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Equities First Holdings Acquiring more Spacious Office Space in Melbourne

Equities first Holdings is the global leader in providing alternative lending strategies. According to news boost published by market wired on 15th Nov 2016, Equities First Holdings has relocated the Melbourne offices to the heart of Melbourne.

This move was driven by the need to make their offices more accessible to business associates and other clients. Another reason for relocating was due to their growing business which needed a big space to accommodate their current clients. The address for the new Office is Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty.

In Australia, Equities First Holdings has other offices in Sydney and Perth. Other places where the company operates are UK, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and Switzerland. The company has its HQ in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Equities first Holdings has been in existence since 2002. Its subsidiaries are Equities First Holdings Ltd London, Equities First Holdings Ltd Hong Kong, Equities First Limited Singapore and Equities First Holdings Ltd Australia.

What Equities first Holdings Specialize In?

If you are in need of fast capital for a project or business, Equities first Holdings provides alternative financial solutions for you. The company is well renowned for providing stock-based loans. In its over 14 years of existence, the company has been praised for offering alternative loans. Click here to know more.

Equities first Holdings has been serving both individuals and corporations. The company’s worth is over $40 million. The company is the first of its type to come up with innovative ways of acquiring sources of finance. For this reason, the Company has stayed in business especially during harsh economic times.

When harsh economic times hit, financial institutions stop issuing credit-based loans for working capital. Therefore, companies and individuals in need of the credit –based loans turn to Equities first holdings. The Company offers the stock-based loans even to those without means of qualification. Therefore, anyone can access a loan from them to secure their business failure. All you need to do is to state the use of the loan you are asking for.