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Ricardo Tosto and The Indelible Work He Does To Ensure Transparency in the Legal Profession

The morally calibrated lawyers today have the bearing and personality of someone who abides by a set of unbreakable and often uncodified set of laws. These lawyers follow this set of rules the same way that religious people follow their bibles. The lawyers in Brazil, in particular, are incessant in making sure that there are some rules that cannot be broken by themselves. One of the few Brazilian lawyers right now who are vocal in expressing their passionate but also dispassionate support for ethical rules for lawyers’ tax obligations is Ricardo Tosto.

The Mundo Do Marketing

We don’t need to go beyond the proximity of the database in Mundo Do Marketing to learn everything we need to know about Ricardo Tosto’s exuberance in letting the lawyers everywhere adhere to a certain set of rules. It is in the article that we learn that while lawyers are exemplary in delivering their clients’ justice, they often tempted to not disclose their full tax obligations. Rodrigo challenges the system by initiating a mechanism where the tax obligations of lawyers overseas should be declared and their hidden assets reported, so the taxes that they have to pay to Brazi are delivered. Only through this that a more just and harmonious legal system can flourish in the country. Otherwise, the government can’t get the finance it needs to build a functionally healthy government.

The Support

With the help of Law 13,254 dated last January 13, 2013, other lawyers and stakeholders such as Vicente Gama, a partner at Nelson William Advogados and Associates, Ricardo Tosto can weed out the frivolous lawyers in the industry that don’t reveal their tax obligations. There will now be healthier technical partnerships among lawyers because of this new law that ensures transparency in the legal sector.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer known for his advocacy in transparency, but we should also not ignore the fact that he’s a Partner at Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados and the work that he does for Brazil is one of the most commendable and exemplary work since memory. He is also the innovator behind many non-profit projects and the strategies that bring justice to the clients he serves through the company.

Ricardo Tosto’s Leadership of the Brazilian Legal World

If a foreign investor wants to invest in or incorporate a company in Brazil, he or she much first get the services of a legal representative who lives in Brazil. Such a representative is necessary in order to be able to receive court summons or to respond to civil subpoenas on your behalf as the foreign investor in question. Thus, it is these Brazilian legal representatives who will represent your company before all of the administrative and judicial bodies concerning the matter.

You will find that Ricardo Tosto is one of the best of these Brazilian lawyers. Starting in relatively modest means, he entered the legal world after being hired by Paulo Maluf in 1999. In the few years since Ricardo Tosto began to practice law he has become one of the leading lawyers in the country. Throughout his time he has represented a variety of groups such as high-profile individuals, companies in ultra-publicized cases, both Brazilian and international organizations, and all manner of politicians.

Ricardo Tosto’s legal standing has transcended Brazil alone. He is not only one of the most successful Brazilian lawyers; he is also one of the most respected in the world. However, his work in his country cannot be underestimated. Ricardo Tosto has been instrumental in creating legislation that has effectively transformed the face of the Brazilian legal world. Ricardo Tosto also greatly helps lead the Milk, Tosto Barnes firm, at which he is also a mentor of the future movers and shakers of the Brazilian legal industry. He has personally trained associates who joined their team as trainees.

About Ricardo Tosto:

What You Probably Did Not Know About Cone Marshall

It can be a tough venture to identify a law firm in New Zealand that can deliver. It is not an easy task even for the strong willed. Business taxes can be overwhelming, and if you don’t get it right in choosing the right firm, things might go awry pretty fast.


Background information on Cone Marshall Limited.

Cone Marshall Limited, located in Pernell, Auckland New Zealand has grown to become the leading international tax trust firm in New Zealand. Since its establishment in 1999, the company has remained true to its word in service delivery and client satisfaction.


Reasons for the company success.

The success of the law firm is thanks to the inspiration of Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone, who are the principals. Their strength and leadership emanates from their strong legal background. Karen Marshall worked for over a decade in Commercial Litigation Department in a leading legal advisory firm in Auckland. This job enabled her to gain sufficient experience through exposure in the legal field. In addition to that, she had also worked as an advisor to two other legal firms, providing legal counsel to third parties as well as advising on general legal matters.


Geoffrey, on the other hand, has worked in managing trusts, including drafting documentations required for legal purposes. In addition to that, he has worked in procuring trust deeds and management services since 1980.


Company culture and works.

Presently, Cone Marshall Limited prides itself on working with many businesses in streamlining their operations. In their ranks, The Company has global advisors, communication experts, legal negotiators and coaches in Trust and partnership laws. They also offer strategic tax planning advice for a smooth operation for their clients.


Why should you opt for International law firms over local ones?

According to a study conducted in New Zealand, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of foreign law firms specializing in trusts, such as Cone Marshall. The fact is undeniably true. The reason for this is that international companies offer stability and security because they have sufficient professionals and infrastructure. Cone Marshall has also guarded their reputation jealously.


However, it worth noting that Marshall Cone does not work with private clients as many think. Instead, they offer their professional services to attorneys, family advisors, and private institutions like banks, in both New Zealand and beyond.