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Ricardo Tosto and The Indelible Work He Does To Ensure Transparency in the Legal Profession

The morally calibrated lawyers today have the bearing and personality of someone who abides by a set of unbreakable and often uncodified set of laws. These lawyers follow this set of rules the same way that religious people follow their bibles. The lawyers in Brazil, in particular, are incessant in making sure that there are some rules that cannot be broken by themselves. One of the few Brazilian lawyers right now who are vocal in expressing their passionate but also dispassionate support for ethical rules for lawyers’ tax obligations is Ricardo Tosto.

The Mundo Do Marketing

We don’t need to go beyond the proximity of the database in Mundo Do Marketing to learn everything we need to know about Ricardo Tosto’s exuberance in letting the lawyers everywhere adhere to a certain set of rules. It is in the article that we learn that while lawyers are exemplary in delivering their clients’ justice, they often tempted to not disclose their full tax obligations. Rodrigo challenges the system by initiating a mechanism where the tax obligations of lawyers overseas should be declared and their hidden assets reported, so the taxes that they have to pay to Brazi are delivered. Only through this that a more just and harmonious legal system can flourish in the country. Otherwise, the government can’t get the finance it needs to build a functionally healthy government.

The Support

With the help of Law 13,254 dated last January 13, 2013, other lawyers and stakeholders such as Vicente Gama, a partner at Nelson William Advogados and Associates, Ricardo Tosto can weed out the frivolous lawyers in the industry that don’t reveal their tax obligations. There will now be healthier technical partnerships among lawyers because of this new law that ensures transparency in the legal sector.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer known for his advocacy in transparency, but we should also not ignore the fact that he’s a Partner at Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados and the work that he does for Brazil is one of the most commendable and exemplary work since memory. He is also the innovator behind many non-profit projects and the strategies that bring justice to the clients he serves through the company.