Dr. Dov Rand is Fighting Back Against Yo-Yo Dieting

We can all admit at this point, diets are getting a little ridiculous. Eat only meat, no wait, eat vegetables, wait, stop, eat only legumes; did I say legumes? I meant fruits. It’s out of control. Diets are popping up all over the place, most of which offer no additional benefits and are based on shady — at best — science. Health is big business, and with money comes fraud. Sure, some of the modern “trendy” diets aren’t fraudulent, but they do create “yo-yo diet” (dieting, stopping, gaining, dieting, etc…) effects that often leave dieters stranded at an undesirable weight with a fridge filled with unusual health foods.


One person that is setting out to change these fad diets is Dr. Dov Rand. Rand and his team run the Healthy Aging Medical Center, a medical center aimed at using hormone therapy to treat aging patients. While this may seem like it’s unrelated to fad diets, Dr. Dov Rand has been using science-based diets in his regiments for years.


For examples, let’s look at Dr. Rands HCG diet. The HCG diet is an example of how a diet should be. HCG is a hormone produced in women when they are pregnant. The hormone helps keep the baby nourished and adequately nurtured. HCG has the added benefit of preventing muscle deterioration during weight loss, which is why Dr. Dov Rand uses it in his hormone diet. So basically, he administers the hormones, you eat less, and then he takes you off the hormones. The HCG helps keep you feeling satiated even when you eat little food, and your muscles retain more of their density during the weight loss journey.


Where this diet really shines, however, isn’t the fact that it’s a science-based diet (for once.) It’s in the fact that the diet has an after-diet program. This puts Dr. Dov Rands patients on a long-term diet that prevents them from yo-yo dieting post-diet. It includes specific nutrient targets and consistent communication with the clinic.


By having diets that focus on initial weight loss combined with education post diet, yo-yo dieting can be avoided. Dr. Dov Rand’s HCG diet is a great example of how to run a diet program. Sure, men can’t use it, and it’s probably not for every woman either, but the idea behind it is what drives it. Dieting programs should be wary of post-dieting, instead of ignoring it completely.


IC System and Importance of Security and Operations

IC System is an accounts receivable management company founded in 1938, and still operating to this day. The company sells auditing services to various clients in industries across all sectors. The company has a strong foundational core characterized by ethics, sustainability and developing as a brand. The company’s leaders include the founders, Chief Operating Officers, and Directors of the various departments.


Some roles held within this company are customer service representatives, collections leads, supervisors, internal auditors and more roles that contribute to their operations. Their operations are also highly regulated and follow set standards to make sure all policies are followed. The company believes in providing opportunities for advancement for all.


The employee involvement and diversity within this company has earned it the “Top Places to Work 2017” by StarTribune. They have also been recognized for charitable presences in the community outside of business operations. They also encourage diversity by open communications, team efforts, income and benefits, following set core values and special events to recognize hard work, positive accomplishments, trust and close environments and the benefit of flexibility for employees.


Another important aspect for IC System is secure and confidential data. They maintain an ironclad security network and regimented compliance protocols to ensure that no unwanted information goes out. This is due to the everyday duties that involve data scrubbing and optimization, followed by collections services and ongoing support.


The collections process involves sending collections letters, waiting for responses, and sending collected payments into trust accounts. The collections are intensive efforts to recover and resolve past-due accounts. The company provides support for client questions regarding collections and advises clients on their efforts to keep consumer data protected.


To conclude, whether it is their high priority collections or consumer security, IC System strives to maintain a positive business reputation by offering simple solutions, innovative products and support to solve any issues.

Stansberry Research on the ever growing debt bubble

Stanberry research is a publishing company that is privately owned in America. It was founded in 1999 and was initially an independent investment research firm. The company usually focuses on investment research. They are committed to providing actionable investment research and recommendations for individuals who choose to manage their own portfolios. The idea behind the research is to give its subscribers the most profitable investment ideas despite what is happening in the market.


They mainly have three products and services for their readers. They include the total portfolio, the income portfolio and the capital portfolio. Many readers say that they have received top notch advice and by applying the advice they have seen their portfolios grow. They claim that Stanberry research has managed to keep their standards unlike many of their competitors.


In an article they published in February this year names “The Bubble Grows Bigger”, they highlight how American households owe more than ever before. The Federal reserve bank of New York has released report on the last quarter debt which has grown from the previous quarter. Debt has been rising for the past 14 quarters that is for five consecutive years. Household debt is close to the previous peak in the third quarter of 2008.


Credit card debt had risen by the largest margin followed by student and auto loans. They however warn that this upward trend of debt will come to an end because it is not sustainable. There is a high yield corporate spread which is an indicator of stress in the credit market. Porter believes that this will not end well since there will be a financial reset that will wipe out trillion of dollars of this debt in the massive devaluation of savings. As more and more Americans fall behind on their payments, you will begin to see more and more of ideas similar to Porter’s being discussed. The idea behind erasing the debt is that more money will go into economic growth over the next ten years and over 1 million jobs will be created every year reducing the overall unemployment rate.


Jorge Moll’s Neuroscience Morality and the New Way to Altruism

Saint Francis of Assisi once said that it is only through giving that we receive a fact that did not seem scientifically correct at the time until now. Two neuroscientists Jordan Grafman and Jorge Moll of the National Institutes of Health were investigating brain activity of volunteers who were asked to respond to whether they would either keep a considerable sum of cash to themselves or donate to a charity.


What amazed them was that, when the respondents put other people interests ahead of theirs, that act of generosity stimulated a basic part of their brain stimulated by sex or food. They concluded that altruism does not depend on the better moral reasoning for a person to suppress their selfish urges, rather it is hard-wired to the brain as a pleasurable faculty.


Jorge Moll and Grafman have carried more research in the area using psychological experiments and brain imaging, and their most recent findings show that morality is hard-wired in the brain. With the show that morality has biological roots, researchers claim then its foundation is empathy.


This has raised some conflict with theologians and philosophers who view that if morality is tied to brain chemistry rather than free will, it will relegate the need for personal responsibility. They consider that morality cannot be viewed as an evolutionary survival tool.


He graduated in 1994 from the Federal University, Rio de Janeiro and later did his residency in Neurology there in 1997. Jorge Moll is a lead neuroscientist and President of D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR) in Rio de Janeiro. He undertook his doctorate in Experimental Pathophysiology at the University of Sao Paulo’s Faculty of Medicine and later a post-doctorate research at the National Institute of Health.


His endeavors in research and as professional have led to many organizations honoring him with awards, for example, Stanford University’s Stanford Neuroscience Institute’s Visiting Scholar Awards which he won in 2015, and Research Fellow NIH award (2004-2007). Jorge Moll previous positions include a member of the governor’s board at the Neuroethics Society and membership at Brazilian Academy of Sciences. He studied Cognitive Neuroscience at Bethesda USA.

Glen Wakeman: An All Rounded Business Advisor

Glen Wakeman is an established financial services executive, public company chief executive officer, board member, investor, small business owner, and executive mentor. He has a management background of more than 21 years at GE in business development as well as P&L roles. Glen is a passionate individual in building companies and businesses through the allocation of known technologies. He is committed to five significant dimensions of leadership, human capital, execution and strategy, risk management, and governance. Glen is the president and founder of Nova Four. This is a business firm that provides capital access to developing companies and strategic advice. He runs board duties and chief executive officer coaching for a sustainable improvement in the company. Glen Wakeman works with growing entrepreneurs by offering business-planning services. Glen went to the University of Chicago. He is said to have lived in over six countries and worked in around 32 countries during his work at GE Capital. Most of his activities go around mergers & acquisitions, new market entry, start-ups, exponential growth, and downsizing among other things. He is operating as the co-founder and chief executive officer for the Launchpad Holdings, LLC. This SAAS firm allows the upcoming entrepreneurs to increase their success chances through the provision of business planning activities.


Glen Wakeman is a blogger on various circumstances addressing global affairs, transformation, leadership, emerging markets, angel financing, advice on strategy, and capital raising. Glen is a mentor on several issues and advising various business startups. His passion is noticeable on growth, executive development, and innovations. One of the articles he discusses is the three steps towards guiding your business from capsizing. The first step is going back to the basics and defining the benefits of the business. If customers cannot realize any value in what you offer, then be sure no exchange for money will happen. Do not confuse benefits and features. Secondly, seek to know the evidence whenever there are too many opinions. Ensure you find out the why answers. Finally, take time to build a support group to pick from where you are. Surround yourself with people who have talents and care about you. Be ready to be inspired again.


Sean Penn Reveals His View Of Society In Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn’s new novel is getting a lot of attention. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is unpredictable and leaves the reader feeling reflective and baffled. The novel was originally a short audio book and was expanded to include truths regarding current society. The main character is an oddball named Bob Honey. He works for the government part time as an assassin. His personality is antisocial and becomes dominant. Sean Penn expresses his political opinions with anger and passion. The social issues important to him stand out clearly. This includes the shooting in Las Vegas, the conflict in Yemen, net neutrality, Russian hacking and MeToo. These events are written about with anger and criticism because he believes they have solutions.

There are similarities between Sean Penn and Bob Honey. They both dislike the current political climate, share a passion for humanitarianism and are baby boomers. Sean Penn helped the victims of the Haiti earthquake in 2010 and Bob Honey surveys the destruction in Iraq and provides assistance for a devastating United States hurricane. The character of Bob Honey is a reflection of the ideas and values important to Sean Penn. The humanitarian efforts of Bob Honey probably come from the personal experiences of Sean Penn. The ideas of Bob Honey are often wise and prophetic. This is veiled with satire, metaphor and creative language.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff supports modern social ideas and movements. He challenges bullying and appears as a hero in the epilogue. He takes disguised jabs at the disdainful tweets of President Trump. In the book he is referred to as the landlord. Sean Penn has referenced the women’s march occurring on the same day the President was inaugurated. He calls the hair of the landlord cotton candy and refences the NRA and Russia. Sean Penn’s views regarding the issues of violence and bullying come through in his character. His poem in the epilogue speaks of the violence present in the international community and political corruption and violence. He uses satire and metaphor to draw attention to the violence in the real world. This is an intriguing book concerning social issues with the perspective of Sean Penn.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a combination of satire, fiction and bitter commentary. The ex wife in the book is reminiscient of the way Sean Penn felt about his divorce. His words disguise his animosity for the current President along with his frustration with the state of society.

Kamil Idris and Trump’s Tariffs

In retaliation for China’s harmful, unfair acquisition of U.S. technology, President Trump recently issued stiff new tariffs against the country. These alleged misdeeds by China included counterfeiting popular brands of consumer items, stealing of trade secrets, pressuring businesses to share U.S. technologies with them. These tariffs will have a whopping worth of about $50 billion. The U.S. is certainly not the first country to have complaints about China’s business dealings. So much so that some countries refuse to do any business with them at all.

Although Trump did already promise to impose 25 percent tariff on all steel imports and 10 percent tariff on all aluminum imports, Mexico and Canada did not receive them. However, Trump has indicated this may change in the relatively near future. For obvious reasons, many of the countries and trading partners under the present tariffs are not happy about it one bit. China and the European Union have both talked about strong retaliation for the actions. Some experts fear that Trump has started a global trade war.

Trump has said while he is absolutely okay with a trade war, he doesn’t think one will happen. The reason he thinks a trade war could be good for the U.S. is that he knows we can win. He is not alone; many U.S. businessmen feel the same way. U.S. is charging China with not protecting the intellectual property of foreign products. This includes things like brands, images, business names, logos, designs, artistic and literary works, and inventions. These things are supposed to be protected by trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

These things are supposed to ensure that the originator gets the recognition he or she observes and is thus a tool to encourage the flourishing of innovation and creativity. Until it was stopped, U.S. had this same problem until 1890. Robert Lighthizer has spent seven months investigating China’s rampant intellectual property problem. He is also investigating allegations that China actually supported cyber attacks against U.S. that helped them acquire trade secrets. To the end of such cyber attacks, China is said to be targeting certain American businesses.

In issuing the recent tariffs, Trump was utilizing a 1984 amendment to Section 301 which gives the president power to impose authoritative trade sanctions. The amendment specifically gave him the power to do this on countries that failed to protect intellectual property rights.

OSI Group: Overcoming Barriers For 100 Years

OSI Group started out as a small corner butcher shop in Chicago in 1909. Since then it has grown by leaps and bounds through
two World Wars, the Great Depression and many other historical adversities to become one of the world’s largest food providers.
OSI Group boasts an astonishing 65 facilities across 17 countries, totaling about 20,000 employees worldwide. A family business with deep immigrant roots.
the company is a shining example of what is possible to achieve with hard work and American ingenuity. From one small meat market evolved into a multinational coporation, OSI Group is leading the forefront in it’s industry when it comes to bringing the business know-how of the world’s most developed and dynamic mature economy into other markets of the world.

In the early 1900’s, Otto Kolschowsky was one of many German immigrants in Chicago, Illinois. In that era, German-descended citizens made up 25% of the city’s population.
Like many northern American cities after the Industrial Revolution, Chicago was a beacon that shined bright both as a highly industrious locality as well as a magnet for newly immigrated Americans
looking to establish themselves in their new homeland. Kolschowsky was no different and after only two years of living in the area he opened his butcher shop and meat market. In the beginning Kolschowsky served the small community around him but did so with gusto, garnering him a good influx of customers. By the end of the first World War he began wholesaling and moved from his original location to the suburb of Maywood. In 1928 the business had grown by leaps and bounds and was rebranded
as Otto & Sons, which is remained named for decades.

Otto & Sons continued earning favor with its customer base and community until one blessed day when Roy Kroc of McDonald’s asked Kolschowsky to be McDonald’s first supplier of fresh beef. Since partnering with Kroc and McDonald’s, OSI Group has grown with the company as well as entering into many other very lucrative long-term partnerships, both foreign and domestic. From the appearance of the ground gained by OSI Group to date, it would not be suprising to see them in a position of great success one hundred years from now.


The Success of Lime Crime: Doe Deere

the challenge is one to produce something that is not similar in the market. It should be a product that you are sure no one else will deliver in the market. The company’s aim since the year 2008 is to be able to offer the market with unique products. The effect of the market is that things are changing very fasts as the technology is improving.


She also talked about cruelty-free in her company. The company’s objectives and goals have been making her have the attitude of doing things that are animal related. That is making the company become ranked as true vegan and lacking cruelty. They have been doing donations and charity works that relate to animals.


When you are entrepreneur and before you succeed you will be making mistakes time to time. Doe says that the best thing about a mistake is that it will teach you and what you will have to do is learn from the mistake and progress. Lime crime has been facing many depressions and it has been able to solve the problems. It is now said to be among the successful companies.


In the early days when lime crime started, she was the effort of her to formulate the beauty products. She knows thanks very much of her hardworking team of the formulation. They make a lot of effort in the formulation and their main goal is to ensure the products they formulate are perfect for the market. If they make a product and after discussing it they feel that it won’t perform well in the market, then they have to prevent it going to the market. What a consumer becomes obsessed with is the glitter, whimsical and also unicorns because everyone is required to express what he has managed to produce. Lime Crime is a company which wants to different from the other beauty manufacturing companies and therefore, they are ensuring that their unicorns become unique. When they do this, then the consumers can be able to see the difference of the company from the others. Learn more: https://www.stylist.co.uk/beauty/lime-crime-makeup-doe-deere-feelunique-pop-up-beauty/203236



Contactless Payments: How It Dominates the Market

Contactless payments are one of the most recent advancements in the field of banking and finance. The technology had just been introduced less than a decade ago, but many people have adapted to the system, and it is now one of the most reliable payment methods in Europe. People who are using contactless payments have stated that it has a lot of advantages versus its disadvantages. One of the benefits of using contactless payment is the convenience that it brings to the users. Most people who have been using contactless payment methods have stated that they no longer need to get their wallets inside their bag and hand out bills or coins to the cashier when they are purchasing something. They would also no longer need to wait for their change. It saves their time and effort because using contactless payments would only require them to swipe their cards or to tap their contactless payment devices. In most retail establishments, customers are stating that those who are accepting contactless payment methods have more chances of receiving a lot of customers because it would be easier for the consumers to purchase and pay. Contactless payments would also eliminate credit card checking and waiting for the credit cards to be validated. Unlike the conventional credit cards, contactless payments would only require a credit balance stored within the device or the contactless payment card. Once it is swiped, customers can freely go.

PSI-Pay, a financial company based in the United Kingdom, stated that they had initiated a program with Kerv Wearables that would allow them to manufacture contactless payment rings that can be used by customers in any establishments that accept contactless payments. These devices have proven to be durable and convenient to bring anywhere, and it also has a cool design. PSI-Pay said that they wanted to develop these contactless payment devices because they wanted to introduce convenience to their customers. They also ensured their customers that each contactless payment rings that they will be selling would be equipped with “E-curity,” making it safe and secure to use in public. It would also deter any hacking attempts, and they claimed that each contactless payment rings are equipped with the same security feature that allows PIN cards and protected chips to be hack-proof. PSI-Pay stated that they value the security of their customers and clients, and they will be investing a lot to protect their financial data stored on each device.

PSI-Pay Ltd announces its best financial year to date for 2015


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