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Drew Madden Wonders If CVS Or Amazon Will Reign Supreme

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could know ahead of time which companies would end up as the absolute leaders of their industries? That would be a dream to anyone who has ever wanted to be able to predict the movements of the stock market for example. While we cannot know with absolute certainty what will happen with any company in the future, we can keep an eye on the developments that take place in a range of industries that might be of interest.

Drew Madden is a former healthcare information technology employee and current entrepreneur in that industry. He spends a great deal of his time trying to work out what will happen next in the industry. He wants to do this so as to be able to try to predict trends in healthcare IT before they ever take place. If he can make accurate predictions, then he can put himself in a position to take advantage of those trends.

The biggest piece of news that Drew Madden has been watching in the last little bit has been a brewing battle between CVS and Amazon. On the surface of things it may not even appear that these two would have much in common at all. They seem to be from entirely different industries. However, the two have locked horns to do battle with one after Amazon decided that it would try to apply for licenses to sell phamaceuticals across state lines on the Internet.

That move set off alarm bells at CVS who responded by offering guaranteed next-day delivery on products ordered through their MinuteClinic. It might have been just a small gesture, but it was something that could help CVS secure some of the customers that they might otherwise have lost to Amazon. Add on to that the fact that CVS has also purchased Aetna to help consolidate its business and you can see how the battle between these two is about to boil over.

It is going to be a matter of time before we see who comes out the other side all the better for this plan. Right now we just tend to believe that both will benefit in some way from the advances that they are making.