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Philanthropist, Researcher, and entrepreneur- Jason Hope

He was born in Temple, Arizona. After his High school graduation, Mr. Hope went to further his education at Arizona State University where he pursued Finance and he graduated with a Bachelors’ Degree in Finance. His still wanted to gain more knowledge and experience that is why after his graduation from Arizona State University he earned his Master of Business Administration from W.P Carey School. Since he was a young boy Jason Hope was hard working and a go-getter, after his graduation from the University, he ventured his skills into the business and he was successful. Hope converted his business skills to topics which were widely used by veteran entrepreneurs as well as business students.

In today’s world people are looking for information on the Internet, and because of the technology, the Internet is packed with information about aging and how the young and the old can prevent aging. Jason Hope is one of the individuals who is living his passion for assisting the world with information about aging. Mr. Hope supports SENS Foundation. The organization was established in 2009, with a primary purpose of dealing with age-related illness. Jason has been using his resources to help the world through his non-profit organization; sens Foundation. Jason’s Hope philanthropic activity is seen through SENS Foundation. According to him, charitable activities are a big part of his life, and he continues to say that the organization he has chosen to stand behind has come along way. Jason further says that SENS is not all about wanting to live forever but providing a long and quality life to the world.

Jason has been fully supporting SENS and in 2010 the entrepreneur donated $500000 to aid in the construction of Cambridge SENS laboratory which was built also to utilize research.Mr. Jason said that he has been supporting scientific researchers as well as organizations which have been carrying out the research such as SENS Research Foundation because such organizations have a different approach to dealing with anti-aging. SENS Foundation has the mandate of fighting diseases which affects the boy’s function such as heart conditions as well as Alzheimer. Jason does not help SENS in funding their projects but he is also involved in helping them market their products as well as research. Currently, Jason Hope lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. Most of his time is spent researching important issues as he supervises his businesses and other undertakings. Mr. Hope knows it is important to invest in medicine as well as the technology.

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Jason Hope’s Belief in the Internet of Things

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the industries that they work within. Jason Hope works in the tech industry and he is well known for his work as the founder of Jawa. Jawa, a mobile communications company, put Hope on the map early on in his career and it has allowed him to focus on expanding his reach and his brand. Hope, a noted futurist and philanthropist, has more than a few ideas about what the future has in store for the tech industry. Let’s dig deep and see what he believes is coming down the pipeline as well as what makes him tick behind the scenes of his major projects.

We can start detailing what makes hope tick by looking at what he is supremely focused on at this point in time: the Internet of Things. AS an entrepreneur and, particularly, a futurist it is Hope’s goal to always be ahead of the latest trends within the industry. Knowing when and where to be when new technologies come to the forefront can make or break an entrepreneur. Hope is using his highly tuned skills in order to focus them on what he believes to be one of the most important innovations in the tech world of our generation: the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things has become one of the biggest new industries that people aren’t quite aware exists. The Internet of Things is what we call the collection of technology that interfaces with the internet in our daily lives. Some know the Internet of Things under the term ‘smart technology’ or ‘wearable technology’ though these are restrictive terms. The Internet of Things is broad and sweeping and it encompasses everything you can see. Jason Hope believes that IoT will extend to cover everything in our lives which will peak in a truly ‘smart’ life.

Jason Hope believes in the Internet of Things for a number of different reasons. One of the main reasons why the IoT has so much potential, in his opinion, is that it will address the very real problems of waste and inefficiency in our lives. With the IoT everything will run smoother, faster, and more accurately on time. Along the way a byproduct will be a reduction in waste, thus making it a green technology as well. Think of public transit systems that are completely automated or first response teams that are cued up by smart technology. The possibilities are endless.

As an entrepreneur, outside of his work as a futurist, Hope likes to focus on keeping things simple. Hope says, “Over complicating ideas will only waste time and encourage failure.” This mindset has led Hope to have a razor sharp focus on all of his projects.

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