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Creating quality sound at shows, Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson is a live sound music engineer. Not only does he do this job, but he does many other jobs within the music industry. He is also a production manager and does production design. He also does rigging, a show producer, stage manager, monitor engineer, and a logistics manager. Clayton also does all of these jobs on a budget friendly budget. This can help a lot of people who want to produce music or need help running a music show. Clayton Hutson has been the sound engineer for many famous artists within the past few years. He has been able to work for Lady Gaga, Nickelback, U2, Jay-Z just to name a few. Many popular artists go to Hutson to do their shows for many reasons. They all feel that he is able to create the best show possible. They also enjoy what he is able to do to create a wonderful show that keeps people entertained, and engages all the senses. There are many artists going out of their way to have him work with them. Clayton recently did the Honda Civic Tour, where they were very impressed with his detail to safety. He went above and beyond to make sure that everyone working on the stage stayed safe. He also uses the Kinesys Elevation 1+ system, this allows them to use a palm pilot to be able to manage what the lights do and when. You can use this program to set a timer as to when the lights do what. This makes it much easier for all the crew. And when the lights need to move, this system will move them. Allowing staff to make sure that they are not in harms way. The Honda Civic Tour also enjoyed the quality sound system that Clayton uses. It allows fans to hear all the music and every heart moving bass note. Hutson talks about being able to have found the perfect system, which allows him to be able to play the music at a small venue such as a casino or a large 100,000 person stadium. He uses the DiGiCo which allows him to create superior quality sound no matter where he plays. Learn more: