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A closer look at Barbara Stokes, CEO of GSH.

Barbara Stokes in among the people living their dream today. Being the CEO of Green Structure Homes, her contribution in the Disaster Relief Construction Industry has been significant over the years. Barbara is a graduate from the Mercer University, where she acquired her Degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. She is a self-motivated person who took up every opportunity that could improve her skills. While doing her degree, she also developed an interest in Thermodynamics, Structure and Properties of materials, Manufacturing and Management as well as Technical Communication. The skills she acquired have driven her through in her career.

When Barbara completed her studies, she was armed properly to face the competitive field of her career. Before coming through for GSH of Alabama, Barbara had worked for Pisces Corporation and Boeing. During that time, Barbara acquired a lot of knowledge and experience that lead her in her daily activities. Government contracting is also one of her major experiences and she hopes to ensure that GSH supports FEMA mission as well as the United States. her leadership skills are of no doubt therefore GSH is a promising company in the construction industry. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Other than been a committed leader in GSH, Barbara Stokes is a philanthropist. She has actively been involved in various voluntary services in Huntsville. This is unlike most people on her level. Her passion in helping those who are disadvantaged is backed up by the contributions she has made to aid the community. What a heart she has.

Green Structure Homes was founded in 2008 by Barbara Stokes. The company offers unbeatable home designs that are environmental friendly. The houses come with a whole lot of advantages which include an accurate budget, less employment of foreign labor, a short building period, low maintenance, energy costs among others. The homes have been developed to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as hurricanes rated up to 130mph, mildew, pests, molds and other disasters. GSH has customized some of the homes to one or more bedrooms so as to suit as family units.

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This company constructs the structures using wood or light steel. The exterior is basically executive while the interior is left for the customer to decide on what they wish to have. Once you make your order, GSH will efficiently attend to your request. They will deliver your home as per the agreement without interfering with the site or environment where it is being erected. You can rely on them if you need any home structure. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.