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Matt Badiali: Turning Zinc Into Cash

Matt Badiali is a geologist, writer, and investor who has traveled the world researching, interviewing, and writing about natural resources and investment strategies for the common man. Badiali holds a B.S. in earth sciences from Penn State University and a Master of Science in geology from Florida Atlantic University as well as studying for five years at the University of North Carolina while working towards a Ph.D. ( Follow Matt on Medium. Badiali has worked as a geologist for a drilling company as well as a consultant to an environmental company, but it wasn’t until he had a conversation with a friend that he realized what his true passion was and this changed his life are career path ( In 2004 a friend of Matt Badiali asked him to help develop investment strategies that would benefit the average investor and utilize his knowledge of science and geology to help find new investment strategies that would appeal to anyone ( Badiali believes in using a hands-on approach and has traveled the world searching for investment ideas and believes that his knowledge as a geologist compliments his knowledge of investing and helps him find new ways to make great profits ( Matt Badiali points out that no one is infallible and he himself has made some bad investments but this too has only led to his knowledge and ability to help investors who are faced with the same situations he has.


Matt Badiali’s work on researching investment ideas led to him launching his own newsletter named, Real Wealth Strategist, which is published through Banyan Hill. Badiali decided to write the newsletter because investing in natural resources can be tricky and relies heavily on speculation and with his unique skill set that combines science with finance gives him the best insight on being able to successfully invest in this sector ( Badiali’s experience and research paid off when in 2016 he became aware of an upcoming metal shortage and flew to Dublin, Ireland to find out more information from mining company executives who confirmed that there would indeed be a metal shortage and would be in the form of zinc ( While Badiali did not know much about Zinc at the time his research and connections convinced him that a Zinc shortage was inevitable, so using his knowledge and instinct as an investor he published the information in his newsletter ( Readers of Real Wealth Strategist who chose to follow Matt Badiali’s advice about investing in Zinc in May 2017 now have 80% gains and prove that Matt Badiali knows what he is talking about ( Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

Who is Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is the senior editor of Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes, and True Momentum at Banyan Hill Publishing. In addition to this, he is also the founder of the company Capuchin Consulting, while also being accredit to the founding of one of the newsletters he is the senior editor for, being Profits Unlimited. On top of these impressive aspects to his resume, Mampilly also manages two trading services, Extreme Fortune and True Momentum, as well as finds time to write a weekly column for the firm Banyan Hill’s newsletter, named Winning Investor Daily. Currently, Mampilly specializes in helping Americans find growth in investing, small-cap stocks, technology, and other special opportunities. Prior to his time at Banyan Hill, Mampilly was an editor of the Professional Speculator at Stansberry Research LLC, where he worked from February of 2015 to December of 2015. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Talk Markets.

In looking at Paul Mampilly’s early life we can see that he attended school at Montclair State University for his BBA, or Bachelors in Business Administration, where he also studied finance and accounting. In addition to his schooling at Montclair State University, Mampilly was a graduate of the Fordham University Graduate School of Business, where he accrued his MBA. After this he went on to start his career in 1992 as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. Then came the founding of his company, the Capuchin Group, where he served as an author, publisher, and editor from October 2003, to July 2006. Post this he went on to become a money manager for the Royal Bank of Scotland. From September of 2006 to September of 2011, Mampilly went on to become the senior portfolio manager for Kinetics Asset Management. After his time with Kinetics, Mampilly found a change of pace, becoming the author and analyst of Palm Beach Research Group. From Palm Beach Research Group, Paul Mampilly transitioned to becoming an author and analyst for Agora Financial. After this, came his ascension to the postion he is in today, as from Agora he became an author, analyst, and editor at Stansberry Research LLC, after which he went on to Banyan Hill to become the senior editor of various newsletters.


In examining Mampilly, one could also stumble upon his impressive resume of accolades. Mampilly won the prestigious Templeton Foundation Investment Competition which was held from 2008-2009, getting the coveted first place position for a $50 million portfolio. He has also been featured on CNBC, Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, Kiplingers, Hedge Fund Intelligence, Reuters, and Fox News. Mampilly went on to retire at the age of 42. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.