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Malcolm CasSelle igniting the world through his company

When it comes to the sale of the virtual assets OPSKin will be the leader globally, that is lead by Malcolm CasSelle as the CIO. When it comes to bitcoin all over the world, the company will be one leading as the bitcoin merchant. All over the world, some people are will follow OPSKin and make the micropayments by use of the cross-border. There is something that is coming up called blockchain platform that is being created by Malcolm by the use of OPSKin. The one thing that the platform will be used for is guiding the World Asset exchange. The primary thing is educating the people that WAX when in the marketplace it’s P2P that can be a platform where the users can trade of the assets. That’s the reason why they are coming up with blockchain so that the users will have a place that they can buy and sell their virtual assets.

Currently, Malcolm CasSelle is the president of World Asset eXchange. Before that, he was the president of Tronc and the CTO. While in Tronc he oversaw so many things that lead to the growth of the company, one of them being that while in the company he was the one that leads to the rapid growth of digital assets. While he was trading virtual assets with his friends and he got the needed experience that resulted in the idea of coming up with WAX. Malcolm was not disappointed because with two years the company had done so well and the community had welcomed it. So far the help that has been seen with blockchain is the fundaments issues are being solved.

In the previous career life of Malcolm CasSelle, he helped in offering his services to MediaPass, a company in the media world that was providing the digital subscription solutions that could not afford to do it on their own. He has been of help to many startup firms in making them be the established companies that they are right now. He got his university education at Stanford University and the MIT University where he completed and got the computer science degree.