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Capturing Love in your Favorite Location

George Street Photo and Video Address was the vision of three friends, Tim Muller, Dan Creviston and Michael McMahon, who were skilled in film, commercial videos, photography and weddings. Although they did not have formal business training, the decision to create this production occurred in a small apartment on George Street in Chicago, Illinois in 2004.

As the business grew, doing what they loved was the key to this enterprise and the focus was on the wedding industry by placing key personnel in various areas where their strengths flourished and quality the utmost importance to ensure every client had the perfect wedding day. This type of service was the key principle for George Street in each city they occupied. George Street Photo & Video now has locations in over 40 different cities including Chicago, Denver, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington, DC.

Thousands of weddings take place in New York and with the experts from George Street Photo & Video taking the photos, they are certain to capture the wedding day with highlights of the city by means of a romantic story at the forefront. A ride in a hansom cab through Central Park, photos in front of the Empire State Building, Chinatown, Tribeca or the Brooklyn Bridge, these are just a few of the locations where photos or videos can take place. In terms of having the perfect wedding, whether it is on the waterfront, uptown, downtown or in the metro area, New York has much to offer for each individual taste.

An additional location that offers an opportunity to have exceptional wedding photos is Seattle. With the backdrop of the Space Needle, the quirkiness of Fremont (the Center of the Universe), Pike Place Market or Pioneer Square, the wedding planner can accommodate the client’s needs to ensure their photos are memorable. Moreover, with venues close to the beach, beautiful parks, and mountains, Seattle can give you the ideal setting for your photo and video theme. The atmosphere alone in Seattle is one of joy and love.