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Talkspace Reveals A New Therapeutic Trend

The online and mobile therapy app, Talkspace, has the perfect platform for those that seek consultation at any time or any place. On their company blog, they provide helpful advice and information relating to the world of therapy, mental health, relationships and plenty of other topics. A recent post explains why it’s best to use picture messaging for online therapy. The therapy sessions are always strictly confidential but one thing is for certain, the majority of online and app users prefer communicating by the comforts of text messaging. There is also a growing amount of users that rely solely on picture messaging, not to be confused with sending a massive wall of emojis.

Picture messaging is taking images off the internet to express how you currently feel in the heat of the moment, or using your own pictures of memorable events and so forth during therapy. Counselors believe this playful method helps the users engage more during sessions. It provides the perfect opportunity for dialogue if the user is at a loss for words and can’t express all of their thoughts. The blog also discussed tips on how to deal with people that act difficult. These wonderful tips were provided by a licensed therapist to help individuals understand that they have the power to control their interactions, so that these difficult personality types won’t affect them personally.

Talkspace is a New York City-based company that was co-founded by Oren Frank and Roni Frank in 2012. It provides a platform for individuals to seek professional help through their website or their Android and iOS-friendly app. Members can send video chats, audio and have unlimited text messaging. Over 500,000 people have joined Talkspace to seek counseling from their licensed and certified therapists. The therapist have all gone through the routine background check before they join Talkspace’s team of professionals.