients are treated equally and given equal special attention that they all need. Each patient that recessives care from Sussex Health Care is given their own health care plan to help them achieve their overall personal goal. Sussex Health Care understands that every person is different. For this reason, all patients are given different goals and all patients are expected to perform at their own pace.

Sussex Health Care requires all of their staff members to be licensed and registered. They also require all of their staff members to successfully go through training before, during, and after they have been hired. Although this may seem intense, this is all needed in order to insure that Sussex Health Care is continuing to provide excellent health care services to their residents.

Sussex Health Care is also a facility that provides their residents with excellence and hospitality. They have created an environment for their residents so that everyone feels welcomed and invited while living in the facility. All residents are welcomed to bring any personal items with them that will help them feel comfortable and invited during and after their transition into Sussex Health Care. In addition to allowing residents to bring some of their own items, residents are also given comfortable living space decor to provide additional comfort to them. With all of these aids in place, it is no wonder how Sussex Health Care has been able to establish and maintain an amazing name for themselves.

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Jim Tananbaum: An Entrepreneur Who Takes Risks

Jim Tananbaum is someone whose name constantly pops up in conversations involving healthcare innovation. He is an entrepreneur and investor who specialize in healthcare. He has been an industry leader for close to three decades and still counting. He is founder and CEO of Foresite Capital, a venture capital and private growth equity firm primarily focused on healthcare. It supplies rising healthcare companies with capital, networks, and information.

In a report by Biz Journals, when Tananbaum founded Foresite Capital in 2011, he drew on his vast experience as a healthcare entrepreneur and investment strategist to make the company stand out from others in the industry. He accurately chooses emerging healthcare leaders by identifying key success factors that often go unnoticed.

He hopes to harness healthcare’s future by using Foresite Capital as a conduit to achieve his goal. Foresite has invested in more than 70 healthcare startups in many different areas of the industry including biopharmaceuticals, medical services, diagnostics and genomic sequencing.

According to INC42, Tananbaum was able to find quick success with Foresite Capital because of prior experience as a company owner. He already founded four companies in healthcare before founding Foresite Capital. Two of which were leading biopharmaceutical companies. While still in college he founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:GENZ). The company became very profitable faster than most expected bringing two drugs to market for less than $80 million. It was eventually sold for $1.6 billion.

Jim Tananbaum is a bit of a scholar. He boasts a M.D. and M.B.A. from Harvard, a M.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and was a math and electrical engineering/computer science major at Yale. He has been mentored by multiple leading academicians.

As an entrepreneur Tananbaum is a calculating risk taker who makes sure he fully understands the situation beforehand. He is a doer who never quits. Despite his shortcomings he always remains optimistic and diligent.

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