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The Success of Lime Crime: Doe Deere

the challenge is one to produce something that is not similar in the market. It should be a product that you are sure no one else will deliver in the market. The company’s aim since the year 2008 is to be able to offer the market with unique products. The effect of the market is that things are changing very fasts as the technology is improving.


She also talked about cruelty-free in her company. The company’s objectives and goals have been making her have the attitude of doing things that are animal related. That is making the company become ranked as true vegan and lacking cruelty. They have been doing donations and charity works that relate to animals.


When you are entrepreneur and before you succeed you will be making mistakes time to time. Doe says that the best thing about a mistake is that it will teach you and what you will have to do is learn from the mistake and progress. Lime crime has been facing many depressions and it has been able to solve the problems. It is now said to be among the successful companies.


In the early days when lime crime started, she was the effort of her to formulate the beauty products. She knows thanks very much of her hardworking team of the formulation. They make a lot of effort in the formulation and their main goal is to ensure the products they formulate are perfect for the market. If they make a product and after discussing it they feel that it won’t perform well in the market, then they have to prevent it going to the market. What a consumer becomes obsessed with is the glitter, whimsical and also unicorns because everyone is required to express what he has managed to produce. Lime Crime is a company which wants to different from the other beauty manufacturing companies and therefore, they are ensuring that their unicorns become unique. When they do this, then the consumers can be able to see the difference of the company from the others. Learn more:



The role that JeanMarie Guenot has played towards the success of Amphivena Therapeutics

Jeanmarie Guenot has been working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry for over two decades. She has worked with various stages of the company from the entry level to management. She has worked in the public sector, the private, commercial and corporate development, venture capital and many other sectors. Guenot is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Amphivena Therapeutics a company that has been looking for therapies that can successfully deal with hematologic malignancies.

Her journey to her current position started at Atlas Venture. She managed a number of venture capital investments and even helped in the building of companies that were connected with life science. The very first job that she held was being a principal scientist at Hoffman-La Roche. She was mandated with the task of discovering and developing drugs that treated metabolic disorders. Jeanmarie Guenot is a trained Doctor in the field of physical and medicinal chemistry. Other fields that she developed treatments for include autoimmune disease, inflammation and oncology. Her focus in school was quantum mechanical and semi-empirical methods for oncology and autoimmune diseases. Her MBA is from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania while her PhD is from the University of California in San Francisco.

She has also worked at SKS Ocular. This is a company that deals with ophthalmic therapies. When she was there, she helped with the development of various illnesses related to glaucoma and macular degeneration. Guenot has also been involved as an advisor for Hoffman La-Roche. At Bio Pharma, she took care of the licensing, acquisition and the management of their commercial product portfolios on LinkedIn. Many cancer patients have benefited from the funds she has helped raise through mergers and acquisitions.

JeanMarie Guenot is a dedicated leader with a wealth of experience in the field. The values that she believes in include hard work, the ability to adapt to the changes that are happening in the world of technology and being responsive to the needs of the community in everything that one does. She is an inspirational scientist, business woman and advisor. In fact, she is a positive role model to many others like herself.

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Helane Morrison’s Understanding And Passion

There are few people that excel at what they do. A lot of people become mystified at what makes them tick. There is one thing that makes some people excel at their work. This is passion. The person has to be passionate about what he or she is doing in order to eventually do it right. If one takes on a job that he is just doing to get by, then she is not going to make it very far. However, a lot of people are stuck with the belief that they have to work a job they don’t like. Fortunately, Helane Morrison did not settle for the job that she didn’t like.


Helane Morrison is someone who believes in herself and what she is doing. She is a compliance officer. She is also someone who has held a lot of leadership positions in her field and has made a huge difference in what she is doing. One of the reasons is that she was passionate to study and understand the laws of the industry that she is working in. Another thing is that she had a vision of the end result of what she is doing, and she believed in it.


Helane Morrison has worked at the SEC. During her time there, she has taken the time to make sure that the corporations stay on their toes so that they keep from violating the rights of their customers. She understands the frustrations that customers go through when they get cheated. This is one of the reasons that she is so passionate about making sure that the corporations and the institutions follow their rules. For one thing, institutions can slip up and handle some transactions in ways that are unethical. It is Helane’s job to make sure that the corporations stay with ethics and retain the trust of the consumer.

The Evolution of Risk and Compliance Officers

A few decades ago, you would have passed for a fool for having encouraged the study of risk and compliance. The nature and practice of business back then did not command respect for the role. Fast forward to the 21st century, risk and compliance officers have become cornerstones of multinational and growing enterprises.

Risk and compliance officers are expected to think outside the box and sit on a pedestal from which he can see what’s going on within and without the organization. In other terms, the officer relies on the broad
perspective and bigger picture. Their job is to strategize ways
forward in achieving organizational goals and objectives. More so,
they are tasked with identifying, anticipating, mitigating and
preventing external and internal forces that may interfere with the
running or even the existence of their company.

In the public sector, risk and compliance officers keep a vigilant eye on industry players. Firms and employees in an economic sector are expected to adhere to strict codes of conduct and service. Their duties,
therefore, keep expanding and covering all angles that might be the
source of trouble for a firm. Helane Morrison, a high-ranking
compliance officer, has been one of the professionals pleading with
risk and compliance officers to seek more responsibilities at their

Helane’s spent most of her career in San Francisco. Her popularity stems from her dedication to the profession and flawless work while working with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. This regulatory body targets financial market traders and investment bankers. Ms. Morrison spent over a decade at the firm, starting out as an
administrator and finally rising the ranks and serving as it’s regional director.

If you look at the practice of risk and compliance of past decades and now, there’s a huge gap in difference. Today, a risk and compliance officer operate with the highest level of decision making and influence within the
organization. Helane Morrison personifies the broadening role of a
risk and compliance officer. A renown investment bank in San
Francisco, Hall Capital, makes use of her talents in various capacities. She is a managing partner, firm lawyer and the risk and compliance officer.
Helane’s career success can be attributed to her rich academic background. She has two degrees, the first in Journalism and the other in Law. She is an alumni of the University of California- Berkeley School of Law.