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Prepaid Advance Connect Account

This new Securus account offers the next best thing to you. An Advance Connect™ Accounts is a buddy and a pal. It even comes with a lobby kiosk so that numbers can be added to or eliminated by the Advance Connect account holder from an Advance Connect accounts. Phone numbers may get inmate calls provided that there is an prepaid balance of money on the Advance Connect accounts to pay the expense of the inmate calls. An Advance Connect account owner will be held responsible for all fees associated with all phone numbers.

Numbers could be added to an AdvanceConnect accounts, including cellular phone numbers – subject to facility constraints. Itemized monthly invoice statements of call actions may take time to process. Keep that in mind, and charge accordingly either way.

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Cash may be added by account holders.




Advance Connect account

Processing fee levied if the Advance Connect account payment’s made by mail or through online bill payment by the Advance Connect account holder or the individual bank of the account holder.

There’s No payment


This fee’s linked to the ease of working with MasterCard or any Visa credit card or debit card for payment.

Typically – Visiting with the Securus

When additional funds come required by the Advance Connect account so as to receive inmate calls, account-telling campaigns let account holders proceed. It may take up to two weeks to receive information about payments on these accounts. Payments are sent via email. State, city and zip code are required.


-Received notice that there has been a Direct Bill account opened for you

-Refunds of unused amounts

-Balances credited back to the debit or credit card used to finance accounts


Securus Technology Reveals Their Total Confidence In Their Operations

Every now and then, there are news concerning the rivalry between Securus Technology and Global Tel Link. These companies are both in the tech sector and provide inmate services. They are both sure of themselves and their services, which makes them quite the rivals in the industry. A while back, Securus released a press release correcting GTL for giving false information about Securus and correcting them. These allegations were not well received and perceived by Securus as the company believes in giving their clients the best.


Regarding the tense atmosphere that exists between the two companies Securus has posed a challenge to GTL to once and for all, get the tension dealt with. GTL has been caught on record claiming that their operations and standar5ds are better than Securus. The company invites GTL to a bake off where they have to let the public compare their technologies, operations and the level of their services.


Securus Technology is self-assured that they will win the challenge. The Chief executive officer, Mr Richard Smith reveals the amount of money, resources and time spent by the company with the aim of improving their services and technology. For one, the company has tremendous training sessions for their clients which gives them an upper hand as opposed to GTL who sources their customer care services from outside.


Mr Smith reveals that their technologies are superior compared to GTL’s. For instance their calling voice over internet protocol corrections is the largest and the best in the entire world, while GTL offers theirs from their premises. Their technology is superior effective and reliable. Another instance that gives Securus an upper hand is the level of customer service and satisfaction. This has been seconded by GTL’s former employees. They hold that Securus operations and their commitment to customer services is way better than GTL’s.


Securus Technologies Is Upgrading Their Call Security To New Levels

We are using Securus every day because it is the only company that has been good to us while we try to make calls to family. I know that you might not have thought that you need to have an account to call the jails, but you need to have Securus on your side when you are ready to call. The company has set up a very secure network, and they want to be sure that they can get the calls in as soon as possible. We know that it was hard to wait, and the only way that we could get the calls out was to be sure that we could check in with family.


I am trying to keep the family together with all these phone calls, and I have noticed that it is a lot easier to help the family to check in by offering them options with Securus that allow them to see. I know that a lot of us had no idea that we could have a video chat with my cousins who are in prison, but we have done very well with these phone calls because they let us see my cousins.


We talk every day because we know that we can get results from these calls quickly. We are trying to share information with people who are in jail, and we also know that it will be very hard for us to check in unless we have made some changes that will really benefit everyone. That is why we chose Securus because they allow us security and a better call quality.


Securus Platform ConnectUs Improves Inmate Request Forms

Usually when inmates in correctional facilities have had special requests to make, they would need to make a trip to the office or have the guards bring their paperwork to the proper authorities.  Watch more on But now Securus Technologies with their communication platform ConnectUs, are digitizing prisoner request forms to make the process easier, and save on money and resources. Prison guards have been able to focus more time on securing and monitoring the facilities, and inmates can simply electronically enter in the data on the forms they need, and it will be processed immediately. The automated request forms are just one way that Securus has worked to change prison communications.

Using specialized IT and networking infrastructure, they’ve built robust platforms that cover all aspects of the telecom systems from phone lines to surveillance systems. Recently Securus acquired J-Pay, a service that allows for financial transactions like depositing funds, buying mp3s, or even registering for classes. Securus has also received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau for outstanding customer service.

One way that Securus has changed the way inmates communicate with their families is through their phone services like AdvanceConnect and Direct Bill. These plans given inmates families options to prepay for phone calls received from correctional facilities, and make the billing process affordable and easy to use.  Instead of having to potentially travel a long way to see them, or wait in line to only be able to visit for a limited time, Securus now has video visitation that can be done online using a webcam in the comforts of home, where inmates can see what’s happening in the home and share moments like birthdays and holidays.