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OSI Group: Overcoming Barriers For 100 Years

OSI Group started out as a small corner butcher shop in Chicago in 1909. Since then it has grown by leaps and bounds through
two World Wars, the Great Depression and many other historical adversities to become one of the world’s largest food providers.
OSI Group boasts an astonishing 65 facilities across 17 countries, totaling about 20,000 employees worldwide. A family business with deep immigrant roots.
the company is a shining example of what is possible to achieve with hard work and American ingenuity. From one small meat market evolved into a multinational coporation, OSI Group is leading the forefront in it’s industry when it comes to bringing the business know-how of the world’s most developed and dynamic mature economy into other markets of the world.

In the early 1900’s, Otto Kolschowsky was one of many German immigrants in Chicago, Illinois. In that era, German-descended citizens made up 25% of the city’s population.
Like many northern American cities after the Industrial Revolution, Chicago was a beacon that shined bright both as a highly industrious locality as well as a magnet for newly immigrated Americans
looking to establish themselves in their new homeland. Kolschowsky was no different and after only two years of living in the area he opened his butcher shop and meat market. In the beginning Kolschowsky served the small community around him but did so with gusto, garnering him a good influx of customers. By the end of the first World War he began wholesaling and moved from his original location to the suburb of Maywood. In 1928 the business had grown by leaps and bounds and was rebranded
as Otto & Sons, which is remained named for decades.

Otto & Sons continued earning favor with its customer base and community until one blessed day when Roy Kroc of McDonald’s asked Kolschowsky to be McDonald’s first supplier of fresh beef. Since partnering with Kroc and McDonald’s, OSI Group has grown with the company as well as entering into many other very lucrative long-term partnerships, both foreign and domestic. From the appearance of the ground gained by OSI Group to date, it would not be suprising to see them in a position of great success one hundred years from now.