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The Exceptional Charitable Contributions Of Lee May And Beamridge LTD

Lee May serves Beamridge LTD. as the Senior Partner. Lee May undertook a 10k run to assist the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club in purchasing a new mini bus. All the money received for this sponsored run will help the Club continue with their brilliant work.


Many individuals realize Beamridge takes pride in their sponsorship of the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. This helps them improve their training and ensure their young boxers have the best possible opportunities. These boxers compete in European and domestic tournaments. The Club additionally makes contributions to the development of the youth due to their Nemesis ABC values and family atmosphere.


Lee May has always been an avid fan of boxing and is very proud to be a part of the Nemesis ABC sponsorship. The hope is Lee May will have everyone’s support in achieving the person goal of raising £20K. No matter what amount people choose it will be very much appreciated by both the Club and Lee May.


October 16th of 2016 saw Teresa Milligan running in the Amsterdam marathon, The Commercial Manager wanted to help raise funds for the Children with Cancer UK charity. This national charity is the leader is fighting childhood cancer. Teresa Mulligan trained hard for months for the run. Unfortunately, she was injured but completed the full distance anyway. She nearly doubled her original goal with more than £1000’s.


Charlie May is the Media and IT Technician who finished the London Marathon in April of 2015. Due to the generous efforts of numerous companies and people the UK charity BRAKE raised in excess of £13,000. Mark O’Connel also competed in the Dublin marathon in 2015. He personally thanked his sponsors for the marathon. He stated both the training and Guinness drinking went extremely well. This was for kids with profound and severe learning difficulties.