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Whitney Wolfe Introducing the Counterpart for Linkedin, Bumble Bizz

     Whitney Wolfe is a well-known female serial entrepreneur based in the United States. She came to limelight as a co-founder of Tinder, the biggest and the most popular dating app on the market currently. Whitney Wolfe left Tinder after having some personal conflicts with other co-founders and went on to pursue her career independently. It is when she collaborated with the owner of Badoo, Andrey Andreev, and co-founded Bumble. Whitney Wolfe always knew that even though the dating world seems saturated with lots of dating apps, there is enough space left as the requirements of the consumers is not entirely fulfilled. Whitney Wolfe launched bumble as a dating app that would fill the void in the dating business. It is a dating app that has a feministic approach and allows only women to contact the male members as far as heterosexual dating is concerned.

However, Whitney Wolfe is not only thinking of Bumble as just a dating app, because she knows that the potential of this app can be further extended. It is for this reason, Whitney Wolfe introduced two new extensions of Bumble dating app, namely Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF. Whitney Wolfe knows for a fact that the social life of the people has taken a hit these days due to the lifestyle people lead, and very few people have the group of friends they can bank upon. Many people are lonely and looking for friends, and Bumble BFF is where one can quickly start connecting with other people who are looking for friends as well. Bumble Bizz is also another extension of Bumble dating app, which would help its members to expand their business and professional network. Even though at the outset, Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF looks same, they have different features that are not similar to the Bumble dating app.

For example, Bumble Bizz would allow the members to put their resume as well as the skills and work samples. It would help other professionals in the same industry to check out the resume and see if they can work together on any project or can be of any help to each other professionally. Whitney Wolfe developed bumble Bizz as a highly competitive and futuristic app that allows people in the same demography and industry to connect with each other. Whitney Wolfe believes that with time, it has the potential to give Linkedin a tough run for its money.

TMS Health Solutions for Clinical Depression

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), more commonly known as Clinical Depression, is a silent plague running rampant worldwide. It is estimated more than 350 million people are affected by this mental illness. Many get the care they need, going to a therapist, psychiatrist, or primary care provider, and obtaining a prescription for one medication or another. For many, this action does not work, so yet another medication is prescribed to be used alone or in conjunction with the first medication. This traditional method of treatment works for about 70% of patients. The other 30% fall into a category that is considered to have Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD).

TMS Health Solutions is an outpatient mental healthcare provider whose primary focus is the treatment of those with TRD. TMS Health Solutions is a group practice that has a different outlook on outpatient mental healthcare. Founded in 2007 by Dr Richard Bermudes, his idea was to have an outpatient mental healthcare facility centered on the patient while focusing on new and innovative treatment methods. TMS therapy Union Square, SF believes in lifelong learning and thinking outside the box. They constantly research new therapies and look for different ways to educate the public about mental health issues. TMS Health Solutions partner with patient advocacy groups to help raise mental health awareness and host regular mental health seminars for the public’s education.

TMS therapy Union Square, SF provides traditional treatment for mood disorders, but focuses on Treatment-Resistant Depression using TMS or TransCranial Magnetic Stimulation. This method is the newest, FDA approved, non-invasive tool used against TRD. The clinic works hand-in-hand with the patients’ primary care provider, psychiatrist, or therapist to get the best treatment available. It is TMS Health Solutions’ belief that mental health treatment should be available to everyone. There is a team in place to work with patients’ insurance or, for those patients whose insurance does not cover treatment or those who are uninsured, the TMS Health Solution team will help find financial options for treatment.

Headquartered in Union Square, San Franscisco, TMS Health Solutions now has several locations throughout Northern California: TMS therapy Union Square, SF, Burlingame, Sacramento, Oakland, UCSF, and Roseville with plans for more clinics to be opened in other portions of the state.


NuoDB One of the Greatest Investments

The use of cloud is higher now more than ever. That is because the exceptional growth of mobile devices that do use not only the voice service but also web-scale applications that involve the cloud computing. The changes call for new approaches, and this means that a new architecture distributor is required. The NuoDB has built this structure and a database management system. The program has been incorporated the used of SQL implementation and ACID transactions.

NuoDB can be categorized as a NEwSQL though it has retained the characteristics of SQL database it has also included new features so that it can be able to support the environment of cloud computing. The system has a design that can be able to diverge from the relational approaches that have been established by using the storage, transaction, and administrative tiers. NuoDB works without having to close an application or the data on a disk drive, thus making it a flexible and scalable database foundation.

Business people are impressed with the NuoDB system because it allows them to keep pace with the demands found in the business environment. That is because it offers an ideal combination of the old and new system. It is also cost efficient since it scales so as to meet the needs and demands of businesses. Thus this increases the customer satisfaction.

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John Goullet Provides Leadership For Tech Companies

Technology has impacted almost every aspect of the business world over the past 20 to 30 years. One of the areas of the business world where technology has made a huge impact is in job hiring and job placement. Before technology became a core aspect of the job hiring and job placement arena, most people looked for jobs and applied for jobs in traditional ways such as looking in newspapers, visiting companies to inquire about available jobs, and getting job referrals.


Technology altered these ways tremendously because companies changed the way that jobs were made available to the public. Instead of using traditional methods such as newspapers, many companies switched to using the Internet to post available jobs in various ways. Some companies use the Internet to post jobs on company websites while others use job posting websites. Either way, people interested in jobs had to apply using technology based methods that removed much of the human element from looking for jobs.


In addition to posting jobs on the Internet, another major shift in how companies handle job openings is by using staffing agencies. Many companies currently use a third party staffing company to handle all the aspects of filling open job positions instead of using its own internal resources. One of the industries that use staffing agencies a lot is the IT industry. A leading staffing company in the IT industry is Diversant. The company is ran by John Goullet.


Diversant has been recognized within the staffing industry for its excellent service regarding helping IT professionals find available job opportunities and assisting companies fill the jobs that are open. John Goullet has a very good understanding of the IT industry and what is needed to help IT professionals and companies in the IT industry related to filling IT job positions.


John Goullet has a solid background in the technology industry that helps him significantly regarding his role at Diversant. John Goullet technology background includes being the founder of Info Technologies. The company is a technology company that he started and ran successfully as the CEO from 1994 to 2010.